How to Cool a Garage with No Windows. 8 Simple and Effective Tips

For many, the garage is more than just a place to store their car. It can often be a small gymnasium or just a place where you take the time to think. But what happens on days when the sun is outside and projects heat onto your garage without windows?

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Windows are an excellent source of ventilation that you can open and close depending on the climate of your home. However, many garages are designed without windows.

Your garage should not become the resting place of your home in the oppressive heat just because it does not have this design feature.

There are many reasons why your garage can collect heat. The angle and size of your garage make a big difference. When your garage faces the sun, it naturally collects more heat.

The colour of your garage can also play a role. Those with darker colours tend to be warmer, as these colours are known to attract and absorb heat.

Below is a list of steps you can take to keep your garage cool in warmer temperatures.

This is good for you and for the items stored in your garage that are sensitive to heat and can therefore be damaged.

How much fresh air do you need in your garage?

First you have to determine how much fresh air you need in your garage. If your garage mainly houses your car and other things and you only go there occasionally, you may not need a cooling system.

A temporary measure is likely to be effective in cooling the environment. However, if you need to stay in your garage for a while, it is worth considering long-term solutions that will allow you to effectively cool your garage for a longer period of time.

Here are some ideas

Open garage door

By leaving your garage door open, fresh air comes in from outside. It depends on the angle of the garage and the sun.

If the sun hits the garage door, the air entering the garage will probably be stuffy and will not make much difference in the temperature at sunset. This can even contribute to heating the air instead of cooling it.

In a shady garage the air is cooler, creating a more comfortable environment.

The garage door opener is especially useful for people with insulated garages that are often very hot in hot weather.

Purchase of the air conditioning in the garage

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, it is worth considering air conditioning. This option will be slightly more expensive, but there are different types of air conditioners.

A portable air conditioning system is probably the most practical. They are equipped with a hose and an adapter and work by pushing hot air outwards.

A portable air conditioner is one of the most important options and can be installed by mounting it in the wall of your garage or in your home.

Another option is a wall-mounted air conditioning system. They are usually called window air conditioners, but they can also be mounted directly on the wall. You can find a certain type of air conditioner that is more efficient than another type for cooling your garage.

Installation of insulation

When we think of insulation, we automatically think of heating, not cooling. While insulation is effective in retaining heat in winter and warming up a room, it can also work the other way around in summer and help prevent warm air from entering.

Insulation contributes significantly to temperature separation. Installing the insulation is a fairly simple process and can be done by yourself at an affordable price without the need for a professional.

Use a ceiling fan

As the name suggests, a ceiling fan can be installed on the ceiling of your garage. Rotating blinds interrupt the warm air flow and create a cooler environment.

There are many types of ceiling fans. You should be aware that there will probably be dust in your garage, so your fan must be solidly built to withstand it.

An industrial ceiling fan is preferred because it is more resistant to this situation.

Leave your vehicle outside for a while and let the garage cool down

While driving, the engine heats up and the overall heat of the vehicle may decrease after prolonged exposure to the sun. If you park your car in this heat in the garage, the inside temperature will certainly rise.

That’s why it’s worth leaving the car in the shade for a while after the trip to cool it down and return to normal temperature.

Once the car has cooled down, it can be put back in the garage without having to worry about the temperature, which makes the inside of the garage warmer.


A dehumidifier is a device that reduces humidity. Humidity is often a reflection of the temperature of a room or room. When the humidity is high, the air can feel stuffy.

The dehumidifier can be adjusted to obtain the desired humidity. You can maintain or reduce humidity. Introducing a dehumidifier can make your garage much more comfortable.

Install roof/seat ventilation

Another effective solution is to install ventilation openings in the roof or attic. Ideally, the ventilation should be installed at the highest point of the garage, as it will fulfil its function better and create more efficient ventilation.

The ventilation works mainly by allowing warm air to escape as it rises.

Keep your garage clean and clutter free

While many people use their garage for storage, many stacked boxes can make the air warmer. Indeed, these boxes and obstructions essentially become obstacles that make it difficult for the air to continue.

This will result in warmer temperatures in your garage because it has no escape route. In order to eliminate this problem, it is worth investing in efficient storage solutions that minimise space requirements and keep the environment cool.


There are many steps you can take to cool the inside of your garage. You may prefer to invest in a temporary solution if you are only staying in the garage for a short time. In the same way, a more permanent solution is probably more useful if you stay in your garage for a while.

In addition to these methods, there are also steps you can take to maintain a cool environment. Avoid painting the garage with dark colours and eliminate the presence of disorder and chaos. Also make sure your vehicle has had time to cool down in the shade before returning it to the garage.

The fact that your garage has no windows does not mean that you have to suffer in the vast majority of warm rooms. Although this does not affect those who do not spend much time in their garage, it can be a bit awkward for others.

However, there are many steps you can take to create a cooler and more comfortable garage environment.

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