How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold? Let’s Find Out Here

You should not consider the possibility that your work, racks and decorations are too heavy and solid for your plasterboard…. Until he disengages and you’re confronted with serious tinkering. If you want to play it safe and make sure that your plasterboard can carry the weight of what you’re going to attach to it, then you’ve come to the right place.

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In other words, the weight a plasterboard can carry is not as simple as a general number. Rather, there are several factors you need to take into account before you can give an accurate estimate of the weight you can put on your walls.

The weight that the plasterboard can carry largely depends on the chosen installation material.

The plasterboard itself can only hold a few kilos on objects. Installation supplies are therefore your best friend for decorating plasterboard.

Below we look at the different types of fasteners you can use, depending on the size and weight of the pieces you want to hang on the plasterboard.

Different types of anchorages

Dowels are used to support plasterboard when hanging something particularly heavy or fragile. If you z. B. have a heavy frame that you think is too heavy for a simple nail in the wall, you can use an anchor to prevent it from falling over and breaking.

There are four main types of anchors, each varying according to the weight they can carry. Let’s look at these four options, so you know which one meets your needs.

Plasterboard anchor

Plasterboard anchors are the smallest available and weigh from 5 to 25 pounds. The bigger the cork, the heavier it is. They are most suitable for small objects such as picture frames and towel racks, provided they are not too heavy.

Plasterboard anchors are often made of plastic and must be driven into the hole in the wall. You will need to drill this hole to the correct size so that the plasterboard anchor does not move or slip under the weight of the extra weight. This borehole is called an exploratory drilling.

Molly bolt


Molly bolts are used to secure objects weighing from 25 to 50 pounds and can also be used in ceilings to hang objects in a vertical position.

For example, for example… B. A small light can be prevented from coming loose with Molly bolts. That being said, you should avoid using Molly bolts on anything weighing more than 10 ounces when it hits the ceiling.

Molly bolts are often the most permanent solution and cannot be removed after installation. This is why mollycoded bolts are often only used on fixed devices such as lamps and smoke detectors.

It is very important to choose the right size of the molly bolt in order not to compromise its effectiveness.

Threaded dowel

Wire anchors are slightly easier to install than plasterboard anchors because they do not require a test hole.

They can carry up to 75 pounds, so they are best suited for medium sized items such as heavy shelves and mirrors.

Wire anchors are often made of metal and are therefore much stronger and more reliable than plasterboard anchors. If you are concerned about the safety of your anchor, we recommend that you choose a wire anchor.

Lever pin

Swpeet range of 24 screws and wing nuts for suspending heavy objects from plasterboard - 1/8, 3/16, 1/4

Cavity head screws can be made of plastic or metal, the latter being one of the strongest plugs available. Plastic lap bolts can support up to 20 lbs, while metal alternatives can support up to 100 lbs.

Although lever screws are the best option for ceiling mounting, it is important to remember that they can only support a maximum weight of 15 lbs when used vertically.

Do not confuse this with the maximum weight of walls and ceilings, as you could endanger yourself and your property.

The toggle screws are inserted into the steering hole and left open behind the wall. This provides extra protection for heavier objects. Therefore, if you are concerned about the safety of a heavy object, we always recommend the use of a lever lock. Crankshaft bolts may be more difficult to install, but their increased reliability is worth it.

Stud farm small

If none of the above anchors are suitable for you, smaller anchors may be used for some elements. If you have a small object that you don’t think you need to anchor in the wall, maybe we can help you.


The hooks still need to be installed in the wall, but they leave a much smaller opening that you can easily detach and cover if you ever need to hide them.

The hooks are very useful for photos and mirrors, and they can be of different sizes to ensure the right size for all your hanging needs. The heavier the object you want to hang, the bigger the hook has to be.

Adhesive tape

Self-adhesive tapes are a good alternative to dowels that need to be installed in walls. The high-quality adhesive strips adhere almost indivisibly to the wall and can be removed from the wall without damaging the paint or wallpaper. They are very popular when it comes to rental properties.

Self-adhesive tapes have different maximum weights that they can carry. So check the weight limit of the brand you want to use. Be sure to follow the instructions to maximize the efficiency of the corridor.

Anchoring alternatives

Pegs are excellent devices that can help you in different situations, but they can only support a limited amount of weight on plasterboard.

If you don’t think any of the above options are right for you, you can use wall brackets or ceiling beams behind the plasterboard. Below we look at these alternatives for anchors and how to find them.

Wall bolt

Wall posts are wooden beams that run vertically behind the plasterboard of your house. They are about 20 inches apart and can be found by tapping on the wall until you hear a solid sound, as opposed to a hollow sound.

You can also use a wall outlet to determine the location of the studs, since the sockets are always against the studs on the wall.

You should choose the material for your wall brackets carefully as this will determine the weight you can hang on them.

Nails can be used to store small objects such as lamps, small frames and calendars. Screws are most suitable for medium to large objects and can carry up to 100 lbs when mounted in a wall bolt.

Shelving is best installed using wall plugs, as wood is much more reliable than plasterboard. Don’t forget to secure both sides of the planks with wooden uprights so that the plank is strong enough to store your heavy objects, such as books.

Ceiling beam

Ceiling beams are similar to wall nails, but cannot carry as much weight as wall nails. Do not hang objects weighing more than 20 pounds from the ceiling beams. Gravity is a powerful force, and you don’t want to risk your safety.

If you want to hang an object that exceeds this weight, you will need to invest in special reinforcements designed to attach heavier objects to the ceiling. They are often needed for large fixtures, ceiling fans and works of art.

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