6 Factors That Make A Pond For All Seasons in your Garden

An element of water in your outdoor space is an excellent addition. In addition to adding value to your home, your outdoor space will be transformed into a living space.

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The garden pond offers a quiet place where you can relax after a hard day’s work. In addition, the area around the pond is an ideal place to organise an outdoor party. The following factors must be taken into account when creating a multifunctional pool.


This is an important aspect to maintain a beautiful pond all year round. The pond needs a biological filter that activates the waterfall and adds beneficial bacteria.

Another requirement for pond filtration is a mechanical skimmer to remove dirt from the surface, including sticks and leaves. The biological filter should be placed at the opposite end of the skimmer. This stimulates movement across the pond to avoid stagnant water.

Poor water movement limits oxygen in the deep parts of the pond. This deprives aquatic organisms of access to oxygen. Moreover, stagnant water in the pond contributes to mosquito infestations and unpleasant odours. With a quality filter in your pond you can avoid all these problems.


Investing in the best pond fountain pumps, the right size, will make a big difference to your water supply and waterfall system. The pump promotes aeration of the water so that your koi fish and aquatic plants can grow. It is very important that you take a number of variables into account when choosing a pump for your pond. Including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Size of your pond
  • The cost of the pump
  • Dynamic head pressure
  • Factory warranty
  • Width and height of the waterfall
  • Desired aspect of your pond

It is important that you choose the right pump for your pond together with a professional technician.


It’s nice to keep fish in the pond. However, fish play an important role in the preservation of the ecosystem of a water body. Fish that feed on algae and faeces become a fertilizer for the other plants in the pond. It is important to balance the fish in your pond with the size of the pond.

An overpopulation of fish can cause an imbalance in your pond. As a general rule, there should be about 10 fish per 100 litres of water. A sufficient number of fish ensures the coexistence of aquatic plants and fish in your pond.


In addition to fish, plants also play an important role in the pond ecosystem through filtration. Plants absorb nutrients from fish waste and help keep algae in the bay.

During the warm summer months it is important to cover the pond surface with plants to provide shade. Plants also bring more oxygen into the water and keep it clean.

Aquatic plants have different water depth requirements and are of different species, including marginal plants, floating plants and moisture-loving plants. It is therefore important that you choose plants that grow in your pond. Here are some of the plants you should consider for your pond:

  • Waterlilies
  • Water lettuce
  • Water hyacinth

Stones and gravel

Ponds come in different shapes and materials, such as. B. Concrete and pond linings. A pond with gravel and stones is important for an ecosystem where fish and other aquatic organisms can thrive.

They are installed after the base plate and cladding have been installed. The gravel provides the surface necessary for the spread of beneficial bacteria.

This bacterium is an important food for fish. Gravel is not a breeding ground for waste and dirt in the pond. However, a pond with low operating costs requires a suitable pump and adequate filtration.

It is very important that all these elements are present for your pond ecosystem to function effectively. This allows the fish and aquatic life in your pond to develop.

Periodic maintenance

In addition to the above factors, keeping a basin in good condition requires year-round maintenance. This includes a maintenance plan that allows the technician to evaluate your pond and all its features. This will identify any problems that may affect the performance of your pond. It allows you to carry out the necessary repairs and replacements to keep your pond running.

In addition, a routine review by a professional may involve cleaning the pond to remove dirt and debris. Your pond may need a larger filter or it may be full of algae.

All this is possible thanks to the regular maintenance of your pond by a professional. Pond maintenance is the best way to keep your water system running efficiently all year round.

Bottom line

The benefits of a swimming pool in your space cannot be overestimated. However, the pond must be well maintained in order to function properly. The combination of the above is a trick you will always love. If you pay attention to good filtration, add fish and plants, promote aeration, add rocks and gravel and maintain regularly, you will have a successful pond.

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