Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas

There are many great ideas for outdoor shower floors, but not enough options for the type of floor that will allow water to drain away. The options for outdoor shower floors usually include concrete, tile, and cement. The first two of these options have the potential to be slippery on the feet, while the third option is hard to clean and can develop mold.

Give your outdoor shower a new look with these outdoor shower floor ideas. Whether you want a clean, simple look or a more decorative one, there are several ways to create a new outdoor shower floor that’s a great addition to your outdoor oasis. You can install tile, wood, stone, or even an outdoor rug for a unique look.

Here are our outdoor shower floor ideas, including pebble, concrete, tile, wood and DIY outdoor shower designs.

When you think of the perfect outdoor shower, you get a sense of luxury and beauty. Are these the perfectly paved paths that led you to the shower that looks like a lush forest?

Can you imagine a luxurious shower on a polished wooden deck? We’re sure you have an idea. If you’re having trouble formulating an idea, don’t worry.

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Floors for outdoor showers

The perfect floor for an outdoor shower should complement the design of your outdoor shower. It is an attractive addition to the landscape or the exterior of a building. However, it is always possible to find a product that is as practical as it is luxurious. This requires a lot of thought so that you can choose the type of flooring that you really want. Let’s take a look at each of these guys.

Outside shower with pebble floor

Many people like pebble floors for outdoor showers simply because they blend in with the outdoor environment. They are also easy to install. Don’t let this process overwhelm you. All you need are a few basic tools. And, of course, patience.

Another benefit of this shower floor design is the feel to your feet. Be honest. That’s totally fine with you.

The pebble as a floor covering is very pleasant for the feet, it is not bumpy and is not even painful. First grind the pebbles intended for the floor of the outdoor shower. In addition, this floor design is very slip resistant, even though the rollers feel slippery.

This is especially beneficial for the elderly. A perfectly laid pebble shower floor has a very natural look. It creates the sensation of showering under a waterfall in nature.

Outside shower with concrete floor

Another type is a concrete floor in an outdoor shower. This type of flooring in an outdoor shower room is good because you don’t have to keep the joints clean and the concrete is very durable. Concrete floors in a shower room can have different textures to prevent slipping, or stains to match colors and create visual interest.

To lay this type of floor, you’ll need to make an excavation in the ground that matches the shape of your floor plan and frame it with a wooden frame that will hold the concrete in place as it cures.

Basically, the idea is the same as for pouring concrete. You must first pour and place the gravel.

Once the gravel is leveled, pour concrete up to the top of your wood border. To avoid stagnant water, place the wooden frame at an angle on the side where you want the water to drain away.

Outdoor shower tile

Outdoor shower tiles offer many design possibilities; it’s hard not to get creative. Tiles can have a huge impact on your chic design. This type of floor is made of porcelain or ceramic tiles, and tile installation can be a good choice if you want to beautify an existing concrete slab.

You can also enhance the design by adding a tiled walkway leading to this beautiful outdoor shower.

The design possibilities are endless when using these materials. In fact, the flooring industry offers a mind-boggling array of outdoor tile products.

When choosing tile flooring, consider durability, budget and weather conditions without sacrificing style.

Outdoor shower with wooden pedestal

Open showers with a wooden base are beautiful and environmentally friendly. The best ones are teak, cedar, ironwood or cypress.

Wood flooring for the outdoor shower can be a good choice if you want to do it yourself. There are prefinished wood floors for your shower. You just need to find a design that suits your taste.

You can build a small weatherproof wooden deck. Mahogany and cedar are good options. In contrast, spruce or pressure-treated deck boards crack easily. Also take into account the available space under the wooden deck.

This allows the air to circulate and prevents the formation of mould. The best way to do this is to place decking on the frame. Like most decking materials, wood needs to be treated regularly to prevent mold and discoloration.

Floor pan for outdoor shower

The shower tray is a one-piece unit that can be used for floors designed for outdoor showers. This makes the installation easier. It also offers a wide range of custom settings for safety and aesthetics.

Moreover, it is one of the solutions in the medium price range. This way, you can afford a design that doesn’t restrict you from customizing the floor of your outdoor shower.

Although there is a wide variety of sizes and colors, designers most often choose white, gray, and black for walk-in shower enclosures.

The benefits of a floor shower tray are ease of cleaning and low maintenance. The material is waterproof. The solid surface bottoms without seams make it a waterproof solution. Finally, compared to tiles, they don’t crack because they are one piece.

do-it-yourself outdoor shower floor

Installing your own outdoor shower floor can be a daunting task for even the most experienced DIYer or renovator.

Discovering that the pipes need to be rerouted before the shower floor is installed can be a big challenge.

However, there are simpler solutions. Keeping a few considerations in mind will make the job easier. That’s clearly what we all want. Follow the recommendations we have given you so that you can install your outdoor shower floor without any problems.

Location – If you are starting from scratch, choose a location with easy access to a water source. With proper planning, plumbing installations will not be a problem in the long run. As a general rule : The closer the shower is to the house, the easier it is to install the right pipes.

Drainage – Finally, another important topic, every shower needs drainage. When designing the floor of your shower room, you should also consider the type of drain you will need. Failure to do so could lead to future flooding problems.

Additionally, you may want to consider placing a plastic cover directly over the drain. Since this is an outdoor cleaning, save the larger debris so your water pipes don’t get clogged.

Best floor for an outdoor shower

The above considerations are just some of the things that will determine which type of shower floor is right for you. The truth is, installing flooring for outdoor showers is no small task. But only if it’s not thought through to the last detail.

Most of the above mentioned floor coverings are suitable and unique in their important aspects. So, if you carefully consider the external and environmental factors, you will never go wrong in choosing the best and most effective flooring for your outdoor shower.

Choose your material with wisdom, and the style will follow, giving you the luxurious shower you’ve always wanted.

When designing your own outdoor shower, you can use one of the most popular 3D landscaping programs to plan the layout. These programs allow you to design a room based on the area of your land, and then visualize the result in 3D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flooring for outdoor shower?

The best flooring for an outdoor shower is concrete.

What do you use for outdoor shower floor?

We use a waterproof tile.

How do I make an outdoor shower base?

You can make an outdoor shower base by using a concrete slab and a waterproof membrane.

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