How to Fix Gutter Slopes and Other Common Gutter Problems?

The eavestrough system of your home is a major concern when it comes to checking the general safety of your home. Without it, rainwater can destroy your basement and ruin any attempt at gardening.

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But how difficult is it to maintain an efficient gutter system? You’d be surprised how many potential problems can infect your eavestrough system.

These vary from badly aligned slopes to all kinds of common and unusual drainage problems. Here are some of them you should pay attention to.

1.    Incorrect slope

The beauty of the gutter system lies in its simplicity. If adjusted correctly, the inclination of the trough should only guide the water to the trough by gravity.

From there, a well distributed amount of water must flow through the gutter to the drainpipe to protect your house from rainwater.

However, if the tilt is not set correctly, nothing works. As a rule of thumb, a 1/4 inch gradient should be provided for each meter of gutter length for the system to function properly.

If it is not set up properly, you should hire a professional to help you set it up. This time you have to take the right action.

2.    Axle distance

In general, groove separation should not be a major problem. The reason that so many people suffer from it is that they try to fix it with putty or glue.

This method does not work because these adhesives are not strong enough to hold the parts of the slide together.

Instead, you need rivets. So start drilling holes in the right places and make sure you choose the right size of the rivet. In general, 1/8-inch rivets are the industry standard. However, sometimes a replacement professional is the best option.

3.    Poor connection to sewer

The reason that eavestroughs can cause so many problems is because they are a major bottleneck. By polluting part of the gutter, the water can run off anywhere on the site and not run off.

A misaligned gutter poses a similar problem. In other words: A bad drainpipe is not something you want to deal with.

The installation should be at right angles and not too close to the house. This prevents the water from flowing directly into the basement or into a pool on the ground next to the foundation.

4.    Treatment of bolts

blocked drain

The logs in your eavestrough system are probably the main cause of most problems. There are two main reasons for these blockages.

The first consists of debris and leaves carried away by the wind or falling from nearby trees. This problem can best be solved by carefully cutting the gutters.

The second reason is animal nests. Keeping eavestroughs clean can prevent them from nesting in them, but there is no one hundred percent reliable way to solve this problem. Instead, all you have to do is regularly inspect and clean your eavestroughs.

5.    Ice dams

The problem of ice dams is enormous because it not only affects the appearance of our house, but also endangers lives.

These dams are created by melting snow from the roof that accumulates in the gutter where it freezes instead of just running away.

They weigh the gutters and can destroy them even under that weight. Before the problem becomes too serious, you should probably use a calcium chloride compound and then push these ice dams with an elongated rake.


One of the most important things to note is that many of these problems are related to the installation of eavestroughs.

So you have to make sure that you hire the right person for these tasks. Although a good installation can make a big difference in this respect, the truth is that maintaining your eavestroughs requires a regular (albeit irregular) effort. The reward is more than deserved, because the consequences of giving up your eavestroughs are quite serious.

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