How Long Does It Take to Paint a Room

Painting a room is the easiest way to modernize your home and give it personality. Whether you’ve moved to a new home or just want something different, painting a room is a great way to improve your mood and increase the resale value of your home.

Hiring a professional artist to do the job can be quite expensive. But with the right tools, a little practice and patience, you can probably give your room a fresh lick of paint yourself. But you might be wondering , how long does it take to paint aroom? Let’s find out!

Factors that influence migration time

Many factors determine how long it takes to paint a room. Includes:

  • Your experience and confidence
  • Condition of the room to be painted
  • Paint quality
  • How much preparatory work do you need to do in advance
  • The number of layers of paint you wish to apply.
  • Preparation time

As a general rule, ceilings only need one coat, while walls usually require two coats of primer. Painting on dark colors may take longer than on light colors because 3 or 4 coats of paint must be applied. There is also the decision to paint your room in one color or in multiple colors. All this will significantly increase the painting time.

For most do-it-yourselfersbeginners, it usually takes a full day or up to 3 days to paint a room from start to finish. But to give you an accurate answer on how long it takes to paint a room, it depends on the size of the room, the level of detail of the paint and the number of coats you want to apply. However, most people’s experience is that it takes about 5 to 8 hours to paint an average room.

Room size

It takes about 5 hours to paint a 12 by 12 room with an average ceiling height (8′) and another 3 hours to paint doors, windows and baseboards. It is advisable to set aside at least one full day to paint the part, especially if you are inexperienced or if the part’s surfaces are in poor condition and require a lot of prep work.

State of your walls

The condition of your walls is another factor that affects the painting time. Look carefully at the area you want to paint. Are there any holes, bumps or cracks? Any minor imperfections should be corrected to achieve a smooth and even base. Grind defects accordingly. This process should take no longer than 30 minutesbut if you are applying putty, let it dry for at least an hour before applying the primer.

Preparatory work

Preparation of the part is an important part of painting. Preparatory work includes removing furniture from the room, covering the floor to prevent paint splatter, removing wall fixtures, and taping baseboards, door and window frames with masking tape.

Depending on the size of the room, preparation work can take up to 2 hours. The longest part consists of removing all elements from the walls and gluing the corners.


It is a good idea to prepare the walls and ceiling for painting. Wait another 2 hours to complete the priming process before proceeding with the actual painting.

Could you omit the introduction?

The purpose of the primer is to prepare the paint surface and seal any blemishes to provide the smoothest, cleanest surface possible. In some cases, however, a primer is not necessary. If your walls are z. B. have minor scratches or scuffs, a simple primer is sufficient. For all other walls with large dents or scratches, it is recommended to apply a layer of drywall primer to allow the paint to adhere. If you leave out the primer, you run the risk of the paint flaking, especially when wet.


After priming the walls and ceiling, let them dry for 2 hours before painting.

With a large roller, ranging from 14 to 18 inches in diameter, the job should be done faster than a day’s work. You should also consider purchasing an extension to better reach the higher parts of the walls. With the right tools, the process is greatly simplified and the drawing time significantly reduced.

It is best to apply the paint throughout the room. Once dry, a second coat may be needed to keep the paint uniform.

Depending on the size of the piece you are painting, the process can take between 2 and 3 hours. The more experienced you are with painting, the less time you will need.

Cleaning and touching

The final step is to remove the dirt and touch up if necessary. Remove the tape, clean the floor and throw away the empty paint cans. It can be tempting to hang all the furniture back on the wall, but it’s best to wait about 2 days for the paint to dry before hanging the paintings.

Drying time

It is the drying time that will take up most of your day. The higher the humidity in the room, the longer the process takes, which is why proper ventilation is crucial here.

If it is hot and humid outside, turn on a fan or air conditioner to provide adequate airflow and speed up the drying process. In colder climates, turn on the heater to speed up drying.

While it can be frustrating to wait for the paint to dry, it is always best to let the part dry completely before applying a second coat. As a general rule: Wait 24-48 hours for the paint to dry before applying a second coat.

How to draw a room in 3 hours

Ideally, you want to be done painting the room within 3 hours. After all, you have other commitments and you probably don’t want to spend all day painting a room. Here are a few ways to cut down on drawing time and still get good results:

– Buy all the tools and paint materials in advance so you don’t waste time going to the hardware store. Make a list of all the materials you will need, for example. B. Tarpaulin, paint, putty, primer, brushes, rollers, gloves and masking tape. Other useful tools are a ladder, a can opener, a spill cup to limit damage and rubber gloves.

– Decide in advance how much paint you will need. The gallon covers about 400 square feet. And don’t forget to give a little extra for touch-ups.

– When preparing, make sure you remove all furniture from the walls and cover the floor. Wipe the surfaces to be painted clean and fill with putty.

– One of the most tedious parts of painting a room is applying tape to all the corners and edges. If you’re wondering if you can get over it, the good news is that yes! If you don’t tape the room, you’ll have to repaint it soon. But how can you miss the band? Then buy a good quality brush! A good brush is more precise and can maneuver well in tight places. Remember that you only need to use a brush for the finish, as you will be using a paint roller for the rest of the wall. An 18-inch paint roller does the job much faster than a standard 9-inch roller.

– Another useful tool is the spatula. The flat surface of the putty knife gives softer results. After applying the putty with a knife, wipe away the residue to prevent it from dripping.

– If you want to keep the time between diapers as short as possible, you don’t have to wait until the next day. This is the way to go if you want to paint your room quickly. How does it work? Use light layers rather than thick layers of paint. Lightweight diapers dry faster and are just as effective after additional layers.


Painting a room may seem like a huge and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! The process is relatively simple and you don’t have to spend a whole day on it. If you prepare ahead of time, you will probably be done with the entire room in 3 to 5 hours. Follow our time-saving tips to quickly paint your room and get on with your next DIY project. And if you’re still not sure how the whole drawing process works, check out this quick video demonstration, especially recommended for beginners:

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frequently asked questions

Can you paint a room in one day?

Paint the wall (or use our tip). It’s a bit exhausting to paint a room in one day: Painting a dark wall with a light color (or coating stains) requires one coat of primer and two coats – and a drying time of at least six hours.

How long does it take to paint a 3 bedroom house?

A simple paint job of the ceilings and walls in a three-bedroom house of about 1,900 square feet, with a minimum of preparation, can be done by a team of three good painters in about four days. Painting the doors, windows and stucco will take a few days.

What is the correct procedure for painting a room?

Professionals generally follow a certain order when painting a room. First they paint the side, then the ceiling, then the walls. That’s because it’s easier (and faster) to glue trim than walls. And you certainly don’t want them both on record!

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