Bathroom Countertop Options: Why Quartz Counters are the Perfect Choice

You’re ready to start renovating your bathroom. After finding the perfect design, choosing new cabinets and even looking at colour swatches, you begin to wonder what the perfect counter top for your bathroom will look like.

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Today you can choose from different types of countertops and one of the most popular types is quartz. Traditionally, quartz has been considered a kitchen surface because of its incredible durability.

So why not use the power of this longevity and put him in a room in the house that sees more than his fair share of the water, the spills and the hard chemicals?

Considering the other surfaces, quartz is considered the latest addition to the neighborhood. However, its appearance, durability and longevity have made it to the top of the list of countertop designers.

If you still have doubts about choosing quartz over other materials (such as granite or laminate), it’s time to learn about quartz, what makes it a good choice, and then decide if it’s the right choice for you.

First: What is quartz?

Quartz is often confused with granite, but they are not at all the same.

Granite is a rock that partly consists of quartz, but quartz itself is a mineral. So as not to get too preoccupied with science, let’s get this over with:

  • Quartz is artificial: Yes, quartz is a natural mineral, but quartz leaves are not collected naturally. Rather, they are composed of 90% quartz minerals and combinations of polymers, pigments and resins that hold them together. Because of the manufacturing process quartz belongs to the family of technical stones.
  • Quartz is often mislabeled as natural stone: Unfortunately, marketers are not always familiar with geological terminology. Quartz is thus presented as a natural countertop stone, but that is far from being the case.

What makes quartz better than natural stone? Here are 5 reasons why quartz always performs better than natural stone.

You might think that if it were man-made, it would not have the strength of natural stone surfaces (like granite).

In fact, man-made countertops have clear advantages that natural stone can only dream of, and when it comes to installing them in the bathroom, that’s why quartz shines alongside the competition:

1. Largest selection of colours and styles with fabricated surfaces for countertops

Granite is stone, which means you are attached to the colours Mother Nature gives you. You can find a variety of color options, but you cannot request specific colors or patterns.

With quartz, the possibilities are almost unlimited. You will find a wide range of colours, and some manufacturers even make quartz surfaces that look like other natural stones. B. Marble, look.

The natural sheen of quartz on the inside of the countertops gives them a bright look, and you can customise the colours to suit your kitchen – so you don’t have to dig up rows of granite countertops until you’ve found the one that’s right for you.

2. Quartz is sealed – i.e. it is non-porous and durable.

During the production of quartz, the surface is constantly compacted, making it non-porous. Other natural stones need to be sealed annually to keep them free of pores, and even then they do not have the stain-resistant properties of quartz.

As an extra, your quartz top has a hard, impenetrable surface, which means that you don’t have to worry about bacteria that end up in small cracks and cause an infection. Plus, it doesn’t have to be filled every year like granite.

If you wipe a quartz counter, there’s nothing to hide under the surface. Instead, it’s really clean and purified. Technically, you could put raw chicken on the counter and cook it on the spot – but do you really want that?

3. Quartz can get a beating

Because of its manufacturing and waterproofness, quartz is a very resistant surface which can withstand just about anything that can be thrown against it.

Do kids splash in the sink instead of brushing their teeth? Spilled make-up on the surface of the bathroom? No quartz problem.

Quartz is a forgiving surface that does not crack, split or scratch as easily as natural stone. So if you notice that your family tends to destroy countertops quickly, quartz is the solution.

4. Enjoy carefree bath disinfection

If you have granite countertops in your bathroom, you can’t treat them with bleach or even with the handy Clorox Wipes that most consumers use today. Instead, use a special granite approved cleaner and a soft cloth – take care not to scratch the surface.

Quartz doesn’t take much effort to renovate your bathroom. You always want to clean regularly with a stone safe, but if you need time to remove the bleach and kill germs (such as when children bring home the annual stomach flu from school), you can safely wipe the quartz and then rinse off the bleach without worrying about removing the bleach.

5. Higher initial investment but equally high return

Today, more and more buyers want quartz in their kitchen and bathroom.

If the price of a new quartz bathroom frightens you, think of the benefits that await you. Quartz surfaces can cost between $50 and $150 per square meter (depending on the quality chosen).

However, if you install something that requires no maintenance, is virtually indestructible and fits perfectly into your newly renovated bathroom, buyers will be more likely to pay the price you ask, because they can also take advantage of these quartz surfaces.


Quartz is the perfect surface for your bathroom if you want something that will last and look as good as the first day.

Quartz is the perfect surface for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

While you may find that you get a return on your initial investment, quartz eventually pays off when you save on annual maintenance costs and know that you have a surface that can withstand your guests, messy teenagers and even young children who don’t understand the concept of extreme caution with granite and other natural stone surfaces.

Still not convinced?

Why not visit a showroom near you and see the quartz bulbs in person. Compare the feel, appearance and possibilities of quartz with granite. You’ll be amazed how quickly you fall in love with this versatile and durable surface.

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