19 Fashionable Mid-Century Modern Style Interior Decor Ideas

A sober and casual look is the signature of the mid-century modern home. This interior style is a welcome return thanks to the countless ways to incorporate it into your home.

To help you understand this undeniably timeless design, we’ll explore the elements of mid-century modern style and how you can emulate this interior design in different rooms of your home.

What is modern mid-century style?

The mid-century modern style became an icon in the world of interior design in the 1950s and 1960s because of its timeless appeal. This style is a blend of modernism and Scandinavian design trends, characterized by accessibility and minimalism. This unique blend became very popular after writer Kara Greenberg officially called this style Mid-Century Modern.

The fresh, seductive retro spirit of this interior style exudes comfort and practicality, wrapped in a beautiful design that never goes out of style. In fact, today’s most modestly furnished homes are inspired by medieval modernism as the most economical style of interior design one can afford.

Why choose a modern mid-century interior?

  • This style is perfect for those who want to create an authentic vintage atmosphere in their home without having to fully commit to more expensive decorating styles.
  • If you opt for a modern and medieval atmosphere in your home, you can decorate even the smallest rooms with a whimsical and relaxing design.
  • Modern mid-century homes are not only charming, but also durable and user-friendly, making them easy to handle.
  • Compared to modern or rustic interior styles, mid-century modern style gives you more freedom to decorate your home with simple and elegant accessories without making a dramatic statement. After all, this style is simple without being boring, seductive without being difficult!

Modern medieval elements

Simple and clean

Modern mid-century interiors are certainly inspiring with their clean and elegant lines. Simplified shapes are important to imitate this style. Clear lines are followed by geometric shapes. But the emphasis is mainly on the aesthetic essence. In other words: The furniture is the structural basis of this style, but also serves as the sole decorative element. The rooms in the modern mid-century style are still minimalist and nicely decorated.

Natural materials and textures

Wood is a typical element of the Art Nouveau style of the middle of the last century. But over time, other materials such as leather and vinyl followed. So interior designers began mixing and matching synthetic and organic materials to create this look. Laminate and white leather are simply elegant and durable, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them to add texture to your space.

Light colours vs. neutral colours

The colour palette of modern mid-century interiors can go in any direction, combining light, neutral walls with bold accents. Neutral walls accentuate the striking features of the room and make it more luxurious. Make sure the accents you use are bright to contrast with the white walls.

Creative Lighting

An important detail of this style is the lighting: She is always creative and unique. Most lighting trends in this style are pendant lights, as opposed to wall lights. The idea is to use pendant lights to enhance the room decor.

Abstract Art

Artists were the driving force behind mid-century modernism, so it makes sense to include artwork from this period. Combined with retro furniture and bold accents, your interior becomes a beautiful, timeless statement. Whether it’s artists like Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock, the abstract art of these artists is on the rise at the moment. Don’t forget to add bold works by these artists to your living room or dining room.

Retro furniture

Speaking of retro furniture: They are an absolute must for the vintage style of a mid-century modern home. Furniture with short, thin legs and straight lines is typical of this period and gives the interior a refined touch. Retro furniture may seem simple, but it is very much in demand in modern homes. The comfort, the materials and the structure of the furniture are equally important. For example, wood or leather (but not both) are two of the most popular furniture materials in modern mid-century homes.

Organic forms

Since the modern mid-century style focuses on simple, clean lines, a mix of organic shapes should be added to enhance the look. The cornerstones of modernist lounge furniture from the middle of the last century include minimalist tables and chairs. When you are looking for a new piece of furniture, always look for a simple and space-saving design.

Embracing nature indoors

The house, which is integrated outside, is a typical mid-century design. Bringing nature into a room through raw elements such as houseplants and decorative wall art is a great way to mimic this timeless aspect, as shown in this photo.

Mid-century modern room ideas

Use bright colours for the living room

The use of fresh flowers accentuates the glamour in a neutral living room. See how the navy blue retro furniture complements the orange and red pillows. This bright living room design includes furniture with slim legs and, of course, lots of houseplants to complete the look. The bright blue is visible on curtains, carpets and furniture. This color also matches the wood tones of the rest of the room and gives the room a funky look. The example shown here is perfect for fans of mid-century modernism who like colorful pop.

Not brave enough to take the plunge? Dye with neutral colours

Who says a modern mid-century living room has to be loud and flashy? Here we have a typical minimalist interior with white walls and a light wooden floor as a perfect example of a neutral color palette. The leather armchair adds a minimalist style, but this can be enhanced by other calming colours, such as soft yellow and dark brown. You can even bring a mix of black and white palettes for balance. Whatever your preferred interior, low furniture is sure to create a relaxed and comfortable living room.

Creating a sober look

The modern mid-century-style lounge uses retro brown furniture combined with an earthy color palette. We love the soft grey walls of this interior that combine to create a clean look. This living room features neutral, earthy tones for a muted background. The leather sofa added a touch of drama to the room, and every piece of furniture, including the coffee table and mood lighting, contributed to the space. It can be said that this minimalist interior says a lot and very little!

Minimalism is equal to modern middle age

Talk about minimalism: This mid-century modern room is comfortable and cozy, with very little furniture and decor. A console and dresser chair add funky pop to the mix without drawing attention to themselves. The black floor lamp creates a unified look throughout the room, and the patterned wood floor nicely ties together the space between.

Vintage style roomMedieval modern style room

Take a tour of any style room and you will undoubtedly find a raw wood headboard, bed frame and bedside tables that look timeless with the simple and uncomplicated design of modern mid-century furniture. It’s all about combining classic features with simple, unobtrusive lines for texture. See how this simple yet elegant room is decorated in a vintage style that exudes charm and character.

Casual retro with a touch of minimalism

Casual retro is one of the most common mid-century elements, in the form of angled furniture legs, wood tones and bright colors. The dark blue wall of this room, against a backdrop of muted upholstered furniture, holds the palette of the earth with a pop of color. This cohesive style offers a balanced pattern along the solid wood tones. If you love modern mid-century bedroom decor, but prefer a bold look, this may be just what you’re looking for!

Organic materials for softer touch

If you don’t like the bright colors of your bedroom walls, go for a softer look. Here is a mix of organic materials that perfectly illustrates how neutral and bright colours can go together perfectly. Only minimal decoration is required to imitate the appearance. You can experiment with wood, stone or marble as natural and organic materials that enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Appearance of paint in the kitchen

This kitchen is warm and cozy, has character and is above all practical! Simple blue seats and simple wooden cabinets play harmoniously together, without the need to show off retro equipment. The kitchen color palette here is both earthy and bold, with a matte finish for added effect.

Kitchen island should be

If you like the idea of simple, clean lines on your cabinets, another element of the mid-century modern kitchen is the island. This modern favorite is also a vintage favorite. So combine it with elegant bar stools to brighten up your retro kitchen, as in this example.

Scandinavian style dining room

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate dining room, you’re probably wondering how to decorate it in the modern mid-century style. The dining room is a space that can make or break your decor. But the good news is that the dining room is easier to decorate, because all you need are shiny chairs and a rectangular table, as this Scandinavian-inspired image shows. The beautifully blended furniture has a modern touch that stands out in this bright white space. It goes without saying that interior decoration from the middle of the last century is largely identical to the Scandinavian style. If you love the look, you can easily recreate it as shown here.

Medieval style bathroom

We couldn’t finish this article without including a typical mid-century bathroom. While the bathroom doesn’t have to be decorated with this particular design, it will still look great if you go near the same look in small doses. The bathroom, for example, has elegant lines and minimal decorations that give it a timeless appeal. It exudes wealth, thanks to its layered and organized appearance with simple and pleasing to the eye amenities. You can opt for a similar approach by adding small details and additions to your bathroom – regardless of the color of your tiles or walls!

If you’re ready to venture into a mid-century modern space but don’t know where to start, our examples above will help you get the same look as your home. To achieve this, keep the decor simple and pleasant and opt for a carefree look in the form of brightly coloured base cabinets on a neutral background.

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