Bonnet Roofs – History, Durability, Pros/Cons and Costs

The style of the canopy roof is the opposite of the simple mansard roof. This is due to the fact that the top ground is much steeper than the corresponding bottom ground. This type of roofing is also called :

  • Roof Sliding System
  • Belcote design
  • Modified pitched roof
  • Modified hipped roof

The idea is that all these roof structures give the house a “canopy”. It is good for shading the walking area or porch.

The idea for this design seems to have originated in Germany, where gardeners created an open structure with a canopy to allow for year-round growing. These early greenhouses were so successful and elegant that Eastern Europeans began using them for their homes as well. They were easy to set up and looked attractive.

Other styles have largely replaced them, but one can still see some rather elegant houses and public buildings built with a recognizable canopy roof.

The style of the canopy roof system is very present in French architecture. Therefore, this design is most commonly seen in Louisiana, where the French influence has traditionally been strong. This roof system works anywhere and adapts to all types of architectural styles.

The strength of the canopy

The life of an awning depends on the materials used to build it. As with most structures, you can use asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal or even stone. In general, metal lasts longer and requires more maintenance than other types, but it all depends on your design preference.

A metal roof may not be a good fit for a house, and asphalt shingles are not very casual on a commercial or public building either. If you live in an area with a lot of natural vegetation, wood shingles may be a better choice. If the landscape is more open, metal is usually a better option. Shingles are the most difficult to maintain, but they are great for residential areas. They are also the most economical and the easiest to replace.

Advantages of a pitched roof

Why install a hood? Let’s look at the advantages and then the disadvantages of a hood design.

Sun protection and weather protection

Since the upper part of the roof system is very slanted, a high roof system is obtained. As the lower part of the canopy roof system moves further away from the house, you have all kinds of functional spaces outside. This is why a canopy roof system is the best choice for patios and outdoor spaces. Everything you put under the canopy is protected from sun and rain. You can even cover the overhang for extra protection. It can be an outdoor play area without constant supervision.

Memory or Lighting Bonus

A higher pitch of the canopy roof system creates an additional area that can be converted into a small attic. Another idea is to leave the ceiling area open at the highest point and install a window or skylight instead. The extra natural light shining into your great room can really brighten up this space. Or imagine the quiet sound of the rain hitting the glass above your head. Either way, a high roof increases the functionality or ambience of your space.

Wind resistance

In addition to the overhang, the soft top has other weather protection advantages. Terrain and landscapes prone to high winds are good candidates for a steep hood profile. They are less caught by the wind and thus less likely to be damaged than flatter roof shapes.

Disadvantages of a canopy roof

Despite all the benefits of a canopy roof, it may not be for everyone. Below is important information about initial and subsequent costs.

High material and installation costs

The canopy roof requires additional structural supports, such as trusses, to hold it in place. This additional need for materials and construction increases labor and material costs. Although it is not the most expensive roof, the most common gable and hipped roof designs are less expensive.

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You have to form a valley at the intersection of opposite slopes so that the water can flow somewhere. This is not a big problem, but remember that you have to clean this area, just like the sewers.

The unique design can be for or against

The hood roof has a unique look that is not to everyone’s taste. Fans of modern architecture may find the style of the hooded roof a bit old-fashioned. Of course, if you like the nostalgic style, that’s an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Is the hood design the right choice for you?

Can your home be equipped with a solar roof system? Because of the slope, snow and rain do not tend to settle on a canopy roof system – unlike many flatter roofs. This means that if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you are less likely to suffer damage.

You also benefit from better wind resistance, overhanging shade and an extra loft or more natural light inside. The real drawback is the price. Make a few suggestions for a canopy roof and other designs and decide if the price is worth the look and benefits of a canopy roof.

Because the design is considered outdated today, awnings are not often seen. You can install a canopy roof system on your home and set a whole new trend in your neighborhood.

Price for the hood

The cost of a canopy roof depends largely on the size of your building and the materials you choose to make it. A roofer can provide a quote with several variables to help you make a decision. Of course, the contractor’s price represents the bulk of the cost. If you have the expertise to install a drop roof yourself, you can complete the project for at least half the cost.

Canopy roof construction

The design of a hipped roof system is relatively stable compared to other roof systems. Unlike a conventional hipped roof system, a hipped roof system has a vertical triangle above the end of the hips. In some hipped roof systems, the roof is supported by the addition of wood at the ridge end of the roofing.

Do it yourself or hire a professional contractor for your blinds.

Can you install the canopy yourself?

Do-it-yourself considerations

Homeowners can save a lot of money by investing in a few tools, rolling up their sleeves and just getting started. You can do the work yourself at your own pace, make your own improvements and make fun of people who hire others to do their renovations for them.

Awning roof systems do not have much pitch and curvature to work with, although this does not mean that anyone can install this type of roof. Because the slope must be incredibly precise and every detail must fit perfectly, awning roof systems are truly one of the most difficult of all roofing options.

hiring a contractor

If you do not choose to do it yourself, you will not only need a professional roofer to install your canopy roof system, but also someone who has specialized experience with canopy roof systems.

Because it is a fairly robust style, you may have to pay a little more to install a canopy roof system than other options. However, there are other benefits to installing a canopy roof system that more than offset the cost.

The cap roof style has actually been around for a while, although that doesn’t mean it will be easy to hire a roofer who has experience with cap roofs. This style is starting to become somewhat unusual, as many later houses were built with new-style roofs. You may have to hire a roofer, but the effort will be rewarded when you find a company that can do the job and provide you with the ideal roofing system.

Additional considerations

Don’t forget the supporting structures. Depending on the length of the lower portion of your canopy roof system and the basic style of your home, you may need to include beams or columns to support the entire structure. If this is necessary, consult your roofer to recommend the best plan.

Incorporating these structural elements into your home can change the look of your home, which can be a great benefit of an awning roof system. Beams and columns are also more traditional for a home, and you know the saying: what is timeless never goes out of style.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest type of roof?

The cheapest roof options | Repair my roof

What is the strongest roof structure?

Benefits: Pitched roofs are one of the most durable roof designs. The interior pitch on all four sides of the hip makes it an excellent design for high wind and snow areas. These models also offer great ventilation and high vaulted ceilings or lofts.

What is a beanie?

A double gable roof on all four sides, with the lower slope less steep than the upper; often extended with an open porch to provide excellent shade and shelter from the rain.

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