26 Types of Clamps & Their Uses in All Project Sizes [Pics]

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There are types of clips for every rhyme, for every reason, for every purpose, for every season – we kids aren’t you. To achieve a goal, such as keeping two things together, clamps can be incredibly complicated.

Pliers are extremely versatile and are an integral part of toolboxes worldwide. Although they essentially hold two things together, the type of pliers needed in a given situation depends on the materials being held together.

26 Terminal types

It’s a Hercules job to compile an exhaustive list of all types of clips, but here’s the best: we’ll cover all the important types of clips and much more.

Manual screwdriver

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They are also known as tool rods and are usually used when metal parts are present in a painting. Thanks to their adjustable clamping jaws, they can easily enclose any material and even hold objects at a sufficiently large angle.

This makes it a good option for furniture repair. Moreover, their all-steel construction makes them particularly strong and durable, although wooden versions have recently appeared on the market.

Hose clamps

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Very similar to the wing clamps, the tube clamps are also called adhesive clamps, they are extremely versatile and easy to use. While the tube clamps have a long flat bar, the tube clamps have round bars and the length of the clamp is determined by the length of the tube.

The clamps have adjustable jaws and are very easy to move from one position to another. The length of the clamp can also be increased by adding more tubes and is very cost effective.

Guillotine clamps

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Casco clamps are used to secure large objects such as cupboards, counters, doors, french windows, etc. They have long, heavy and flat rods with a jaw that is adjusted with a screw.

Wing clamps also have sliding jaws that can be moved along the length of the clamp and then locked to hold objects firmly. Although they are quite strong and large, several have to be used to get a reliable grip on objects.

Weaving pins

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Mesh clamps have nylon straps that wrap tightly but carefully around objects to secure them. This type of clips works very well on frames and holds them firmly without damaging them thanks to the nylon.

If necessary, the ropes can be secured with ratchets. The rod clamps can be used with or without corner clamps, which ensures an even pressure distribution and also prevents damage to the object.

Spring connections

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The most commonly used clamps include spring clips, which are used for various reasons and purposes. These staple patterns come in different sizes and can be used for beading, jewelry or woodworking projects.

The handles are usually covered with PVC, which protects the leather during work, and usually have a removable PVC lid for the tips (they can be removed during welding).

The tension springs of the clamps also make it difficult to open them and ensure that objects are held very tightly once the clamps are closed.

Table Pliers

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As the name suggests, table clamps are designed to keep the product on the table and securely in place. Instead of having its own clamping jaws, the table clamp is designed to use the table itself as a fixed clamping jaw.

Table pliers are used in carpentry, welding and furniture making and are also quite cheap. My brother has about 20, and we used them to make a cutting board.


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The vice has fixed parallel jaws that are adjustable with a screw. These different types of clamps are generally used to hold objects in place so that you can work, sand, saw or drill without having to worry about moving or shifting the workpiece.

Some vices are even portable and can be clamped or screwed onto a workbench. For younger children, I definitely recommend the portable type for convenience.


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The quick-release fasteners are designed so that they are easy to open with one hand. This makes it a perfect combination of strength and power, yet simple enough to use without any problems.

Loosening these clamps is light enough to be pulled with a finger. Quick-release pliers have a similar design to putty guns and therefore many people associate them with them. I used some when I learned how to build an Adirondack paddle chair.


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They are also sometimes called pipe fittings. They are wrapped around the ends of the hose and secured to attach the hose to the conduit opening, nozzle or pipe. The aim is to keep the hose in place and prevent leaks.

Some handles can be swivelled, but many are tightened by hand and then finished off with a screwdriver that acts as a screw cap.

Mitro terminals

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Mitre pliers hold the workpieces together and the ends are glued at right angles to each other. These clamps generally have screw types that correspond to the frame of the object they are holding while slightly tightening on the frame.

Mitro-pliers can be simple or sophisticated, with movable jaws and a sturdy body – either way, there’s no difference when it comes to getting the job done efficiently.


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With the quick-release clamps you can, as the name suggests, quickly grab objects with one hand. The pressure is adjustable, which increases the versatility of these clamps.

These pliers are especially suitable for thin materials or objects because the jaws are not at right angles to each other. It is therefore preferable to avoid these clamps when thicker elements are involved in a project.

Pneumatic clamps

As the name suggests, the pneumatic clamps are very strong. They combine power and strength while being comfortable and easy to use. They are used for welding, but also show slight variations for other applications.

They can turn, tilt, tilt or turn. They are also available as attachments that can be expanded to give you more options and range.

Marble Pliers

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Like the clamp, the marmot clamp is a different type of clamp, possibly with a heavier flange. This allows you to connect the two hoses or hoses at the ends.

Sometimes called a clamping ring or lock washer, the tension is increased by tightening the bolt and nuts of the belt. Be careful not to tighten it too tight or you will have to consult us on how to remove the removed element from the bolt.

Pliers for drills

Drill clamps are placed in the base of a drill bit to hold objects firmly in place and are similar to rocking clamps Amazonian reference price

Drill clamps are designed for the drill table, especially for attaching plates and materials to the table. The result is clean, accurate holes every time you use the tool.

The pliers are equipped with a quick-release skewer with which they can be easily clamped to objects and released just as quickly. The voltage is also easily adjustable. The use of a drilling clamp with a drill press guarantees precision and safety.

Suction clamps

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Trigger clamps are easy to use with one hand and allow the jaws and head of the clamp to be adjusted. These types of pliers are extremely versatile and durable. Although they are often used in workshops, they are also perfect for the house and garden.

Screw terminals

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Screw clamps are extremely strong and very stable, which makes them very similar to current clamps, the difference being the mode of action of the two types of clamps.

In addition, unlike the electric pliers, which open and close quickly in a single movement, the screw clamps have a handle and thread that need to be screwed down. The purpose of the tapping is to speed up the work with the pliers as much as possible (even though the screwing itself may take some time).

Terminals G or C

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People think of them as C- or G-clamps because of their shape and the screwed part (which forms a G), but in reality their name comes from the fact that they were originally called cart clamps and eventually cart clamps.

They work exactly the way they look. Their design is so incredibly durable that you can pass them on to your children, etc. for at least two or three generations.

Sliding, rod or F clamps

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Tire clamps are generally long, although the length can vary from clamp to clamp. The length of the clamp allows the user to keep large projects stable and in place without sweating.

The project can easily be placed on the flat surface of the rail, so that the clamping head can easily be pushed upwards to hold the project firmly and securely. These clips come in a wide variety of styles, but they are an essential part of any major project.

Cardellini sockets

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Cardellini pliers are generally used with tubes whose jaws are firmly clamped. These clamps are designed to be extremely versatile and can easily be used on round, square or rectangular tubes.

Cardellini pliers can also be used for gripping devices, for flat housing rods or even for installing lighting in the cinema. Another similar option is the rod clamp.

Although most types of pliers can easily be damaged by over clamping, they are also designed so that the edges of the lips are pressed together during use, which makes them even more vulnerable.

They should therefore be used with care, especially when adjusting or tightening.

Speed clamps

Thepincers and the Amazon pincers.

The quick-release fasteners are great. They can be quickly placed in an almost airtight position and then manually inflated until they are completely sealed. There is a fixed side of the clamp with a long rod on which the hilt part slides.

With a quick slide and then a ratchet handle, comfort cannot be overestimated. They are available in different lengths and can therefore be used in almost every project. Every garage should have a few.

Floor clamps

Floor clamps are designed to fix floor boards with brass and grooveReference price on Amazon.

Floor clamps are disposable clamps for use in floor mounting. They help keep the tongue and groove boards in place so that the carpenter can nail them down firmly.

They can clamp about 10 boards at a time, but must be used with other floor clamps. But it certainly saves time if you have more.

Quick-release fasteners have long, knurled metal rods that hold the adjustable head in place when pressed against an object or object.

When the clamping head is tightened, pressure is created which causes the knurled edges to jam. This keeps the head safely in motion and prevents it from slipping during use.

Edge wrench

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Canto twist terminals are versatile terminals that combine the efficiency of C terminals and parallel terminals.

Thanks to their floating sponges, they can easily adapt to non-parallel surfaces and do not move away from the centre, even when pressure is applied to the sponge. Kant-Twist pliers are easy to use and allow a lot of movement.


Handles are extremely simple constructions that are mainly used in the construction of clinker ships. They hold the cord firmly during attachment and installation and prevent it from slipping.

Because of their specific function, these clamps are difficult to find unless you visit very specific hardware stores or order them online….

Toggle switch

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At first glance confusing due to the swivel and lifting system in combination with the various swivel clamping options, they are actually quite easy to use once installed. There are horizontal, vertical, push and pull closures.

In this way only one side or jaw is pressed against the plate and holds it between the jaw clamp and the surface on which it rests.

Stage clamp

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Step clamps are designed for use with step clamps, both of which are equipped with saw teeth to tension the clamps in stages. If you look closely, you’ll see what looks like a small ladder box on the blocks.

These phases are then ideally positioned in each other and create a high surface friction and a vertical and horizontal resistance to prevent the clamps from slipping. They’re incredibly strong, even if it takes a little longer.

Photo frame or corner clamp

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They are difficult to describe, but they are like two pliers in one, holding two pieces of wood, plastic or metal together at an angle of 90 degrees. As their name suggests, they are designed to hold the frame at right angles while the glue dries.

They can be used for welding and for any other woodworking project. If you have four, you can build whole squares or rectangles at once instead of waiting four times as long to find each corner.

Types of clips for every project!

Although it may seem a lot, we barely scratched the surface of the iceberg to find out how many kinds of claws there are. There are a few other terminals, like. B. Hooks and stuff.

This means that for each need there is a specific type of pliers that meets the same requirement. But don’t worry too much if most of this information has escaped you – the clips are extremely versatile.

There are very few single-use devices, so they can be used interchangeably. Unless you’re building a clinker boat, a C-clamp will serve you just as well as an electric one, but for best results it helps to know what kind of pliers to use and when.

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