Different Types of Epoxy

Different Types of Epoxy

If you are one active homeowner who takes everything on her hands, from repairs to designing, then you have probably heard epoxy. 

Epoxy has many uses, especially at home. And once in a while, you probably experienced how to work, especially fixing broken things at home. However, epoxy use goes beyond that. 

Are you also aware that there are many types so f epoxy? Learn the different forms this adhesive material takes. It goes from a simple decorative accent as resin art to a functional space. Outdoor your home, you probably get fascinated as you encounter high-gloss garage flooring. A made yous search on an “epoxy garage floor near me.” You won’t be disappointed with how prevalent local builders would be in your area.

Familiar Uses and Types of Epoxy in Your Day-to-Day Life

From floors to the knob of your doors, you would see epoxy works. 

Here is the popular use of epoxy that you need to know!

Household Epoxy

First, you got the household epoxy. Aside from being an excellent floor coating to your slippery floors at home, the epoxy usually serves as a plastic resin for sealing bottles, jars, and other storage boxes. 

Different Types of Epoxy

Another is it serves as a compound present in super adhesive materials. An adhesive epoxy sealant is one, and it has the purpose of sealing cracks on walls or roofings where you need to prevent water leaks on the surface. 

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors can be found around residential areas, industrial spaces, and commercial spaces. 

The epoxy used for flooring systems is two-part solid compounds. They make a great alternative to concrete or are better used as resurfacing material that enhances the concrete floors. 

Under the umbrella of epoxy flooring Minnesota, specific types have even more specific uses. Here are epoxy flooring types you should know:

  • Self-leveling epoxy

These are the specific epoxy types commonly used for worn-out concrete resurfacing. It may be the garage, but they could also be nest used among heavy traffic areas where massive items and machinery block the corner of a room. 

Once the self-leveling epoxy adheres to the surface, it quickly spreads n the surface. Even without you having to apply, it covers the surface right away. That makes it easy for the user to let the severely damaged feelings sealed with the compound. 

  • Vapor barrier epoxy

Some concrete spaces would get water leaks and be prone to moisture exposure, like the basement or garage. If you look for help and ask experts of garage coating near me, they would recommend using vapor or moisture barrier coatings. These are epoxy materials used to coat and seal a concrete surface so that no water or any drops of moisture would ruin the cement material.

  • Slurry epoxy

Like the self-leveling epoxy, the slurry is an enhanced concrete coating that makes your life easier when pouring flooring compounds. The slurry is best used among industrial floors, and you would not need a specific feature coating for simple fixes at home. 

But if you are resurfacing severely damaged commercial floors, the slurry would help you quickly repair a too worn-out surface. You may have an old warehouse and want to turn into a retail store, and the floors would reveal uneven surfaces. Before you plan and dig out the concrete for replacement, why not consider applying and resurfacing the floors with a slurry epoxy. 

Resin Art Epoxy

When you take epoxy out of its industrial use and put it in a more artistic context, you get resin art epoxy. Social media is the perfect place for you to start exploring resin art. You may not create resin artworks daily, but once you check out short clips or videos of epoxy artists, you’ll undoubtedly get hooked on them. 

Make this part of our everyday hobby, either y getting inspired by watching creativity from other people or start making your craft.


So, that’s it for the cool uses and types of epoxy you need to know! You have something for your daily essential to the most fun and mundane use of the material! Whatever you do with epoxy, the vital part of the day is that you enjoy it, whether at work or for play!

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