20 Splendid Cooking Area Featuring Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Release date : 22. December 2020 Shana Yuri

Blue reflects the color of the sky and ocean, and is on the list of favorite options for those looking for a soothing atmosphere in a room. Without exception, a kitchen with blue kitchen cabinets can achieve the same goal.

The colour blue in a kitchen or dining room creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, regardless of the different themes and patterns.

1. Ground clearance


Turn your kitchen into an exciting space by choosing a nice floor covering with
pattern to complement the blue cabinets. Choose similar shades of blue for both
. In this way you can create a harmonious kitchen plan, balanced by a white counter top and a

2. Warm Beach House Blue Cabinets

Blue Cabinets in a Hot Beach House (by elizabethswartzinteriors.com) elizabethswartzinteriors.com

The kitchen of this beach house has two important aspects: Wood as base
and cold blue as paint. This combination is both functional and aesthetic. It also creates a warm and relaxing
effect that invites everyone to linger.

3. Various shades of blue

The Different Shades of Blue (par. brightbazaarblog.com) brightbazaarblog.com

The kitchen and dining rooms of this beach house use different shades of blue for the two main features. For the cabinets a dark blue colour has been chosen and the cooking island has been painted lighter. The dark blue kitchen cupboards, which are the main feature of the room, stand out for their colour and texture.

4. Mixing with the wall

Mixing in the wall (par. chadmcphail.com) chadmcphail.com

Using the same colour for cabinets and walls is another easy way to harmonise the design of the
kitchen. In this kitchen, the turquoise
base cabinet fits perfectly with the wall. They are complemented by painted back splashes
and open shelves in the upper part.

5. Blue and grey in a modern shade

Blue and Grey in a Modern Tone (par. nicolefranzen.com) nicolefranzen.com

Give the kitchen a modern look by installing blue-grey kitchen cabinets. In the cooking area, blue dominates the grey and covers both the lower cabinets and most of the upper shelves. In the dining room, the colour combination is reversed, with the top and sides of the cooking island being grey.

6. Basic units in soft blue

Storage furniture in soft blue (from deardesigner.co.uk) deardesigner.co.uk

Choose a softer shade of blue if you want a soothing effect on the kitchen atmosphere. This kitchen streamlines the overall design by opting for a soft grey-blue for the wall and a slightly darker shade for the lower cabinets.

7. Office of the Navy

Seaside Cabinet (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

These navy kitchen cabinets reflect a timeless retro style. The style itself tends to offer a number of cabinets, fresh flowers and stainless steel appliances. In order to balance the brutality, a lighter shade of blue has been chosen for the slit.

8. Classic light blue

Classic light blue (par. sarahblankdesignstudio.com) sarahblankdesignstudio.com

A soft grey-blue tint has been chosen for this classic kitchen cabinet. Despite the limited space, the cabinet serves as a functional storage space that perfectly matches the pattern of the backsplash.

9. Mixed Blue and Grey

Mixed Blue and Grey (par. deringhall.com) deringhall.com

Of all the bright colours, blue seems to combine best with neutral grey. This kitchen proves that blue cabinets can be beautiful – and even more beautiful – in combination with a grey steel stove, oven and dishwasher.

10. Blue floor/ceiling cabinets

high cabinets with blue ceiling (on addisonswonderland.com) addisonswonderland.com

The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is a good choice for those who prefer functionality. This is reflected in the main light in this kitchen. In combination with the white walls and counters, the blue cabinets on one side of the kitchen stand out.

11. Neutral tone compression

Neutral compression (par. deringhall.com) deringhall.com

For the lid of the base unit is blue in a dark shade between two neutral shades: the white top unit and the light brown base unit. This arrangement brings out the blue kitchen cabinets in this room. At the same time, they serve as a focal point under the dominance of the neutral tone.

12. Normal and simple

Simple and straightforward (from thewhitearrow.com) thewhitearrow.com

Simplicity is the main goal of this kitchen design. Yet the
does not prevent the kitchen from being attractive. The dark blue
color of the kitchen island and the cabinet clearly stands out against the white
wall and ceiling.

13. Half-Old Style

Vintage Style (on elledecor.com) elledecor.com

With blue cabinets in the lower half, this cooking zone is a mix of modern and vintage design. The design is complemented by
marble countertops with period lighting and flooring with detailed patterns.

14. Blue cabinets with visible details

Blue cabinets with visible parts (par. houseandhome.com) houseandhome.com

The handles, doors and knobs of these blue kitchen cabinets are made with attention-grabbing details. Together with the black marble countertops they make the cabinets even more attractive in their light blue colour.

15. Island Powder Blue

Blue Island Powder (on elledecor.com) elledecor.com

Warm and welcoming are two of the goals this
kitchen tries to achieve. Matching, a cool blue color was chosen for the cladding of the cabinets and the kitchen island
. Surrounded by well stocked cabinets, kitchen island
becomes the centrepiece of a space where everyone who wants to dine there is welcome.

16. A cheerful blue

A Happy Shade of Blue (par. remodelista.com) remodelista.com

In combination with the white wall and the shelves, this blue piece of furniture gives the room a feeling of
joy. The design of the kitchen in turn tries to capture the atmosphere of the mid-century
by offering some old and rustic appliances.

17. Blue beach cabinets

Blue Beach Cabinets (par. hgtv.com) hgtv.com

The light blue kitchen cabinets of this compact kitchen give the space a coastal sound. The cabinets are beautifully combined with a coloured carpet on a sand coloured background to enhance the atmosphere.

18. Medium Slate blue cabinets

Blue cupboards with medium blue slate (par. hgtv.com) hgtv.com

This aesthetically symmetrical kitchen is surrounded by mid-tone cabinets in a slate blue tint. The white countertops, like the other half, also give a new appeal to the blue kitchen cabinets.

19. Blue cabinets in a small corner

Blue cabinets in the corner (at livethemma.ikea.se) livethemma.ikea.se

Located in a small corner of the room, this kitchen is mainly characterized by a set of
gray-blue cabinets. The marble counter tops of the
cabinets have the same colour as the tiled wall and the back wall.

20. Blue cabinets in the field kitchen

Blue cabinets in the field kitchen (par. thekitchn.com) thekitchn.com

In this country kitchen the blue cupboards harmonize with the grey
marble counters. Combined they create a neutral but elegant
look in the corner of a classic kitchen.

I hope you will be inspired by the different decorations and arrangements of the blue kitchen cabinets in these kitchens. So you can choose a particular design or blue tones for your cabinets in the workspace.

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