8 Elegant Purple and White Bedroom Ideas

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Purple is a daring color, but it’s also one of the most versatile and stylish hues you can use in your bedroom. Purple’s boldness can be emphasized through each of your bedroom’s key elements, including the walls and the headboards, comforters and bed skirts, and even the lighting. Below, you’ll find photos of 8 stylish purple and white bedroom ideas that will show you how to use purple in your bedroom.

Purple and white are two colors that go great together, despite their differences. This color combination is the perfect way to create a peaceful and relaxing bedroom, since both colors are known to reduce anxiety and stress. And, while these hues are traditionally associated with passion and romance, you can also use them to create a bedroom that is perfect for a child’s room.

When you redecorate a bedroom, the first thing you do is choose a color scheme. The colors you choose for your room should reflect your personality, so it’s important to make the right decision. Pastel colors like purple and white are best for the bedroom, as there are many shades of purple that can be combined with white.

In this article, we’ll give you tips and tricks for decorating a purple and white bedroom and show you some great examples of this colour combination. Read more at ….

Why choose purple and white as bedroom decor?

Purple is often associated with power and wealth. In the past, the production of purple-dyed objects was very expensive, so this color was reserved for the upper class. Combined with a neutral color like white, the bedroom looks so exclusive you’d think it was made especially for royalty!

When choosing the best purple shades for bedroom walls and furniture, you should prefer those with a reddish or bluish tone. They can be used as purple shades to complement white bedding. The red-purple hue, for example, goes well with the blue base colours. However, most purple colors go well with gray, black and of course white. Lilac or lavender combined with light blue and fuchsia with white and bright pink. Thanks to the enormous variety of purple shades, the possible uses of this colour are endless. Here are some common shades of purple for a white bedroom:

  • Lilac: is a pale violet hue very similar to soft violet.
  • Lavender: is another beautiful shade of purple, slightly lighter than lilac.
  • Mulberry: This purple hue takes its name from the fruit of the mulberry tree. The color is intense with a strong red-purple undertone.
  • Mauve: , named after the mauve flower, is a darker purple shade with a more neutral undertone than the others. Lilac is a very popular color in modern bedroom designs and is perfect as an accent color. Because it is not too bright, it goes very well with white and beige.
  • Grapes: This dark purple variety brings a sense of luxury to large rooms, especially when combined with delicate white or cream flowers.
  • Orchid: is a bright, intense purple, named after the orchid family. This shade is most suitable for walls and curtains.

With such a variety of purple tones, the right combination can create a dreamy bedroom. Here are some examples of purple and white bedroom ideas to inspire you :

White and purple bedroom ideas

Introduce colours other than purple and white

If you like the combination of purple and white for your room, it doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors in your interior design. Introduce small shades of brown, blues, pinks or even a subtle yellow, as in the bedroom example.

This cozy, modern purple and white bedroom has yellow accents in the bedding and lighting to soften the look and add balance. The bed frame is purple and the window openings are white against a white wall. A beautiful combination of yellow, purple and white tones.

Mixture of violet and white tones

Use bold shades of purple and mix different shades with white to create a fun and energetic atmosphere. Use a variety of patterns and textures to accentuate the purple. Instead of limiting the purple hues to the walls, extend the color to the floor and ceiling. A color palette of lighter purple tones for furniture, moldings and even curtains balances with white patterns and accessories. Choose shades of lilac, lavender and wine for a harmonious combination.

Dark purple walls with white bedding

While some people prefer to play it safe and opt for lighter shades of purple, why not make a dramatic statement by painting your bedroom walls dark purple? Don’t be afraid to use a deep, rich purple as a backdrop for white bedding. In large bedrooms, dark purple walls have a modern look and create a sense of calm.

In this example, the white bed and matching furniture stand out against the dark purple walls that are the highlight of this bright and spacious bedroom.

Purple accessories for white bedroom

Bedroom walls aren’t the only way to add color to your bedroom space. Instead, purple can be added to furniture or bedding while the rest of the room remains neutral. You can even use purple tones for decorative items like plaids, pillows, lighting and curtains.

In this modern bedroom, the combination of purple and white looks very elegant, despite the cramped layout of this room. A mix of furniture styles can be seen throughout the room, with scattered purple flowers adding a splash of colour to an otherwise simple setting. Beige or cream with lilac accessories can be used to complement monochrome white walls. This will give your room a more vibrant look, and the white or purple color will not overpower the other elements.

Dominate with purple

If you can’t live without purple, throw caution to the wind and opt for an all purple bedroom. It can be a dark purple wall and bed with small white accessories as accents.

Here, the overall atmosphere of the purple and white bedroom is fresh and light, even though purple is a rich, dark color. The combination of purple and white goes well together and proves that you can never overdo it.

Violet tones faded with white

By combining muted purple with bright white, you can make your bedroom ultra-glamorous. If you don’t overdo it with white or purple, you will create a sophisticated interior. Add mirrored nightstands, an all-white bed and pillows to keep the colors muted rather than saturated.

A beautiful purple and white bedroom doesn’t have to be garish. The soft lavender-coloured walls combined with the light-coloured floor and bed create a bright background. Even the bedside tables can be white and the seat purple to create a contrast. Feel free to introduce patterns and textures into the room while muted purple continues to play the lead role in the room.

Purple and white for small rooms

If you have a very small bedroom or guest room, purple and white are the perfect color combinations for these small spaces. Think purple walls and curtains with white bedding. To visually open up the space, you can add other neutral colors, as shown here. With a limited color palette like purple and white, you can experiment with other shades to make the space more comfortable, not more stuffy.

A noble purple in a minimalist room

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have a large room, any shade of purple will be beautiful. Combine strong purple walls with white furniture to make the room stylish and modern. Avoid unnecessary clutter, as purple and white look best in minimalist interiors. Even the smallest shade of purple combines well with white.

See how this large room stands out with its two-tone purple walls and white bed. This is truly an elegant and tasteful room for adults!

How do you decorate a purple and white bedroom?

To create and decorate a purple and white bedroom, choose the shade of purple you like best for one wall and paint the other wall a different shade. You can leave the bedding in a neutral color, but don’t forget to choose other accessories in bright shades of purple. Purple window curtains or plaids can transform your room into a purple paradise. To soften this look, simply place white nightstands or a rug.

What other colors go well with a purple and white bedroom?

Colors that don’t distract from the purple and white bedroom work best for that. Choose a bright green or orange and combine it with neutral colors like gray, black and brown. Purple and white are such versatile color palettes that it’s easy to find matching colors. In fact, the possibilities of finding matching colors that go well with purple and white are endless!

If you love purple, you can spice up your white bedroom by using your favorite shade of purple on the walls, bedding or furniture. Whether you decide to use purple in its entirety or just as an accent color alongside white, you’re sure to find inspiration in the examples above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Colours go with purple bedroom?

In case you haven’t noticed, purple is a pretty big colour trend in the current home design market. And while it’s a bold colour that tends to draw out the best in each room, it can be a tricky colour to work with. If you want your purple room to look great, you’ll need to consider elements such as the shade of purple you choose, the other colours you choose to use in your room, and how you use each colour in the room. Purple may not be the first colour that comes to mind when you think of bedroom decor, but it’s an interesting choice, and one that can look stunning when combined with the right shades. If you want to add a bit of colour to your home without going overboard, this is a good option. It works particularly well in a room designated as a reading or study area, since the colour is associated with royalty, and thus suits a regal room. (There are also many purple based furnishings that you can use to add a pop of colour to your bedroom, such as purple bedding, purple daybeds, purple chairs, and purple game storage.)

What color looks best with purple?

If you’re a fan of both purple and grey, you’re going to need to do a lot of searching to find the right combination. You’ll also need to experiment with a lot of different patterns, since the best color in 2017 varies from room to room. Fortunately, we’ve done quite a bit of research so you don’t have to. Read on to find out the best color to complement your purple and grey bedroom. Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty, and with good reason: it is both regal and bold. But, no matter how rich you are, you won’t be able to wear purple every day. So, what do you wear on the days when purple is too much? We’ll tell you what: you wear a color that works with it. That’s right – purple is a color that doesn’t depend on another color to look good. It can even work well as an accent color.

What Colours are in for bedrooms 2020?

When it comes to finding a colour scheme for a bedroom, most people go straight for the colour wheel and pick out a colour scheme. But there are more ways to do it than that, and this is one of them. Instead of using a colour wheel, you focus on one or two colours and then add accessories, furniture and accessories to enhance and compliment your chosen colours. This is a tricky question. As with any fashion or design trend, it can change quickly. But most experts in the industry say that the 2020 bedroom colour palette will likely be blue and green. Blue is always a popular option for bedrooms, because it is calming and relaxing. But the addition of green tones, such as those present in the colour emerald, will add a freshness and brightness to the room, making for a more luxurious space.

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