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Fibro-cement as a cladding option remains a fairly popular choice. An overview of the U.S. census data on new single-family homes for sale in the United States shows that fibro-cement accounts for almost a quarter of all cladding materials.

Brick, wood and vinyl are declining, while fibre cement is becoming increasingly popular. Stucco is, perhaps surprisingly, the number one cladding in America, its popularity is very high in the western United States, but fibro-cement is also popular in this region. The combination of these two materials represents 92% of the total Western market.

Fibre cement is commonly known as James Hardie, the company that originally developed this panel. It is also called cement plate because the materials used are cement, wood pulp, clay and sand. Fibro-cement is relatively heavy, reasonably durable and can easily last 50 years or more, while the surface usually has to be repainted every 20 to 40 years.

Price information – Part 1


Due to the weight of fibro-cement, it generally takes two workers to install each piece. For this reason, and because waste is a high cost item for a project, the material is not suitable for a construction market.

There are four main types of fibre cement: Siding is the most common type of facade cladding, with vertical panels and craft overlaps, which correspond to the architectural quality of siding.


Fiber cement siding costs between $9.50 and $15.50 per square meter installed. Other styles tend to have more than $12.50 per square meter installed. If you choose an erection option, the total cost of installing a cement slab in a typical American two bedroom home will vary from $19,000 to $31,000, depending on the specific characteristics of the project and the location of your home.

Since there are many factors that can influence total costs, we will explain them below, but first break down the costs using the following example. Pay attention: This is an example of a rough estimate based on average national material and labour costs.

Calculation information – Part 2

Fibre cement sheets: 2,000 square metres x $10.00 = $20,000 (labour included)
Ancillary building materials 1: (i.e. J-channel, corner pieces, non-corrosive fasteners) = 1,500
Ancillary building materials 2: *Optional window decoration upgrade = $4,500
Remove previous decoration: 1 600
Lead/waste disposal: 900
Household envelope: 250
Building permits: $250

Total project cost = $29,000

The $29,000 is at the high end of the range we indicated earlier and is expected to be in the middle of the fibrous cement range. This brings us to the next section.

Factors affecting total cost

The first factor to take into account is the need to remove the previous coating. In many situations where fibro-cement is installed, it is necessary to remove the previous coating at the same time it is removed. If, for example, $2,500 is expensive, the cost of waste disposal is no less for non-contractors, and it is quite intense for an inexperienced worker.

The type and style of the fibro-cement would be a first consideration. The price increases from $3.00 to $7.00 per square meter when differently shaped panels or architectural materials with greater structural integrity are used. In our example above, this would increase the cost from $6,000 to $14,000.

In the first case, additional materials are often needed to complete the work. You can save hundreds of dollars here, but chances are you’re going to spend at least $500 on these things, or they’ll only be included in the Fibre Cement Siding main character.

The second group of extras related to the replacement of window coverings is better addressed in the project evaluation. In other words: Get quotes for the project, as you would for any home improvement project. A professional will tell you whether existing materials can be stored and restored at home, or whether replacement materials are recommended/needed.

Finally, there are labour costs, which are quite competitive for fibro-cement given its popularity among contractors in the United States. That’s one more reason to get multiple quotes. For example, the first estimate could be $35,000 for everything, and each subsequent estimate averages $25,000. In cases where the price differences are very large, you should ask yourself which additional building materials are included and/or why the total offer is so high.

Good, bad and so beautiful.

Here we list the pros and cons and the most important reason to consider a fibro-cement lining.

Good: Fibre cement is a very durable and low-maintenance coating. It benefits from the fact that it is a non-combustible, insect repellent material that is usually guaranteed for about 40 years.

Bath: Because of its heaviness, it benefits from a professional installation. As with any cement product, incorrect installation can cause damage when moisture accumulation can significantly damage the outer wall of a house behind the siding. Fibro-cement is also relatively expensive, but more so than vinyl, which is its main competitor.

Oh, so beautiful: Save the best for last. The return on investment of asbestos cement cladding is excellent at 84%. And according to the National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact Report, owners of homes with fibre cement stabling tracks claim a peak of 100% joy factor when they choose this option.


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