NanaWall Doors Design Guide

A wall door is the most important part of any house. It is the first thing people see when they enter your home, and the last thing they see before they leave. This is why you should choose your wall door carefully. It is a reflection of your style, your taste and your home-decorating.

Today, we are going to talk about what are nana wall doors, what are their benefits, and how to pick the one that would suit your home best. Nana wall doors, also known as French doors, are always popular in homes because of their elegance. These doors are not only functional, but can also add beauty to your home. Having French doors is a great way to bring in more light and air into your home. They are also great for family members who like to eat inside the kitchen. The most common sizes of nana wall doors are 90, 144, 168, and 180 cm. >> See more:

I’m a huge fan of the nana doors design. I know they are popular in China and they are extremely popular in my home country Indonesia. One of the key factors that makes nana doors popular in Indonesia is because of the sleek and minimalist design that it has. Besides the sleek and minimalist design, the main factor that makes nana doors popular in Indonesia is because of the door’s good quality at a low price. In Indonesia, nana doors are one of the most imported products in the market.

Here we share out NanaWall doors design guide including what is, its different types, costs, its protection against weather & hurricanes, and if it’s better than panoramic doors. A lot of glass-made doors can easily shatter especially if they’re opened or closed with carelessness. Although glass doors can perfectly enhance the appearance of every house, most people would just choose another option as most glass-made doors are fragile and hard to maintain.

NanaWall, on the other hand, has a different tale to tell. Before we go into why they have a distinct narrative, let’s define what a NanaWall is. Is it a trademark? Is it a kind of door or a wall? Continue reading to find out.

What is a NanaWall, exactly?

1628274794_686_NanaWall-Doors-Design-Guide NanaWall is a well-known brand that specializes in the development of one-of-a-kind glass wall systems. Within its three-decade company history, NanaWall has gained the confidence and trust of homeowners, architects, builders, and design professionals.

NanaWall, the brand name, is now used as a generic label or phrase for the product category, particularly folding glass doors, as a result of its phenomenal popularity. Their business was the first in North America to develop and promote glass wall systems.

NanaWall was the first to classify one-of-a-kind, high-quality wall systems. They’re a fantastic place to go for unique solutions that are meticulously tailored to the needs of the client. Their moveable glass wall systems are built for long-term performance, beauty, and durability.

1628274795_490_NanaWall-Doors-Design-Guide NanaWall has grown in popularity as a result of its ability to effectively offer solutions for rethinking how people, elements, and structures interact. Their solutions are custom-made to meet the unique requirements of commercial and residential structures.

They specialize in combining precise engineering and outstanding design choices for over 25 unique systems. NanaWall can produce a variety of designs in advance that are really one-of-a-kind and beautiful.

Doors by NanaWall (Folding Glass Walls)

1628274795_940_NanaWall-Doors-Design-Guide NanaWall doors (also known as folding glass walls) are available in a variety of styles:

  • Bi-fold doors are a kind of door that folds in half
  • Doors that open and close like an accordion
  • Glass doors that fold up

Their folding glass walls, on the other hand, aren’t restricted to just three options. NanaWall has a lot more choices that will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

To accurately reflect and explain the characteristics, function, and performance of their products, NanaWall chose to name their systems “folding glass walls.”

Each panel of a glass folding door links to another panel and folds when the door is opened, all in one track.

These high-quality folding glass walls provide large, unobstructed apertures that are not limited by the fixed glass panels of a traditional slider. More information about our folding patio door guide may be found here.

This design guide for NanaWall doors includes four different types:

1. Framed in aluminum. This kind of folding glass door is unquestionably built to provide years of reliability and performance. Every frame is made of aluminum and has undergone an anodizing process.

The powder coating on these frames provides a durable finish that requires no maintenance. Its two gaskets also provide weatherproof protection.

2. It’s made of wood. This version is entirely composed of natural wood. Pine, Spruce, Sapele Mahogany, Western Hemlock, Meranti, and other unique wood species are used in this folding glass wall system.

NanaWall’s wood-framed glass door is unquestionably eco-friendly, and each system includes a water-based solution.

3. It’s clad with aluminum. This kind of folding glass door serves two purposes. It provides the necessary warmth that only wood can provide, but with the sturdiness and performance that only aluminum can provide. This is ideal for residential structures.

4. There are no frames. This wall system offers the clearest, most aesthetically appealing, and optimum sightlines. Each system has a single pane of glass. Without stiles, the top and bottom rails are constructed of pure aluminum.

Furthermore, the following are the primary advantages of NanaWall folding glass door systems:

  • Workmanship of the highest quality, backed up by meticulous inspection and excellent materials.
  • With only one hand, you can open and shut doors with ease.
  • Tamper-resistant and high-security locks are included.
  • When the doors are closed, the space is kept at its most comfortable temperature.
  • All systems are capable of withstanding high winds and rain.

Sliding Doors NanaWall (Sliding Glass Walls)

1619139419_844_French-Doors-vs-Sliding-Doors If you want to improve the practicality, elegance, and beauty of your space, NanaWall’s single-track sliding glass wall systems may help you achieve your goals. 

The goal of each system is to combine the outdoor and inside spaces. They’re all well constructed and offer stunning architecture. Learn more about the many kinds of sliding doors in our guide.

In this NanaWall doors design guide, you’ll find three typical variations: 

1. Framed in aluminum. This version is a single, top-hung dashboard sliding technology that comes with basic equipment for deciphering composite design difficulties, such as infinite spans and unusual wall angles and forms. 

2. There are no frames. With only one hand movement, this variation creates an infinite span of top-hung single panels that easily traverse various angle diversions.

This option is excellent for saving space. It may also be tailored to your preferences. More information about our sliding door measurements guide may be found here.

3. It’s made of wood. This top-hung variant enhances both outdoor and interior spaces by combining stylistic flexibility and outstanding performance with the natural quality of pure wood.

The following are some of the most important advantages of NanaWall sliding glass walls:

  • Each system may accept up to 90 degree angle diversions to create almost any form.
  • They give an infinite number of panels, each of which may create larger apertures.
  • To save room, the swing doors have been combined.
  • It is possible to modify the panel stacking bay parameters.
  • To achieve ultra-smooth transitions, the track choice is single.
  • Each system is built to endure and can resist any kind of weather.

NanaWall Price 

1628274796_782_NanaWall-Doors-Design-Guide NanaWall’s glass wall solutions typically cost between $900 and $1300 per square foot.

However, the best way to learn more about the costs of their goods is to ask a NanaWall architectural agent for a quotation. This will also assist you in determining which solution best fits your budget and project requirements.

Are NanaWall Doors Resilient to Hurricanes?

1628274797_988_NanaWall-Doors-Design-Guide Yes. All NanaWall doors are built to resist a variety of hazardous weather conditions. In fact, its hurricane-approved folding glass door mechanism is the first of its kind. NanaWall doors are, without a doubt, hurricane-proof.

Panoramic Doors vs. NanaWall

1628274797_97_NanaWall-Doors-Design-Guide NanaWall can easily beat the competition in terms of durability, extreme lifespan, security, comfort, and simplicity. Despite the fact that Panoramic Doors also sells a variety of high-quality folding and sliding doors, NanaWall is still the best.

When it comes to affordability, Panoramic doors are unquestionably more costly. Although NanaWall products are pricey, you will receive exactly what you pay for thanks to their excellent technology. I’m not implying that choosing Panoramic doors is a bad idea. If you want to stretch your budget, however, NanaWall doors are the way to go.

On this page, you may find additional relevant information in our post about how to measure a door.

Think about the best feature of your current door (or if you don’t have one yet, think about what you like) and how it will make your house more inviting. Then, think about how you can incorporate the best feature of your future door. For example, if your current door has glass panels, and you haven’t decided on the style of your future door yet (maybe it will be antique, or modern, or contemporary), then you can use glass panels on your future door to create a space that feels inviting.. Read more about nanawall alternatives and let us know what you think.

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