Can a Console Table Be Used as a TV Stand?

After some research, I found that people are incredibly creative when it comes to furniture design. A lot of people like to use the TV stand as a coffee table or just as a stand alone piece of furniture. It’s really up to your personal style to choose whether this is a beautiful piece of furniture that is useful or a beautiful piece of furniture that doesn’t really serve a purpose.

With over a decade of experience in the home design industry, we have seen a lot of Television Stand Ideas. TV Stands usually come with a large console table or a cabinet. The tables are made of wood or glass and the cabinet is usually black in color. Some of them are made of wood and other materials such as glass. We have also seen some people putting a TV stand on the floor. Some of the people have come up with idea to make a TV stand with a television on the top of it. This idea is not a bad one and it might work for some people.

It’s the middle of winter, there is ice on the ground and snow on the roof, and it’s time to haul out the heavy, bulky TV stands! As you struggle to find a suitable TV stand for your big screen, why not opt for something more compact and stylish? After all, most console tables on the market fit perfectly with your living room’s decor and those with a glass top are perfect for the kitchen.. Read more about console table as tv stand and let us know what you think.If you have a large flat screen TV, it is not always advisable to mount it on the wall. This is a tedious and messy job that can damage your wall. Why not put a flat screen TV on the console table? Cantilever tables, for example, are versatile. B. as a TV cabinet and more! These bases come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them perfect as TV stands. No matter what room you place the console table in, a television can become the center of attention on these beautifully designed tables. You can even balance things out by adding decorative accessories on either side of the TV. And if there’s enough room under the table, put shelves down with your video game and DVD collection. Find out more about console tables, their sizes and uses, so you can decide if they are suitable as TV furniture.

What is a console table?

Sleigh tables appeared in France in the 17th century. Originally they had the shape of a rectangular plate, supported by brackets. But over the years, these tables have evolved into beautifully designed furniture. A typical console table is 30 to 36 inches high and has a wide or flat top. However, there are also models with heights from 28 to 32 inches. Usually it has a square or rectangular shape, but there are also elegant alternatives – the half-moon console tables. The wide, flat top is the characteristic of these tables. Because cantilever tables are narrow in shape, they are ideal for hallways or entryways where space is limited. Due to their discreet nature, these tables can be placed almost anywhere in the room. Sled tables are usually placed at the back of the sofa, where they are not visible. These tables are high enough to easily reach items and low enough not to stick out behind the sofa.

What weight can the console table support?

A standard arm table can support weights from 10 to 400 pounds. However, the weight you can put on it depends on the following:

  • Size of the console table
  • Thickness of the plate
  • The material it is made of
  • Can it be fixed to the wall or not

There are various types of cantilever tables, each with a different load capacity. These include: Lightweight consoles: These small but sturdy tables can support more than 50 pounds on the top leaf and 20 pounds on the bottom leaf. Medium duty Cantilever tables: can support up to 66 lbs. However, there are some that can support up to 100 pounds, so you can safely place a large TV screen on this table. heavy duty cantilever tables: can support up to 500 lbs. Despite their slim design, these sturdy tables are made of a steel frame that can effectively support a lot of weight.

What is the difference between a console table and an end table?

The console table can be placed against the wall or separately behind the sofa. A side table, on the other hand, is best used next to a sofa or an armchair. As the name suggests, a side table is meant to be placed next to someone who wants to access their drink or a magazine. Such a table can be placed next to a sofa or a bed, the main purpose being to make the objects on it accessible. The side tables have a low profile, making it easy to place items such as magazines, phones or drinks on the table top. The console table is wide and narrow, so it is not suitable for this kind of use. Side tables essentially serve as storage areas where you can place necessary items while sitting on a sofa or armchair. Nightstands, on the other hand, are usually the focal point of a room and are often used more for decorative than functional purposes. However, nothing stops you from putting your flat screen TV on a console table instead of mounting it on the wall.

Using the arm table

Sled tables are not only decorative elements, but can also be used as functional furniture to place a TV and other elements on. Some console tables are equipped with drawers or compartments for extra storage. This is a great advantage because console tables are flat and do not have a large table top. You can use your console table in many different ways. These tables are distinguished by their sleek, narrow design, allowing the table to fit into a small space. Cantilever tables are often found in hallways and halls. Most people use them to place family photos, antiques and vases. These tables are therefore not only suitable for accommodating a flat screen TV. On these tables you can place any decorative element you want to emphasize. Since new TVs are much thinner than older models, it makes sense to use a console table to set up a flat screen. Some console tables are equipped with a cabinet under which you can store your favorite DVDs, remotes, games and other accessories. The extra space under the table hides the clutter in the living room. After hallways and halls, the living room is the third most common room where a console table is used. As mentioned earlier, these tables are often placed behind a sofa, against a bare wall, where they are out of the way but still allow access to the items on them.

Where else can you use your console table?

word-image-5992 In addition to the living room, hallway or entryway, you can place a console table in your home office or theater room. Its narrow table dimensions make it versatile. Shelves or drawers on console tables offer a functional way to store all your TV accessories. Not only can you use the console table as a TV stand in your living room or dining room, but you can also store all your DVDs and cables under it. Tip: To create extra storage space under the table, place a few wicker baskets or shelves with lids for extra storage.

How to decorate a console table

word-image-5993 There are many ways to design or decorate a console table to make it stand out in your home. After all, you want the table to reflect your character and showcase your interests. Therefore, you need to add some decorative elements to give your room an extra chic touch. First, increase the height of the table. By height, we don’t mean that you lift the table legs. Simply place a few large vases of fresh flowers at each end of the table. Adding potted plants to your console table will make it more vibrant and alive. To make the table even more versatile, consider how you want to use it in your chosen space. A flat screen TV on the table doesn’t have to feel lonely, as you can place plants or flowers next to the TV and family photos between them. And if there’s still room left under the table, you can store all your magazines, books and DVDs in storage compartments. You should also hide the wires of the electronics, as they are ugly and messy. Consider adding shelves to the table if they are not already there. Because console tables are meant to be accent pieces, you don’t want any visible wires around them. The addition of decorative elements makes the worktop even more visually appealing. Just like any other interior, console tables are always more attractive when decorated with pictures, plants or flowers. You need to make sure that the decorative elements of the table match the rest of your interior design. For example, if you have a bohemian-style living room, it’s a good idea to put a few wicker baskets under the table where you can store your movie collection.


The possibilities of using the console table are endless. But without a doubt, this table is perfect for putting a flat screen TV on it and storing the essentials underneath. However you design and furnish your console table, it’s a great alternative to standard TV furniture. These tables fit in almost any room and can support up to 500 pounds, depending on the model you choose. Tables are so versatile, you can use them in so many ways. We hope our article has convinced you to use a console table as a TV cabinet and not just as a decorative centerpiece in your room.While console tables are essentially small tables, it can be difficult to think of them as “tables.” This is especially true if you have a small living space. That is why the term “TV stand” is often used instead of “TV console.” While most console tables just serve as occasional extra seating in a living room, they can also be used as a TV stand.. Read more about console table function and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a TV on a console table?

If you’re a gamer, then you’ll know that sometimes all you need is a stand to set your console on while you play. This is especially true when you have a large console like the Nintendo Switch. That said, some people prefer to set their consoles on a table rather than on the floor or a stand. We are always trying to save space in our homes, and we know that many people like to have a television on their console or coffee table in the living room. But news flash, it is not going to fit! The electronics in the television are too heavy and bulky, and they need to be placed on a sturdy stand that requires a large base to support them.

What can I use instead of a TV stand?

When you think of TV stands, what do you picture? Most of us tend to think of the traditional wooden stand or the sleek modern stand that makes our TV seem like a piece of art. Whether you prefer one over another depends on what you are used to, but one thing is for sure: a TV stand is something that is supposed to be used at all times. Stand up desks are all the rage these days, but putting your TV on a table is a great alternative to a traditional stand. The TV can be placed right on top of the tabletop, which makes it easier to access as well as change channels, and it looks better too. The only downside is that you need a bigger table, but if you have some extra space, this is a great way to make it work.

What is a console table used for?

You probably use your console table as a place to put your remote control, a book or two, and maybe a couple glasses. But, it’s a lot more versatile than you think. Do you own a living room that has a couch, love seat, or floor-to-ceiling window? Do you also have a TV that takes up a lot of space?

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