Copper Roof Cost and Pros & Cons in 2021 –

Copper is the gold of metal roofs. No, literally. It’s precious as gold, it’s precious as gold, and the color is gold. Well, until that changes. It’ll be a thing of beauty for hundreds of years.

Detailed price information

Perhaps the only drawback of copper roofs is the too high initial cost. It is by far the most expensive metal roof option on the market, without exception.

However, when assessing the benefits and costs of the buyer, the cost factor must be put into perspective.

You can expect to pay between $18.00 and $28.00 per square meter of installed area for the construction of a residential copper roof and siding system.

Regardless of the shape of the copper pieces, the slope or complexity of your roof, and even your location, this range is what you can expect to pay for.

Even at the bottom it is considerably more expensive than steel and aluminium ($8.50 to $15.50 per square meter installed), although this depends on the type of roof and the quality of the finished metal.

The higher cost of a copper roof depends on your location and the overall complexity and size of your roof. – Plan more per square meter if, for example, you are covering a smaller roof. B. a porch or bay window with a much smaller surface area.

Important considerations and concerns: There is no need to cover the whole house with a copper roof.

For example, many people emphasize their house by using copper on a prominent bay window or on a small roof that covers the main entrance.

For an average American house, you can expect to pay between $30,000 and $50,000 for a full copper roof. The actual average is more like $30,000 to $40,000, but even that’s about four times the cost of asphalt belts.

In terms of return on investment, metal roofing generally provides 86% of the value of the house when sold. And almost all metal roof systems have a life span of at least 50 years. Steel and aluminium, however, may require some maintenance after 30 years or 50 years at the latest.

Copper, like zinc, is maintenance free and both can last a very long time before any maintenance is required.

A return on investment of 86% is therefore probably the lowest figure you can predict, given the time it will take.

At they estimate the average cost of a copper roof at $36,000 for the low end and $51,000 for the high end. more. This is about average for a typical one-storey house with a roof of about 1,600 square meters. – This price also includes the permit, demolition and disposal costs.

Meaning and options

by Levine & Company

Apart from flat roofs, there is not really a roof style on which copper cannot be used.

For commercial installations, copper is used on domes or attics because of its durability and wear resistance.

When installed in a residential area, whether metal shingles (or shakes), standing seams, horizontal joints or to accentuate a smaller part of the roof, copper flashings work just as well.

Did you know that? Copper, unlike steel and aluminium, will never corrode or rust. And thanks to the natural skating process, it never needs to be painted or covered.

So, copper starts with gold. Beautiful and grandiose. But like everything else, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The skating process not only provides a continuous protective layer, but also transforms the metal into a green and natural surface.

By skating, copper can last a thousand years. Well, in theory. During this period small repairs may be necessary, but the advantage is that copper is easy to repair. The installer will solder the copper to cover small areas or replace large parts with brazing if necessary.

Moreover, copper, like other metals, is recyclable. So much so that it is likely that some existing copper roofs consist of 75% recycled copper. For more benefits, see the benefits section below.


  • Durability – lasts a very long time.
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Large colour/natural deviation
  • Like other metals, it is not eaten by insects, fire can’t burn it, fungi and moulds can’t attack it.
  • Respect for the environment
  • An excellent return on investment
  • Greater application flexibility


  • Cost – Of all metal roofs, this is by far the most expensive.
  • Is best used by an experienced professional, and can be difficult to find

It’s not so pathetic if you don’t make a lot of mistakes.


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