How to Clean and Disinfect Your Daycare Business

Operating a daycare business is tough work – there’s nothing more intimidating than being responsible for other people’s children! Still, daycare work is a joy for those who love working with little tykes, as you get to instill proper manners and virtues in young children from an early age. 

Daycares nowadays don’t just take care of kids for busy parents, but they teach kids to be honest, respectful, and courteous. They must also be responsible for the safety of the children, and that includes ensuring the kids have a healthy environment to learn and play in. Hence, you will need to clean and disinfect your daycare business regularly. 

The pandemic has made it more difficult to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of your daycare business and few parents are willing to take the risk of leaving their children to play with other children, without knowing whether or not they could be infected with the virus. With the work from home setups most companies have, parents also tend to care for their children.

Assure the parents that your business is completely clean and essential for the growth of their children into healthy, functioning adults with proper cleaning and disinfection. This way, you can ensure that your business is virus-free, and offer your clients proper education and socialization for their kids! Here are some ways for you to disinfect your workplace: 

1. Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services for commercial spaces are important for any business, especially after the pandemic has made it essential for all workplaces to disinfect their areas daily. Professional disinfection sees to it that every harmful microbe in your business is removed, and they have the necessary tools and solutions to clean without posing a danger to children.

For a trusted and reputable company, look to Luce Maintenance Group ( as they can provide you with top-notch cleaning and disinfection packages so you can be sure your business remains sanitary even throughout the pandemic! They are trusted by many commercial spaces, and their cleaners get the job done right! 

2. Vacuum and Mop Daily

The simplest of cleaning routines is to vacuum and mop the entire area daily. Vacuum up the food particles and any dust that gets onto the floor. Children can’t help but sit or lie on the floor as they play, so doing this extra step each day will help reduce allergies, as well as the spread of germs, which kids could get sick by as they pick up bacteria from the floor.

When you mop the floor, be sure to use a safe but effective disinfectant to kill off microbes. Don’t skimp on the disinfectant either, as you need to make sure your floors are completely disinfected to prevent the spread of the virus from one child to another. 

3. Disinfect All Surfaces with Steam

Most offices make use of harsh cleaning chemicals, which could cause burns on sensitive skin. Children are known to place random objects in their mouths as well, so it is best to steer clear of using commercial cleaning products to clean and disinfect surfaces. Plus, it may be difficult to disinfect soft fabric furniture, which are common in daycare centers. 

Steam cleaning solves these issues. The heat of steam cleaners, coupled with the water vapor, kill off harmful microbes as it goes, ensuring your business is completely sanitary. As an added bonus, steam cleaners do not use any harsh chemicals, only water. You can be certain that the steam is completely safe for children, even those with sensitive skin, once the vapor has cooled.

Opt for a steam mop for the floors as well, and steam is safe to use on most toys – including plastic ones, as the heat does not linger long enough for the material to melt. However, always do a test on a small patch first before proceeding with steam cleaning your entire daycare center to prevent damaging your own furniture. 

4. Use a Dry Cleaning Powder on Carpets

You can refresh your carpets with a dry cleaning powder made from baking soda and essential oils. Steer clear of any essential oils not suitable for kids, and stick to scents like lavender and lemons. Sprinkle the dry clean powder on the carpet, let it sit for an hour or so, and vacuum up the excess. You’ll notice the powder has pulled the dust from deep within the carpet! 

Got carpeted flooring that has started to smell? Or did one of the kids have an accident on the carpet? You can easily clean up and dry the spot with baking soda! Sprinkle baking soda all over the wet spot to deodorize and dry the moisture. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess baking soda, and disinfect with some hydrogen peroxide. 


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