How to Be More Sustainable

How to be more sustainable

Sustainability is no longer a choice- the planet is dying, which makes it extremely important that we, as individuals, take steps to tackle climate change. While our effort might not make a difference, if many individuals come together and start practicing sustainability, we will likely make a huge impact in restoring our planet.

This can be seen in statistics, with more people becoming aware and wanting to make changes to their current lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly. In fact, with the vegan movement at an all-time high, we have seen the reduction in meat production- which is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses- reduced by almost 20 percent worldwide.

With the ‘save the turtles’ movement, we saw people reduce their plastic use, leading to corporates and other big companies starting to use cloth and paper bags to accommodate this new need. While big industries are the major contributors to climate change, if we as consumers stop buying their unsustainable products, they will be forced to make changes in their products- leading to a better and more sustainable approach. Here are some ways you can be sustainable:

Utilise The Rainwater

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, you can start using that rainwater for multiple purposes rather than letting it go to waste. The best way to use it is by watering your plants with it. You can ask a professional gutter specialist for advice on storing rainwater and keeping your gutters clean so that the water remains clean.

If you are unsure how your gutter system will be able to support clean water storage, click here. You can also use rainwater for other purposes like cleaning your vehicles or the insides of your house. This saves a lot of clean drinking water, and if more people start utilizing rainwater, especially in areas with a lot of rainfall, we can successfully combat the problem of decreasing underground water levels.

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Use Green Energy

Green energy refers to renewable energy, which is energy that is derived from sources that do not die and can be renewed. This is the complete opposite of the normalized non-renewable energy usage- which is often done with non-renewable material that increases the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and contributes to pollution in both air and water.

These sources can easily be identified, and some of the most common ones are coal, petrol, and diesel. Green energy resources or renewable energy, on the other hand, produces no pollution and is created with a balanced harmony with nature. These sources are water, wind, air, and biogas.

By having your house’s electricity powered by renewable energy sources, you can not only reduce the environmental impact but also make other people aware. Solar panels are usually put up on the top of the house and can attract awareness and attention from nearby people. If you live in windy regions like northern Scotland, then you can also utilize wind energy.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has recently become the hub for wind energy- which means more people are gaining awareness.

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Go for Ethically Sourced Meat

Being vegetarian or vegan is extremely controversial and depends on the individual who is consuming the animal product. However, if you want to continue with animal product consumption, you should opt for ethically sourced meat and animal products (like dairy). This ensures that the animals are not being treated as well as shows demand ethical products from bigger corporations.

Often, animal farms include hoards of animals who live in bad to worse conditions and are treated extremely badly. This increases their mortality rate along with their probability of getting a disease that can cause harm to the people who consume their meat.

Apart from this, the horrid conditions they are kept in and the torture they have to go through because of low-cost production is enough of a reason not to consume unethical meat. If you are unsure how you would like to go along on this path, you should do your research and decide.

Compost Bin

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not only bad for your plants but also can cause the soil to lose its natural fertility and adapt to these chemicals, making it alkaline and not good enough to grow good, organic plants. The need for fertilizers can easily be solved by getting a compost bin.

Composting is essentially the activity where instead of throwing away your food and paper scraps, you save them and compost them into natural fertilizers. These composted fertilizers increase the fertility of the soil and add more nutrients to the soil rather than making it less fertile. Moreover, it also reduces plant waste in landfills which can decompose and produce large amounts of greenhouse gases.

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