Hanuman Mantra – Meaning, Benefits & Procedure to Chant Mantra

The Hanuman Mantra or Chalisa is a poetic composition that the great Goswami Tulsidas originally created. Hindu mythology believes that Tulsidas was in a state of Samadhi in a Kumbh Mela in Haridwar when he wrote the Mantra. 

Lord Hanuman is considered to be the Lord of strength. It is believed that receding his Mantra every day can help keep the evil energy away from you. 

The meaning of Chalisa states that it has 40 verses praising the Lord of strength. When a devotee honestly and dedicatedly recites the Mantra, it generates positive energy that keeps struggles and fears at bay. 

As you move ahead and read this post, you will understand the deeper meaning of the Chalisa. So, are you willing to learn something new today? 

What is The Meaning and Significance of Hanuman Chalisa?

There is a famous tale behind the creation of the Chalisa. It is believed that Mughal emperor Aurangzeb captured Tulsidas. His sin was to back answer the emperor when he asked to show him Lord Rama.

Tulsidas brutally replied to Arungzeb that Lord Rama would only be seen by those who indeed devoted him. This made the emperor angry, and he ordered his clan to capture Tulsidas and imprison him. 

Goswami Tulsidas thought of writing the verse, and when he completed it, it is believed that an army of monkeys attacked Delhi. 

The Astrological Importance of the Mantra States the Following

  1. People who have the Mangal Dosha or are Manglik must recite the Chalisa to imbibe the positive qualities of Mar in their life. Strength, courage, and positivity are energies you can gain by chanting the Mantra. 
  2. Those who have negative or positive impacts of Saturn upon them must chant the Hanuman Chalisa to find relief and benefits. 
  3. Reciting the Chalisa will eliminate all negative energy from your surroundings and give you the courage to fight evil. 

What are The Benefits of Reading the Mantra?

Chanting the Mantra Will Fulfil all Your Wishes

Suppose a devotee recites the Mantra with complete honesty and devotion; it is believed that the Lord of power grants their wish and blesses them with the ability to deal with challenges to reach the goal. 

It Helps in Gaining Knowledge and Wisdom

By reciting the Mantra every day, you kill all the negative energy from your surroundings. As a result, you feel more powerful and energetic throughout the day and can increase your focus and knowledge. You will be enlightened to learn more and the differences between good and evil. 

It Will Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If you start reading the Chalisa in the morning, you will feel relaxed and control your life. It is a positive way to start your days, and you feel confident about yourself and the surrounding environment. 

It Removes all Obstacles

Just like you pray to Lord Ganesha to remove all the problems from your life; similarly, Pawanputra can protect you from all obstacles and show you the path to glory. 

It Helps With one’s Reformation

Suppose you feel you have fallen into a bad company of people; you should start reciting the Hanuman mantra to fill your heart with love and positivity. 

There are many mantras according to the Hindu religion. If you want to see positive results, you will have to devotedly follow the rules of chanting mantras and keeping faith in their powers. Eventually, you will see the difference by yourself and lead a happy and peaceful life. 

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