Causes For Blocked Drains According To Most Plumbing Services in Sydney

Causes For Blocked Drains According To Most Plumbing Services in Sydney

If you are looking for Causes For Blocked Drains According To Most Plumbing Services in Sydney, you have come to the right place. Blocked drains are usually a result of misusing a drain. Some of the common causes of blocked drains are given below.

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms of your house. You spend a lot of time in them, and they need to be cleaned thoroughly. Your kitchen is the room where you cook, and it needs to be properly ventilated, to avoid unpleasant smells. Your bathroom is where you take care of your hygiene, and it needs to be clean and dry.

Blocked Drains Blocked drains are a common problem in any household and can be caused by a number of reasons, such as leaves, grease, hair, food stuff and other similar materials. A lot of it is water-soluble, so it doesn’t require any effort to permanently remove these objects from the pipes. However, if they remain in the pipes for long enough, they will solidify into chunks. These hard and waxy buildups are the source of most problems associated with blocked drains, according to most plumbing services in Sydney .</pDate of publication : 19. May 2021. Shana Yuri As a homeowner in Sydney, at some point you will have to deal with the problem of a clogged drain, a common plumbing problem that occurs at the most inopportune time. The fact is that problems accumulate over time, and the reasons for this can be very different. If you catch them on the surface, or at an early stage, for example. B. If you notice that the drain is slow, a trick or DIY tip is often enough to unclog the drain. But if it’s a stubborn build-up that can’t be fixed with DIY solutions, you should turn to a professional like the experts at This is to prevent excessive damage to the system. Possible causes of severe clogs can range from dish towels, children’s toys in the toilet bowl, tree roots, grease, hair, and other foreign clogs. It can be difficult to determine what it is, but a qualified plumber has the equipment to do so before attempting to unclog the source.

Causes of pipe blockages most commonly encountered by plumbers

Pipe blockages occur for a variety of reasons. This often requires the intervention of a qualified plumber who can determine this with special tools. If you’re lucky, the solution is simple. Sometimes, if the problem is close to the surface or just starting, like a slow draining sink, you can try to fix it yourself without asking for help. However, in complex cases, more extreme measures are often required to unblock the system, depending on the obstacle.

In newer homes, plumbing and sewer systems are designed to last much longer than in older homes. The chances of damage to your pipes are reduced with regular sewer drain cleaning maintenance. However, even when you do your best to keep your sewer pipes clean, you may still experience problems with the sewer because there’s never a shortage of things that can go wrong!

Usually kids want to see what can be flushed down the sink, and there are things people try based on common myths that end up not working, like disposable wipes in the toilet. Let’s take a look at the reasons why drains can get clogged.

1. Roots

Tree roots are one of the most common causes of blockages because they are constantly looking for water. They reach almost as far as the branches will allow. The roots are able to penetrate pipes or small cracks in search of water or nutrients. Once they are in, an infestation develops in the system, other particles entering the pipes become entangled in the roots and cause serious blockages.

2. Grease/oil/fat

Many people find it normal to flush grease and other oils down the drain after washing dishes in the kitchen. The problem is that the substances arrive in liquid form and cool in solid form in the pipes. According to myth, these blockages can be removed by introducing boiling water into the system to liquefy them. Unfortunately, this solution only moves the grease further into the tube, where it is no longer available. Once there, it collects food, hair and other particles, creating a larger blockage. Instead of pouring them down the sink, the contents should be put in a container where they can cool and then disposed of with the trash. Here are tips on how to prevent sewer blockages. Causes For Blocked Drains According To Most Plumbing Services in Sydney

3. Toys and other fun articles

Babies are naturally very curious, especially if they are alone in a room with a toilet. All the kids want to see what they can put in the hole until a parent comes to stop them. It could be rubber balls, toy cars or Barbie accessories. You don’t know what could end up in the sewer. The plumbers probably saw everything, including the puppy’s favorite candy. The only real proactive measure is to not leave children over a certain age unattended and to always watch out for suspiciously quiet children. No young man is sincerely silent unless he is planning something. Installing a child gate is generally not a good idea, especially if your children are in the learning phase. Supervision is your only protection, and if something goes wrong, you can call a plumber.

4. wet wipes or baby wipes

Wipes of any kind do not belong in the toilet, even if the package says they can be flushed. They do not have the consistency of toilet paper and do not break down in the same way. This means that they accumulate to the point where they cause a clog in the drain. Not only wipes, but also diapers, paper towels and hygiene items are attached to the tubes. All of these things grow quickly in the system and create a problem that you need to call in specialists to fix. word-image-5567

5. Hair

Whether it’s in the shower, the sink, or even the laundry room, hair is a big problem for people and animals alike down the drain. It can bind to other particles or substances already in the pipe system, causing severe blockages. We can’t prevent hair from falling out of ourselves or our pets, but there are ways to prevent it from going down the drain. The purpose of the special collectors is to stop the hair on the surface of the bathtub/shower and sink from entering the plumbing. Then you can take it out and throw it in the trash. They can also prevent other particles from entering the drain and building up to form a blockage. Final thought. The warning signals usually appear when the pipes are clogged. Sinks drain slowly, or toilets hesitate before they flush completely. As soon as the first symptoms appear, it is best to contact a professional plumber to prevent major damage or a more serious problem. In some cases, a DIY solution can help unclog the drain, especially if it’s close to the surface. But even if you manage to unclog the drain, it’s a good idea to have a plumber inspect the system to make sure it’s functional and safe for use. It’s always better to be on the safe side.Drains are large pipes that carry waste water and other fluids away from your house. When they get blocked, we call them blocked drains, and the result is some very unpleasant problems for home and business owners. The most common culprits are food wastes, hair, and grease, but blockages can also be caused by tree roots, litter, and even animals. Ugly, but not quite as ugly as alligators. Read more about reline plumbing services and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes drains to block?

When a drain starts to become clogged, it can be the start of a big problem. What you may not realize is that the reason you have a blocked drain is not what may seem obvious. A clogged sink drain is often caused by too much hair and soap residue that has collected inside the drain pipes. The hair, soap residue, and other foreign material in the pipes has attracted insects and small animals. The animals then attempt to clean themselves (or hunt for food) by scurrying through the drain pipes. Their movement and body oils cause the pipes to build up with a layer of grease and debris. Blocked drains can be a messy problem for homeowners, but it’s not usually something that happens without warning. These blockages can be caused by a number of things, and you can prevent them by knowing what to look for. In this post we discuss the things to look for, and what you should do if you think you have a blocked drain.

What are the most common causes of sink blockages?

One of the most common issues that plagues homeowners is a blocked drain. No matter how much we tried to prevent it, it seems to happen anyway. Sometimes it is a minor problem that is easy to fix, like a few pieces of food that have been washed down the drain, but other times it is a complex problem that needs to be investigated by a professional. While it is easy to find a good plumber, you might not know what to look for to know if they are a professional who is qualified to deal with your problem. In Australia, garden mulch is used on a large scale as a soil conditioner. Due to the hard soil and tough weather conditions, many of the materials used to make mulch are quite gritty, such as gravel, sand, and even crushed glass. This gritty mulch is usually red in colour and is used as a cheaper alternative to bark mulch. The use of this type of material for mulch has caused many problems with blocked drains in the past. Other factors that can cause your drain to get blocked include excessive amounts of grease and fat, hair, rags, toys, and nappies.

Why does my main drain keeps clogging?

If you’re having trouble with your main drain, you’ve probably tried everything from pouring cold water down it to pouring boiling water down it. You may have even tried the ol’ boiling water that baking soda trick. Maybe it clears for a bit but then the drain starts clogging up again. What’s going on? Well, the boiling water that baking soda trick is pretty much the same thing as pouring boiling water down it.  The baking soda starts to fizz and the grease sinks down into the drain.  If you live in an apartment with shared drains, this may even work. Although it can be frustrating to have your main drain blocked, it may not be as serious as you think. The good news is that, in most cases, the culprit is usually something you can safely flush down your toilet. In this blog post, we will talk about the most common causes of main drain clogs and how to clear them up.

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