How to Give The Apartment a Fresh Look With Your Own Hands

DIY Wall Decoration

Not only will non-professionals often leave unpainted walls, they are also known to decorate poorly; let’s work together to eliminate this problem. Therefore, decorating the wall space is especially important in creating a non-standard interior. For DIY decoration you will need arts and craft machines and of course inspiration. You can make an original decor not only with the help of paint. But in terms of material costs, using this technique is a cheaper alternative. Stenciled patterns are applied to the walls, one or many stripes are drawn, geometric shapes of large sizes are drawn.

A win-win option is to decorate the walls of the room with original framed photos. Here’s a batch of random iPhone screencaps I put together. Instead of photographs, the walls in the room can be decorated with abstract paintings, blank frames in a bright color, one or more stickers. We recommend attaching specially-designed stickers to the walls, on the back of which is a glue that will not damage the surface of your finishing materials

The walls will be decorated with a homemade panel. One example of a marine decoration is a panel which you can make out of old but bright ropes, unusual fabric, several shells and glass pieces. It’s background should be white or blue in colour. Then complete the composition with thematic photographs and enclose them in a frame. Similarly, you can make a panel on any other topic. Such homemade collages on the wall will become a full-fledged replacement for picturesque paintings or photographs.

The original version of the decoration was to make lots of paper butterflies and attach them in any order. To quickly make lots of butterflies, you need to make one stencil that is shaped like an insect. The rest of the butterflies are cut out along the resulting contour. There are wall stickers of this form on sale.

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For the original decoration of the wall, it is good to use a lot of the same things, on the surface of which paint is applied. Some objects may be larger than others. Use glue or nails to attach them to the wall. What kind of wall decor can be made with your own hands using the described method? Old wooden boards, belts and ropes are perfect to create a flooring effect. Using them in pretty much any space, even an inexpensive one, can make it look luxe.

Removing any, or adding more decorative elements to already existing items on the wall, is a quick & easy way to change things up. A simple fix would be painting within the frame of mirrors/lamps/paintings already on the wall. This will quickly refresh the interior without much cost and effort.

New DIY Furniture

To make outdated furniture fashionable, and the interior – individual, without contacting a designer. It is necessary to eliminate old varnish and paint from the furniture surface. Then decorate the furniture with small stickers or decorate with decoupage. Instead of stickers, pieces of fabric can also work. They will be able to emphasise the desired style of the interior and add softness, comfort to the atmosphere.

The metal handles on the drawers are easy to replace with ropes or straps. If you are not sure of your taste, you need to make the decor of the updated furniture concise. For example, paint in a single color and stick a floral motif or discreet sticker as a decoration.

In addition to staining and decoupage techniques, furniture can be deliberately aged, giving it antique chic. To do this, a special technique of patting and such means as stain, antique wax, varnish, spatula, degreaser, acrylic paints, etc. are used.

Decorating furniture is an exciting hobby that can generate income. As a basis for creativity, Soviet-era furniture sets are best suited. They were made of durable solid wood, the quality of which practically does not change over time.

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Hand-made furniture will harmoniously fit into country, Provence or classic styles. When you want your creations to leave a good impression, it’s best to make an initial sketch on thick cardboard. On it, you can hone your mastery of decorating techniques.

If the set in the kitchen is outdated, then decorate its drawers with decoupage. The interior of the kitchen is an area often neglected by those without a knowledge of interior design. Seasonal decorations, for example dried vegetables, fruits, spices and flowers could be used to make the perfect space. Its creation lasts no more than an hour, and such decor will delight with its appearance for at least several months. The kitchen looks good with a lot of unusual dishes, bright flower pots, and original boxes for growing greens. Don’t forget about fabrics: a cosy kitchen is impossible to imagine without a tablecloth, furniture covers, towels and oven mitts.

Decorating the living room with paintings and art objects is a classic option. The living room is suitable for placing floor decor in it, for example, vases, and figurines. False fireplace looks great in the living room. Indeed, in an apartment building it will not work to equip a real fireplace with an open fire. Burning wood will replace the candles.

The decor of the bedroom is a lot of fabrics and carpets that are pleasant to the touch, unusual lighting fixtures, and an originally designed headboard. Dust should not accumulate here, so extra decorations are undesirable. Fabric curtains and a soft plaid will make the atmosphere in the bedroom comfortable. You can also make your desk into a mini storage area, by filling it with things like different types of knickknacks, cosmetics and jewelry. All this stuff should contribute to the atmosphere of relaxation and taking some time for yourself. A mirror isn’t exactly a bad addition to the bedroom either – but it’s not necessary.

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