Comparison of Pfister vs Moen Kitchen Faucets for Homes

When it comes to buying a kitchen faucet, there is a wide selection of high-quality, beautifully crafted faucets. There are many companies on the market that combine an elegant and sophisticated design with the latest technology in the field of kitchen taps.

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In fact, there is so much to do in finding the right kitchen tap that the typical consumer often feels overwhelmed.

Today we compare the two market leaders in the field of kitchen taps – Moen and Pfister.

Comparison with mixer types

Double or single hand tap

There are two main types of kitchen taps: Double handle and single handle. Two-handed taps, as the name suggests, have two separate handles that regulate the flow of hot and cold water.

A single-lever tap opens and closes the water flow. Single handle cranes are usually slightly more expensive than two handle cranes.

In fact, many brands now have a very limited choice of two-handed cranes. Most high quality, stylish and attractive kitchen taps are single lever taps.

Simple faucet

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If you are looking for a very simple kitchen faucet, you probably need a manual faucet for your kitchen.

Both Pfister and Moen offer a wide choice of single and double handle cranes.

Paving stone mixer with Pfister

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In addition to the double and single lever couplings, Pfister has also developed a so-called integrated coupling.

It is essentially a one-armed valve that is streamlined and integrated into the design of the valve itself.

Retractable couplings

Another feature to consider is the sliding valve, which has become very popular in recent years. This is a very useful feature that allows you to pull or remove the tap or hose.

OWOFAN Commercial Solid Brass Single Handle Loaded Kitchen Sink Sprayer, Brushed Black 9009R

People love sliding taps because they give easy access to large pots to fill them with tap water. This is also useful because it is easier to clean the sink itself.

Moen 7594SRS Single handle pull-out kitchen faucet with Power Boost and Reflex function, 3/8, stainless steel resistance point

If you are looking for convenience, Moen and Pfister both offer a wide range of pull-out cranes.

Non-contact mixers

Non-contact faucets are also becoming increasingly popular. There are basically two types of non-contact taps: wave controlled (where you swing your hand or pot in front of the sensor to regulate the water flow) or voice controlled (where you turn the water on or off with your voice).


Moen offers a choice of three non-contact faucets. This high-tech faucet is the U-shaped faucet from Moen Smart Faucet.

Moen 7594EVC U Smart Pulldown Kitchen faucet with Voice Command and MotionSense function, Chrome.

With this smart tap, you can turn the water on and off in four different ways, including with your voice, an application on your smartphone or by waving your hand. You can regulate the water flow manually, even in the event of a power failure.

Moen University also has other interesting features. If you have a voice-controlled device like Amazon Alexa, you can use it with your smart faucet to set the temperature and regulate the flow of water in your kitchen.


Pfister has also introduced non-contact technology with its React valve.

Pfister LG529ESAS Touchless Pull Down kitchen faucet with electronic reactivity sensor, stainless steel

The React valve uses motion sensor technology, which consists of swinging the sensor by hand 15 cm in front of the sensor to open or close the water.

In addition to the motion sensor, the React valve has a function that stops the flow after 2 to 3 minutes to save water.

Comparison with innovation


Xtract water filter

Today, people are increasingly concerned about the purity of the water they drink.

Many harmful substances, including lead, drugs, chlorine and mercury, end up in the water.

Instruction with Pfister

The constant need to buy bottled water is costly and builds up over time. One of the most useful innovations introduced by Pfister in this respect is the Xtract water filter.

This special water filter can be installed directly under the tap. It uses a double water filter to quickly remove impurities so you have clean drinking water at the tap.

With the Pfister water filter, you can easily switch from unfiltered drinking water to filtered water. The installation of the Xtract water filter only takes 30 minutes, lasts up to six months and can be recycled.

Dot-to-point protection

If you live in an area where there is a lot of lime in the water, you know how harmful it can be if it hits your tap.

The same goes for the sticky fingerprints that ruin your shiny kitchen sink! Fortunately, Pfister has developed a special surface for a number of its fixtures that prevents fingerprints and unsightly mineral deposits.

If reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning your kitchen is an important consideration, you may be interested in this.


Moen also offers an interesting selection of possibilities.

Acceleration of the power supply

Improved engine performance

The Power Boost is a way to increase the flow of tap water at the push of a button.

It’s handy if you like to fill jars and pots, as Moen claims, you can do it in half the time thanks to the Power Boost technology.

Point Resistance

Moen’s Spot Resist technology is similar to Pfitser’s Spot Defense technology in that it prevents the buildup of fingerprints and other residue on your kitchen faucet. Again, this may be of interest to you if you want to spend less time cleaning your sink.

Comparison of design and style

Both Moen and Pfister offer a wide range of taps styles and finishes to choose from. Each brand offers a combination of style and functionality.

You can choose from different finishes, including polished, brushed and matt. If you have a more classic kitchen, Moen might be a better choice.

Pfister’s designs are often modern, while Moen offers more variety and you can find classic designs such as wrought iron taps and gold coloured taps.

Price comparison


In terms of price, Pfister is a little cheaper. Some of their simpler kitchen taps cost less than $50, making them significantly cheaper than those in Moen.

Most Pfister kitchen taps are in the price range of 150 to 300 dollars, making them reasonably affordable compared to many other brands.


On average, Moen kitchen taps are slightly more expensive than Pfister taps. Although Moen has a few basic double-handed taps that are for sale for less than $100, most of his taps are sold for between $200 and $600.  At the top of the ladder, the most expensive Moen kitchen taps cost more than $1500!


Moen and Pfister both offer a good selection of innovative and elegant kitchen taps. If you have a modern kitchen, you can probably find a faucet that suits you in every brand.

As mentioned earlier, Moen offers a wider range of styles, including a more classic design suitable for a traditional kitchen.

If you are trying to stay within a certain budget, Pfister may be the right choice for you, as it is generally less expensive to set up.

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