17 Beautiful and Modern Kitchen Island Lighting Inspirations

Release date: 24. November 2020 Shana Yuri

Lamps and kitchen islands are more than just functional objects. Installing a light fixture above the kitchen island creates an interesting view. Kitchen island lamps come in a variety of styles, from elegant pendant lights to industrial style lamps. Here are 17 ideas to try for your next kitchen project.

1. Bronze hangers with pulley mechanism

This pendant lamp features a unique pulley mechanism for an industrial look in your kitchen or dining room. The vintage bulbs spread a subdued light that creates a moody atmosphere. The flattened canopies offer a discreet elegance. Its shape makes it ideal for installation on all types of ceilings, including sloping ones.

2. Modern row of luminaires with hammered glass shade


Wrought glass lamps are perfect for modern kitchen lighting. The wrought iron glass is heat resistant and frames all vintage lamps beautifully. The chromed louvers have a freely rotating structure which allows them to illuminate all areas of the room.

3. Industrial Edison Rectangular Lamp

Industrial island lighting is not always of a rough design. This fixture consists of several Edison bulbs in rectangular metal frames with a dark finish. Each lamp emits a soft light that creates a moody atmosphere. The metal chains enhance the industrial look without being too brutal.

4. Pendant luminaire with frosted glass shade


This fixture combines a modern chandelier design with several pendant lights. Each lamp has a beautiful white frosted glass shade that creates a soft look. The bulbs hang from a chic nickel frame that forms elegant curves at the end. Ideal for the kitchen, living room or dining room in a contemporary style.

5. Farmhouse style lighting with bronze structure

This farmhouse island light offers a modern take on rustic design. Curved glass shades and vintage light bulbs create a classic look. The metal structure has a dark bronze finish and adjustable parts. This lamp is ideal for the kitchen or dining room of the house. A soft light bulb creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

6. Multi-purpose Mason jar pendant lamps

Canning jars are ideal materials for creating unique kitchen lamps. This lamp is composed of various canning jars and vintage lamps. Each lamp is connected with five black wires to a wooden rod. The top of the box and the wings are finished in black for an elegant look.

7. Hanging chandelier type with antique metal shade

This modern chandelier consists of three lights hanging from a metal structure. Each fixture has a vintage metal shade that offers an industrial design element. Nevertheless, the hardware is painted black, which makes it very modern despite the old metal. The height of the lamp is adjustable, ideal for the kitchen, dining room or living room.

8. Pendant lamp with flat shade

This chandelier also consists of individual pendant lights. But the flat canopies make it unique. Each pendant light uses a 60W bulb to create a warm glow, although you can use any bulb, from Edison to halogen. Black trim and slightly curved visors soften the industrial feel.

9. Modern chandelier with spiral metal cages

This modern three-light chandelier features a unique design with spiral metal cages. Each cage can accommodate a lamp of up to 60 watts (an Edison bulb is recommended for a vintage look). The lamps hang from a black metal rod with a glossy oil finish. The handle is adjustable, perfect for the kitchen, dining room or living room.

10. Mirrored Globe Luminaires

These pendant lights offer a warm and elegant look thanks to their spherical mirrored surfaces and shiny metal finish. The simple design makes these lamps ideal for any room, such as the kitchen, dining room or living room. The cords are adjustable in height.

11. Modern Crystal Suspension

Bring glamour to your kitchen or dining room with modern crystal lamps. These pendant lights have decorated crystal shades with black metal fixtures. The lamps are suspended from adjustable cords. Each fixture contains a 40 watt bulb, perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere in the kitchen, dining room or living room.

12. chandelier with triangular frame and glass shade

The combination of glass shades, Edison bulbs and triangular frames makes this chandelier charming. This farmhouse lamp is perfect for creating a rustic elegance. The lamps hang from a pair of twisted metal rods with a black finish. Each luminaire is suitable for up to 60 W incandescent lamps.

13. Chandelier with four lights and a large canopy

All the spheres in this four-bulb chandelier are in a large canopy. The design creates a unique industrial look, especially when combined with Edison lamps. A black metal trim creates a modern and elegant look that softens the raw industrial element. The lamp is suspended from smooth iron rods attached to a metal bar.

14. Chandelier with five flames and candles

This modern five-light chandelier creates a romantic atmosphere in the kitchen, dining room or living room. The lamp has five candle lights in the shade. The fixture is suspended from metal rods and all fixings are in dark bronze. This lamp is ideal if you have a flat ceiling.

15. Suspension with clear glass dome

This simple pendant fixture features clear glass in an elegant design. The lamp is suspended from a single metal rod with a dark finish, giving it a simple elegance. The retro designs are even more charming when an Edison light is added. This fixture is ideal for creating a sleek aesthetic.

16. Old chandeliers with glass shades

These lamps offer a sleek industrial beauty, with a flat glass canopy and brass stems. The curved canopy design helps soften the industrial look, while the brass adds a subtle touch of luxury. Edison lamps make the vintage look even more striking.

17. Five-light chandelier with metal cages

This five-light chandelier offers modern and stunning beauty. Each lamp is surrounded by a modern metal cage hanging from a dark metal rod. Two thin metal rods connect the fixture to the ceiling. The overall design has a vintage feel, but remains modern. Perfect for making a statement in the kitchen.

These kitchen island lighting ideas offer modern elegance and understated glamour. They are ideal for creating an interesting aesthetic in your kitchen (although they are ideal for other rooms as well). Choose one of these lamps to decorate your kitchen or dining room.

frequently asked questions

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How to choose a kitchen island light?

In general : The longer your kitchen island and the higher your ceiling, the larger (wider and taller) your pendant light can be. The shorter your island and the lower your ceiling, the smaller (narrower and shorter) your pendant light should be. The error on the movement side is a little bigger (i.e. don’t go under 10″ wide …..

How light should a kitchen island be?

When deciding how many trailers to hang over the island, follow the rule of three. This rule provides balance by repeating the element three times. Above the island, three pendant lights create a more balanced space than two or four, although the most important factor in following the rule of three is always proportionality.

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