26 Serene Blue Bedroom Ideas & Color Schemes to Inspire You

From sapphire and yellow to royal and Peruvian, yes, I’m talking about different shades of blue. It’s everybody’s favorite color, right? Maybe there’s no better place for blue than a bedroom. This soothing shadow radiates calm, serenity and generosity from reminiscent of the sea and sky. If you can’t wait to add this color to your bedroom, take a look at my collection of great blue bedroom ideas with photos to give you some inspiration.

1. Simplicity is the name of the game.

A blue room with a simple design is perfect for lovers of minimalism who want to feel relaxed and sleep well. This light blue Scandinavian style room is a stunning example of minimalist design with white and blue bedding, blue walls and decorative blue vases. The white floor and the matching white chest of drawers complete the ensemble admirably.

2. Modern blue room

Blue in the modern room

Talk about minimalism: The modern rooms are ideal for this function. With a simple and minimal set-up you can focus on eliminating all stress. To create a relaxing sleeping space, paint the wall blue, as can be seen here. The blue striped bedding with white and blue pillows matches the wall and provides a relaxing feeling. Basic rule: Keep bedroom accessories to a minimum to enhance the feeling of modernity.

3. Rustic blue room

Blue in a rustic room

In a farm or rustic hut, all you need is a blue wall to add a vintage touch. The antique decor of this example, in the form of wooden bedside tables, lampshades, beams and wooden windows, adds a bold blue tint to bring all the variations together. Because the blue wall stands on its own, there is no need to add other blue accents.

4. Statement Blue Bedroom Lighting

LED lighting in the blue room

Besides painting the wall blue to make a statement in the room, the right type of lighting can complete a relaxing look. Notice how this welcoming space is equipped with unique modern lighting that makes all the difference. Instead of painting the wall blue, this time the designer opted for blue and white striped wallpaper.

5. Blue with more textures

Blue with many textures

The mere sight of the blue room will calm you down and plunge you into a deep sleep. This fresh shade allows us to focus on the furniture in the room, so it makes sense to add many textures such as a blanket, footstool, wall art and flooring. The soothing tones and monochrome shapes of this modern room make the blue walls both bold and discreet.

6. Blue with velvet

Blue and velvet

While light textures are a great way to bring modern style into a bold blue room, a subtle shade of blue will work just as well with rich, velvety laughs. See how this discreet blue bed catches the eye with its luxurious bedding and patterned curtains. And not only the decorative cushions complement the bedspread, the wall art also has the same colour combination.

7. Industrial Style Blue Room

Industrial style blue room

Who said the blue rooms weren’t bright enough? When you introduce dark blue tones such as Lapis and Admiral, you add your own charm and glamour to your room. This industrial-style room with exposed brick wall and wood panelling contrasts with a dark blue wall that matches the bedding and the blue curtain. Moreover, peonies and floral art have unexpectedly softened the dominant blue decor, but one has to admit that everything seems harmonious.

8. Flower chamber for a touch of femininity

A flowery room for a woman

Everyone loves flowers, so why not a floral decoration or colourful bedding to complement your blue room. Although the only blue you see here is the bedding and table clock, the refreshing atmosphere of the room stimulates a touch of humour. You just have to look at this room to realize that it is for a lady. The colour palette matches the blue cushions and bedding perfectly without overwhelming the room.

9. Boys Blue Room

Blue room for boys

While the flower colours are reserved for girls, the blue is of course reserved for boys. There are many ways to decorate a boys’ room with this beautiful colour, from bedding and curtains to beds and wardrobes. Yes, everything can be in one shade of blue, as can be seen here.

10. Making a blue lighthouse

Make a blue lighthouse

All shades of blue, especially the soft tones, bring style to the room. Here the paint is applied to the walls, bedding and curtains to create an elegant softness. This blue room attracts attention because it draws attention to the bed. This is an excellent example of how blue can enhance a bedroom as a solid colour.

11. Creating a blue theme room

Create a blue room theme

A blue room can have many themes, ranging from a refined nautical style to a traditional travel theme. The resulting effect is certainly hypnotic. See how this light blue room creatively integrates a blue world map into the travel theme. By combining navy blue with muted shades of white and light blue you create a lively and comfortable look, as in this example.

12. Wooden and blue furniture

Wooden and blue furniture

Furniture in cherry or oak can form the perfect contrast with blue. The bold blue walls of this room add a refined elegance to the furniture and wooden floor. Even the complicated bedding and textured popcorn ceiling did not detract from the colour contrast between the wall and the floor. This room is a classic example of how a traditional decor can merge beautifully with blue.

13. One plate model

Stencil plotter

Add a touch of freshness to your blue room by spreading the and patterns throughout the room. Original ideas include pattern cushions, bedding and blue textured walls. The light patterns in this blue room enliven the general atmosphere.

13 Examples of the colour scheme of a blue room

1. Bedroom navy blue

Navy blue room

There is no doubt that the men of Navy are better used than in a boys’ room. Bring the excitement of the stars into the bedroom by incorporating navy blue in bedding and lampshades like this one. Navy blue is definitely a color that all boys love because it distinguishes their room from the crowd.

2. Blue and beige bedroom

Bedroom in blue and beige

We all know that beige goes with everything. So it makes sense to use this colour with blue to arouse visual interest. Think of subtle shades like beige or soft yellow with a light watercolour for a last relaxing bedroom. This room blue and beige , simple but elegant, radiates comfort in a neutral environment.

3. Classic blue and white

Classic blue and white

The fresh combination of classic blue and white makes the room so comfortable. The combination of blue and white brings warmth to small and large spaces. In this example, the bedspread and the blue panel wall provided visual appeal. The shade of white used here is more subtle than ostentatious, so as not to distract from the dominant blue.

4. Bedroom sweater

One bedroom with a pudding chair

If you want variety, try bringing tea to your room. This rich tone can be used to create an attractive variation when other strong tones appear next to it. In this room, for example, soft, soothing jags and sky-blue variations complement the dark pink chair and the curtains. In fact, you will have a feeling of complete tranquillity in this cosy room thanks to the variety of rich shades used with the tea.

5. Blue and grey room

Blue and grey room

In addition to experimenting with different colours, you can give your blue room a refreshing new look by using white and grey as a background against the blue. Here you can see that two shades of navy blue with white have been used as bedding. The background was filled with light shades of grey and white for a better visual impact. The idea behind using a grey background is that you can easily switch from one colour to another.

6. Royal blue room

Royal Blue Room

Royal blue is considered to be a shade of blue that is both darker and lighter. See how the bed, sheets and coffered ceiling of this room give it a welcoming look. The corner workplace doesn’t seem out of place at all, as you can see from the blue and wooden accents that are in harmony with the rest of the space.

7. Blue and Pink Room

Blue and pink rooms

Feel like a princess in room blue and pink. Because pink looks a little bit like grey, it makes sense to use it with a catchy shade of blue without being afraid to bump into each other. In this example, the dark blue wall stands out as the dominant colour, although soft pink shades are visible throughout the room. It is undeniable that the overall design of this blue and pink room gives a sense of serenity.

8. Light blue colour mix

Light blue colour mixture

A room with a high ceiling can get extra brightness with sky blue shades . The sky-blue hues of this room can be found on the walls, the bedding, the floor, the vases and the candles. It’s all put together nicely. The only thing I’d change here is the lighting. For rooms with high ceilings, an oversized chandelier or lantern would be suitable for extra interest.

9. Blue and Orange Room

Bedroom in blue and orange

For full contrast, you can add orange to your blue room. Contrary to popular belief, orange and blue are not just for girls’ rooms. It can also work in a boys’ room, as can be seen here. So if you don’t like playing with neutral colors, why don’t you bring orange to your blue room. How about that nice example of dark blue bedding and curtains on an orange wall. The bright orange contrasted sharply with the freshness of the dark blue. This room certainly has a lot of drama with some fantastic accents such as a green floor and red cushions to make the occupied space shine.

10. Peacock blue room

The blue room of the peacock

Peacock Blue is a beautiful shade that has a special meaning for different people. This shade is ideal for a neutral environment, as can be seen on the picture. This light and airy room does not look dark because a dark shade of blue has been used. The shadow fits perfectly into the surroundings and gives the room a quiet look.

11. Brown and blue room

Brown and blue room

Blue and brown are natural colours representing the sky and the earth. Both colours have a soothing effect that they are perfect for the bedroom. Here you can see how the brown sheets, the wall covering and the matching blanket harmonize perfectly with the dark blue bed and floor. Isn’t this room cozy and special?

12. Tiffany Blue roomTiffany Blue room

A soft shade of blue, please. B. Tiffany , can make an entire room warmer and more relaxing. You can use white tones to accentuate the appeal of your blue room, as shown here. The design of this simple room radiates comfort and warmth.

13. Blue, red and yellow room

Blue, red and yellow room

You want to bring a lot of color into your blue room, but you’re afraid it’ll clash with the blue? Then choose two dominant colors such as red and yellow for your blue room. Yeah, go right! These bright colours are guaranteed to give great results when used in moderation. So if you think it’s brave and brilliant, you’ll love this example.

26 light blue bedroom ideas and colour schemes to inspire you


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