How to Organise Your Garage: 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Garage Layout

A garage is by definition a space where you store your vehicle (or several) in order to protect it from the elements. Unfortunately, garages often become a general storage area and the centre of chaos and entropy in your home.

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The garage soon becomes a place where any useless object is thrown away, resulting in serious clutter and confusion.

It’s very easy to lose what you really need in this environment. Cleaning your garage is not a quick and easy procedure, so it is important to have a plan (and stick to it) before you start cleaning.

Cleaning can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have left your garage unattended for a long period of time, but with the right technology you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

And that’s where we come in and offer you some tips and tricks to improve your garage, both visually and functionally.


With good preparation, the job is half done, and this phase of garage cleaning is often neglected. A careless approach to cleaning often leads to further sorting after all surplus items have been collected in a bin.

Before you start cleaning, place your bins, baskets and garbage bags so you can search through similar items.

Also prepare sufficient detergents, empty cardboard boxes and various plastic containers. If your garage contains a large amount of waste, you can contact your local authorities and rent a garbage truck.

The ideal time to reorganize is in late spring, around May/June, or early autumn, in September or October. Not only is the weather perfect for working outdoors, but the days are long enough to do all the work before sunset.


A good way to start unblocking your garage is to identify the objects in the garage. Just pick a spot in the garage to get started and take it all out on the driveway to sort it out.

When you are sure that everything is off, you can start with a thorough cleaning. Sweep or vacuum, but beware of nails and other small objects, cobwebs and all living or dead creatures that have lived in your garage.

A popular cleaning program is from top to bottom, so start by dusting off the top shelves, cabinets and all surfaces facing upwards.

Then wipe the floor to get rid of the dust. Finally, mop and hose the floor. Give it time to dry, usually two to four hours, before you put it back in place.


While you wait until the garage floor is dry, you can use this time to decide what to do with all the objects you brought with you.

These articles can be divided into four different categories: Storage, sale, donation and waste. The basic criteria for determining to which category an article belongs can be expressed in a simple question: Why is it here?

Instead of having to fight over every detail, you can sort through it more efficiently. There are things that are specifically in the garage, but there are also things that were left there because we didn’t know what to do with them. It is not difficult to guess which type of category comes from this classification.


Once you get rid of the excess clutter, it’s time to organize everything you need in the most practical way. Since the garage is a place where different types of objects are stored, it is advisable to divide them into zones.

For example, the garage can be divided into spaces for cars, tools, sports equipment and recycling. The size of these areas depends on usage.

Sometimes there is only one parking space for the car, but if there are many other vehicles, there may be a parking space for bicycles or a handy scooter rack for environmentally conscious family members.

The best way to place items in your garage depends on the type of items, the size of the area and your use. Usually commonly used items end up on shelves, while items you do not use are stored in cupboards or cabinets.

For hand tools such as hammers and hacksaws a pullboard is provided and for larger tools such as rakes and shovels wall hooks are provided.

Don’t be afraid to walk upright and use the walls for storage. In principle, organise your storage cabinets in the way that makes the most sense and sense for you.

If you have children, make sure that all dangerous objects are kept safe and under lock and key so that they cannot reach them.


Now that you’ve finally organized your garage into the best version of yourself, don’t let a sense of satisfaction keep you from maintaining that state.

An old truth that many people do not know is that it is much easier to maintain something on a regular basis than to keep it clean every few months.

Do a little cleaning every weekend and your future self will be very grateful. The garage is a very busy place and therefore requires regular attention and maintenance. Once you’ve organized your garage, it won’t take long to keep it clean and tidy.


Legend has it that people used the garage to park their cars. In the course of time, however, the garage has become an extra space and storage space for all things that are currently not used.

It’s not surprising that garages are among the dirtiest places in the house. It usually takes a lot of effort to clean and refurbish a garage to bring it back to its original functionality.

It is a long and complex job that requires several steps, careful planning and considerable organisational skills. But once the garage is in good shape, it’s easier to keep it in good condition than to have the rubbish rebuilt.

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