12 Best Types of TV Mounts (Buying Guide)

Release date: 23. November 2020 Shana Yuri

If you want to enjoy TV shows, you need to install the right TV wall bracket for the best viewing experience. You should also choose the best TV stand (TV mounting brackets) from the types of TV mounting brackets available.

If you are considering buying a TV stand that will support your TV, you need to know in detail what features and specifications you need. Read these 12 types of TV stands before you buy.

1. TV-stand with flat profile (fixed)

Low profile TV stand (fixed)amazon.com

A sturdy and modern type of TV cabinet is the low profile TV cabinet. This flat TV stand is also called a stationary or fixed stand. This TV stand has an overhang at the back. It is designed so that the TV can be placed flat against the wall.

Once the TV is mounted in the stand, it cannot be adjusted. You should also remove and reattach the wall mount if you want to move the TV to another location. This stand is also not suitable for a flat screen TV.

This type of support is sturdy and stable. Compared to other TV stands, this type of stand is easy to install. You can even apply hooks in less than an hour. In terms of price, this type has the lowest price of all the others.

2. TV tilt bracket

Tilt TV Standamazon.com

The tilting TV stand has a similar shape and features. This stand ensures an optimal viewing experience when the TV is mounted high on the wall. The angle can be adjusted after installation and fixing.

This support must be adjusted vertically between 5 and 15 degrees. The perfect setting gives you an optimal viewing experience.

3. Ultra-thin TV mount

Ultra Slim TV Standamazon.com

Don’t understand how to mount an ultra-thin TV to the wall? Try an ultra flat TV stand. The ultra-thin TV stand is also called a thin stand. The slim TV bracket hangs closer to the wall than other brackets.

4. TV pack holder


Another type of TV stand is the hinged TV stand. The rotatable TV stand is also called a sledge stand. The TV is mounted on an extendable stand attached to the wall mount.

This type is ideal for a wide range of movements. You can move the TV away from the wall. The TV can be moved to the left or right. It also fits into many rooms with a lookout.

5. TV swivel bracket

Swivel TV Stand amazon.com

The swivel TV bracket has the same features as the low profile brackets. This type of attachment has a smaller range of movement than an articulated attachment with an additional support arm.

It is not possible to rotate it in a horizontal position. Some models of swivel TV furniture have a tilt option.

6. TV ceiling bracket

TV ceiling mount walmart.com

There are many types of wall brackets for TVs. One of them is a ceiling mount for your television. As the name suggests, the TV ceiling mount is attached to the ceiling, not the wall.

If you want to try something other than a regular TV mount, you can use a TV ceiling mount. It is a support suitable for film projectors.

7. TV Platform Mountain


Another TV stand you can choose from is the platform TV stand. This TV stand is for an older model CRT TV and is not compatible with flat screen TVs.

This model CRT television is placed on a shelf with the brackets supported and attached to the wall or ceiling.

8. TV stand lower cabinet


If you have limited space for your TV, you can use the TV stand underneath the furniture. This support is installed and placed under the cabinet to save space.

You can use this stand to place your TV in the kitchen or in cabinets. This stand is recommended for small screens.

9. Wall mount for full size TV

Full Motion TV Wall Mountamazon.com

If you want the widest possible viewing angle, you can install a full motion TV wall mount. With this type, certain functions are activated during installation. You can have a swivel, hinged, retractable and a full motion TV wall mount installed.

This support is attached to the wall on one side and the other side is pushed out with rotating supports. You can roll up the arm and fold it down so that the TV lies flat against the wall.

This stand is also vertically and horizontally adjustable. This type is ideal for those who want the best TV experience.

Because the functions are flexible, the price is higher than any other type. It also requires a more complex configuration process.

10. Television stand

TV Bracketamazon.com

You may want to try another option to install the TV. You can place a TV cabinet instead. You can put your TV on a table, a mantelpiece or a shelf. The TV stand seems to be stronger than other types of stands. No need to exercise or stand in line.

Some TV furniture can also be pulled or attached. You can choose the best TV stand with flexible stand for your TV. You can use this stand as a TV stand in the bedroom.

11. Curved TV wall bracket

Curved TV Wall Mountamazon.com

If you want a high quality wall mount for your TV, you need to install a curved TV mount. You can use this curved stand for flat screen TVs as it is compatible with LCD, LED, Plasma and other flat screen TVs from 42 to 70 inches.

This type of stand has a smooth motion and hinged design that allows the TV to tilt, swivel and extend to find the optimal viewing angle. Don’t worry about your 60-inch LED TV. You can use this curved TV wall bracket as a stand for your TV 60.

12. UL approved TV mount


Ultimately, with all the different types of TV brackets available, a UL listed TV bracket seems more convincing and reliable. UL approval means that the TV stand has been additionally tested by a third party.

A TV stand with this claim guarantees that any type of stand can support four times the weight of the advertised TV. Whatever type of TV bracket you choose, make sure it is UL listed.

In conclusion, these 12 types of TV stands can be your reference for choosing the best TV stand option for the features and specifications you want.

frequently asked questions

What is the best type of TV cabinet?

After much research and testing, we have chosen the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 TV stand as the best tiltable TV stand. This UL-certified stand is designed for TVs from 32 to 70 inches and can support up to 130 pounds, which is more than enough for any TV.

What are the different types of TV mounts?

There are three basic types of wall mounts for TVs: fixed, tilt and full motion.

What size TV cabinet should I buy?

To determine the VESA size, measure the distance (in millimeters) between the four holes in the TV, first horizontally, then vertically. Common VESA and TV sizes are 200 x 200 for TVs up to 32 inches, 400 x 400 for TVs up to 60 inches and 600 x 400 for larger screens from 70 to 84 inches.

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