10 Types of Desks Most Suitable for Your Needs!

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Who doesn’t want an office? This is the most essential piece of furniture in any home and is needed by many people for their tasks – writing, painting, working on the computer and maybe even a lap dance scene with your cat!

A desk, like any other piece of furniture, is designed specifically to meet your needs, whether it is small, large, freestanding, hanging or otherwise.

There are many types of desks designed and available in the market, making them the most practical furniture for home and office.

A desk can be decorative in taste and feel, but not at the same time practical and functional, or vice versa. So how do you choose the right office for your home and workplace?

A desk can be a single room or two rooms joined together to be used for work and play, but its purpose is to be suitable for a specific activity. They are designed for different categories and built with different materials in different styles and designs.

Although the choice can be overwhelming, you should think about your personal needs before buying a table. Why do I need an office? Do I need a small or a large model? Do you want it to be beautiful? The answer to this question can only be given by you.

After consideration, the following table types can be customized to suit your preferences, appearance and function.


The first is the simplest and most basic type of table available on the market. The desk has a minimalist design, perfect in its simplicity with little storage space and a large desk area.

It has the most conservative style that fits into any interior, and can be placed in the middle of the room or against a wall. In general, a desk is more suitable for working with a laptop than a desktop computer.


Types of desks come in handy in your home office, especially if you regularly work from home. Computer tables have the same simplicity as a desk, they just provide more space for a monitor, computer hardware and other necessary peripherals.

The two most important key elements of a computer desktop are the keyboard tray, which is located just below the surface, and the memory for the processor. In fact, you don’t have to look for a keyboard with the same design, because the processor can be placed on the floor while the virtual keyboard is just up there. It comes down to finding one that takes into account the dimensions of your device.

3. Dashboard

Executive Officeonewayfurniture.com

See that hard thing in the middle of your boss’s room? It’s a table. Both functional and aesthetic, the desk is a masterpiece of home office furniture. It offers lots of drawers, storage space and a large area for your workspace.

This type of table fits into any era, regardless of style, beautifully carved to give an impression of elegance and exude grandeur. Some desks are also equipped with footrests for added comfort.

4. Buffet table


If you have a large guest room, a desk can be displayed nicely. This table fulfils both functional and decorative tasks, as it is designed as a combination of table and cabinet with one or two storage compartments.

Many people love this table because of its benefits. A desk is ideal for decorating the living or dining room, so that more people have access to storage space and can use the desk to write a note or whatever comes to mind.

5. Corner table

corner desk Amazon.co.uk

As the name suggests, the corner table is designed specifically for the corner of your room. It is L-shaped – for the most part – and serves as a spa for small owners. It saves space and performs its function in the most efficient way.

A corner table allows you to organize your workspace, because although it may seem limited, its length gives you the freedom of a larger configuration according to your needs.

6. Secretariat


First of all, the secretaire is carefully designed to give a luxurious look that also serves the practical aspect. It has an adjustable desk, a turntable and numerous storage drawers.

A secretaire is usually a single piece of heavy solid wood furniture that adds a formal touch to a room.

7. Floating table


Also known as a wall table, the floating table is another champion in the small apartment. It works well in a small apartment, but can also work perfectly if carefully installed in a specific room.

Desk style, space available, but remember that the drawers are not accessible. In most cases they are equipped with small shelves to store books or a small ornamental plant. The floating table is perfect for your bedroom or dorm room.

8. Rolling table

@ pasperfect_antique_singapore

This is a type of large desk with lots of drawers and a storage system, giving you a large writing surface while still being practical. Some claim that the scroll table belongs to an 18th century antique shop. and was a Rialtian.

This is not entirely true, because you can buy a new table in the store. This desk not only delivers optimum performance, but also adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom decor.

9. Table in U

U-shaped desk @ Kantoormeubilair2go

Like the L-shaped table, the U-shaped table also offers more options for working at the work surface. With its creative design, it offers plenty of workspace on surfaces that serve as a head table, bridge and sideboard for maximum storage.


The growing popularity of the standing desk is no coincidence. Some say sitting is the new smoking, but this type of table offers a healthier alternative to being chained to a table, as it were.

The desk style essentially consists of three different adjustable models that allow you to work in a normal standing position, a desk that can be lowered or raised, or a static model in an elevated position.

With a wide range of designs, the types of tables are also manufactured in different materials. The most common materials for the table are wood, metal, glass or plywood, which give the table a different finished look.

If only your preferences matter when choosing the right worktop, you already have a list of the 10 best desks to consider. Make your choice!

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