How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture

How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture

As you know, cats love to dig. They’re great for rodent control, but they will dig into the furniture, which is dangerous for both pets and humans. The best way to prevent cats from digging into your patio furniture is to make sure there is no loose soil underneath. There are a few ways to do this. First, you can put a large rock into the ground at the base of your furniture. Other than that, you can add gravel or one of those ground anchors, which you can buy at the hardware store.

Keeping cats off your Rattan garden furniture can be a real challenge. You may have seen a cat running along the patio with a piece of furniture in its mouth, only to drop it and continue on its merry way. The problem is usually not with the cat; the problem is with the furniture.

We’ve all been there – after you’ve spent a long day at work, it’s nice to kick back with a glass of wine out on the deck or patio, and relax. But cats just don’t understand that, and they’ll often make their way onto the furniture to lay down, or maybe even curl up with you for a nap.

Learn about the best ways to keep cats off outdoor furniture, including liquid cat repellent, ultrasonic repellent, vinegar, and more.

How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture There’s nothing quite like reclining in the sun, exactly where your favorite place is, and settling into your favorite outdoor furniture. It’s a sort of pleasure unlike any other, and nothing – or nearly nothing – could ever destroy that exquisite moment.

Discovering that their holy outdoor area has turned into a playground, or worse, an urination place for neighborhood strays, is a big pet annoyance for homeowners. It doesn’t matter whether you like cats or are totally allergic to them; either way, this may ruin your mood.

You can still take care of your outdoor furniture without inviting stray animals into your yard. Here are a few items you may have on hand to ensure that your outdoor enjoyment is not ruined and that unwanted cats are kept at away.

Cat Repellent Liquid

You may be surprised to learn that liquid cat repellant is readily available in shops. The majority of these liquids have a 24-hour stay-power per application.

Although it will need to be a continuous part of your daily routine since you will need to reapply everyday for it to be successful, it may still prove to be a useful and life-changing remedy.

Although most of these sprays are stain-free, it’s still a good idea to check the labels to make sure you know what you’re spraying on your outdoor furniture.

Ultrasonic Repellent is a repellent that emits ultrasonic waves.

If a moderate liquid cat repellent doesn’t work, you may need to take more drastic steps. An ultrasonic repellant will be useful in this situation.

This works in the same way as an electric outside fence. It’s essentially a gadget that operates by producing an obnoxious ultrasonic that may irritate cats. Because cats are very sensitive to particular frequencies of sound, this is a great fit.

If you’re concerned that it’ll go off all day, be assured that it won’t. The majority of these gadgets are motion sensor triggered, meaning they will only turn on when they detect movement.

It’s also worth mentioning that the majority of these gadgets are solar-powered and really very waterproof; simply stated, they need very little upkeep. You can install them and then forget about them for the rest of your outdoor life, cat-free.



If you’re a homeowner who prefers not to use chemicals or goods, you have the option of going the natural way. Cats are very sensitive to odors, and certain scents irritate them more than others.

Vinegar is an excellent natural cat deterrent. Combine one part vinegar, one part water, and one part dish soap in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go.

Sticky Tape with Two Sides

Sticky surfaces are also disliked by cats. Installing strips of double-sided adhesive tape at the foot of your outdoor furniture to successfully discourage them from approaching is a clever technique that actually works.

To assist keep these cats at away, you may also design patterns to your preference.

Lemon & Orange Peels

Cats, on the other hand, are said to hate the scent of citrus, according to a research. If you want to keep them away from your outdoor furniture, this is something you may utilize to your advantage.

We do, however, strongly urge you to proceed with care. Citrus juice is a natural bleach, so it may degrade the color of your cushion coverings or even remove stains from your outdoor furniture.

Foil made of aluminum

The sound of aluminum foil makes cats nervous. This is a well-known fact that you may put to good use in order to preserve the base legs of your outdoor furniture.

Wrap strips of aluminum foil over the legs of your furniture to keep them at bay. There will be one less issue for you to be concerned about.

Naphthalene Flakes & Mothballs


If you have a pet and want to keep your cats away from your outdoor furniture, you should exercise caution while using naphthalene flakes and mothballs.

Although they are helpful in repelling cats, they may be harmful if eaten inadvertently. You may want to keep this stuff wrapped in something just to be safe.

The Cat Must Be Trained

This is a straightforward idea. Keep a spray bottle of water available if you don’t want your cats to be near your outdoor furniture.

Cats dislike being wet, so if they come too close to your furniture, spritz them with water as a kind of punishment to keep them away. Take aware, though, that this only works if you are present.

Invest on a Scratching Post.


If you want to keep cats away from your outdoor furniture while yet allowing them to have some fun, a cat scratching post may be the answer.
It also doesn’t have to be something extravagant. A simple wooden post on which they may scrape their nails might be enough to keep them away from your prized possessions.

The Best Way To Keep Cats Off Cushions On Outdoor Furniture

Weather damage to outdoor furniture cushions may cause them to fade over time. If you have stray cats in your yard, your cushions’ lifetime may be shortened even more.

Protecting your investment and having a secure location to put your cushions away is the best way to keep them off the cushions.

Take them out just when you’re ready to use them, and no one will ever know. It’s a beautiful and easy solution that will keep cats away since they won’t have anything soft or comfortable to lay on.

Visit our article on home plants that are safe for cats for more information.

We’ve all been there: you’ve just finished taking down all the Christmas decorations from your front porch or deck for the winter, and you discover your cat has moved in. This is one of the most frustrating tasks you can have in your life, but you can prevent this from happening by following a few simple precautions.. Read more about how to keep cats off chair cushions and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I spray on outdoor furniture to keep cats off?

There are many things you can spray on outdoor furniture to keep cats off. One of the most popular is a mixture of lemon juice and water. This will not only keep cats away, but it will also help clean up any stains that may have been left behind.

How do I keep stray cats off my patio furniture?

There are a few ways to keep cats off your patio furniture. One way is to use a spray called Feliway, which can be found at most pet stores. Another way is to put out some fresh tuna or salmon on the furniture and then leave it there for a day or two. The smell of these foods will deter cats from coming near the area.

What can I put on my porch to keep cats away?

There are many different options, but the most common one is to place a water dish or food dish out there.

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