Dining Room Interior Design (COMPLETE GUIDE)

The dining room is a place that deserves sufficient attention and care, because that’s where our dinners and parties take place. Here we sit with our guests, friends and family for a delicious meal and a good time. In this article our in-house designer and decorator gives some tips and advice on the design of the dining room.

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There is a place in our house that is not as important as the other rooms, but which we all love. This place is a canteen.

Nowadays, at the hectic pace of our lives, we don’t often have formal dinners and the food is usually served at the kitchen table.

Yet most houses have a full set of formal dining rooms, even small houses with limited space.

Dining table

Certainly an impressive and well-designed dining room can be the centre and star of our house. But how can we do that? What do we need to know about the layout of the dining room?

First of all, it would be a good idea to analyse the elements that make up a complete formal dining room. This will give us an idea of what we really need in the dining room. So, here we go:


Comparison of different dining table materials and styles

The dining table is undoubtedly an important element, and we all understand why. It also usually determines the style of other furniture. The following types of tables are most often found in the dining room:

– Rectangular dining table : 1С8

Easy to set up, it is suitable for most regions and the most common choice. They vary from modern to classical and from very small to large in the monastic style.

Rectangular dining table

– Square dining table :

It takes up a lot of space and is most suitable for large surfaces. The arrangement of the furniture around her is based on the lines of her diagonals. The square table is very fashionable lately, but needs special attention because it is not suitable for everyone!
A rattling dining table.

– oval or elliptical

Like the rectangular shape, the oval dining table is easy to place in the room. The rounded shapes of the edges of the table make it even more beautiful, as the smooth corners give it an airy appearance. In addition, you can usually set up two chairs per person, which is convenient and allows you to serve more people.

Oval dining table

– Round table

The famous roundabout shape! It used to be the kind of table everyone wanted in the house. In recent years, the shape of the round table, with a minimal architecture that dominates, has been forgotten and erroneously…. I don’t dispute that the round tables take up more space than we think. However, the roundabout is the perfect dining table because its shape connects all guests and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Round Table


The chairs are the most important element of the dining room, because we need a place to sit and eat! With a high or low backrest, with or without armrests, the most important thing is that the symmetry is correct and the seat is comfortable. And because chairs are difficult to make, they are the most expensive product. As a rule, at least six chairs are needed in the dining room, which can cost as much in total as a large table!

Dining chairs


The walkway / cafeteria is the main storage area in the dining room where we store dishes, silverware, tablecloths, etc. It also helps a lot with the service, because it can keep what doesn’t fit on the table when we have a lot of guests. So it’s a good idea to place them next to the table, while people can serve themselves.



A display case is a piece of furniture that surrounds valuable formal food. Crystal glasses, expensive carafes, special crockery, sometimes even jars for preserves have their place in a glass cabinet, not only to be admired but also to be used at an official dinner. Often the cupboard can also be used as a wine cellar, because we can store our bottles of wine and other drinks in it.

Showcase in the living room


Finally, it is worth mentioning the forgotten porcelain cupboard, the use of which goes back several centuries. In the beginning the ancient Greeks made small pieces of furniture to preserve precious family heirlooms. The Romans imitated them and created scratches – small chests of drawers with glass doors and shallow drawers. After the Renaissance and during the Neoclassical period, the small piece of furniture reached its greatest size, now the combination of a sideboard and a display case in a single piece of furniture.

Living room with china cabinet

Everything above is a complete dining room set. Often you can replace a sideboard with a console, a dish with a shelf, etc., but you will always need storage space next to the table with chairs.


Now it’s time to give some decoration tips. If you want to decorate your dining room, you need to know certain specific parameters that will allow you to make the right layout of the room and improve the furniture. So we have to consider the following:

– We have to choose the perfect size and shape of our table based on the space you have in your dining room. Square and round tables take up more space, but are perfect for corner rooms. Rectangular and oval tables are used to divide large spaces. But it all depends on the size of the furniture and the size of our room. Be careful not to flood your house with a huge dining room just because it looks impressive.
– In case of an open plan it is recommended to place the dining room between the kitchen and the living room instead of at the entrance. If this arrangement is not possible, we recommend hiding the dining table by choosing something light in size and style. A very good solution is a glass table that seems invisible.

– It is a big mistake in interior design to have two tables in one room and make it look like a catering company !!!!. If the dining room and kitchen are in an open plan together, the dining room in the kitchen should be bar-shaped and the chairs should be replaced by highchairs for children. If our space is too small, you can choose a simpler table and place it only in the kitchen.

Dining room and kitchen

– The lighting above the dining table should be hung low enough, just above the table top. It will look much more special and unique. So we have better lighting at lunch. A pair of lamps on the sideboard or wall lamps would also be welcome. They help with the lighting and improve the furniture.

Dining room lighting

– We choose very decorative objects to put on the table, such as B. Plates with candles, two or three glasses at different heights in the corner or a large bowl in the middle. Natural and fresh flowers are also an excellent choice! On the buffet table we can also attach or place a mirror, in combination with various decorations that can make a big difference.

Table decoration

There are many types of canteens on the market, with something for everyone. Whether you choose a complete package or experiment with the combination of different elements, you can get a real star with the tips above.

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