Why You Should Use Copper Nails to Kill a Tree

Most of us have come across trees on our property that are either in the wrong place or cause some kind of dilemma. How do you kill a tree? Some trees are extremely hardy and difficult to kill unless they are felled or other drastic measures are taken. There is a reliable method that has been used for decades to eliminate the undesirable growth characteristics of trees. The best way to kill wood is with a copper nail. So you have to use copper nails to kill the wood.

Why would you want to kill a tree

Some trees just grow in the wrong place. They can cause damage to nearby structures and foundations by root propagation. They can also warp sidewalks or verandas as they grow underneath. Some trees are unattractive and become annoying when thrown on heirlooms and driveways, and some cause unwanted pests from insects and other vermin.

How do you kill wood with a copper nail?

The copper nail is a slow way to kill wood. It systematically poisons the tree so that it disappears and dies. According to Hunker, using copper nails to kill a tree is a four-step process: Start with the copper nail in the base of the tree you want to kill. Large copper nails work faster. The longer the better, because it penetrates deeper into the wood. Hammering copper ring nails into the wood. Spread them about half a centimetre apart until you have completely encircled the tree. This results in a higher concentration of copper that goes directly into the wood. When the metal oxidizes, the poison seeps into the wood without damaging the environment.

When you have finished hammering nails in a circle around the tree, cover your heads with earth to hide the nails. Improves the appearance of the tree when it is dying. Spectators won’t know what you’re doing, and you won’t have to waste time explaining your actions to tree lovers who think it’s a moral failure. The last step is to remove the tree. Remember to remove nails from wood when using saws or other equipment. You don’t want to damage the saw blades by hitting the remains of copper nails.

Why are copper nails the best solution for killing trees?

There are many ways to kill an unwanted tree. According to Backyardables, the quickest way to kill a tree is simply to cut it down. It’s not always an option. There are other options, such as the use of toxic chemicals. The fastest tree killer is Tordon. Drill holes in the soil near the roots and pour this poison into the roots, and then close the holes. It’s a quick and effective way to kill a tree without anyone finding out what you’ve done. The main disadvantage of this method is that the poison remains in the soil. This can cause damage to other plants or animals in the area. It can stay in the ground for years.

The use of copper nails is environmentally friendly

Driving a copper nail into a tree or tree stump, although not safe for the tree, is one of the safest methods for the environment. Compared to other ways to kill a tree, like. B. Using diesel or poison is the best solution. The chemicals seep into the surrounding soil around the tree and can even end up in the water. The copper nail only rests on the tree to be killed and does no more damage. It’s the greenest way to do the job.

The myths of copper nails

Many people believe that copper sulfate, which is extracted from copper nails, has a restorative property for some fruit trees. An old and enduring myth says that copper nails protect against mold. Some have even used copper in an attempt to make the fruit trees healthy again. Although it is unlikely that a single copper nail to a tree will kill it, there is no significant advantage for the tree to do so. Copper nails do not protect against fungal attack. It’s a myth that Stuff says it’s been exposed. They go to the heart of ridiculous facts and dispel widespread lies.


The felling of trees can be seen from different angles. Poisoning is a method for those who want to kill a tree quickly and get the job done. Although this is an effective way to get the job done, it is not the most environmentally friendly method. There are much better ways to kill a tree. One of them is the use of copper nails. We support this method because it only kills the wood that has been nailed. He does it slowly and methodically, as if the tree just fell ill and died a natural death. It takes the suspicion away from the person nailing the safe. The nail heads are easy to hide from prying eyes, and this reduces the need for explanations for owners who are not happy with killing trees. Although this is a slow way to kill a tree, it also gives you time to take action to remove the tree when it is completely dead. Although dishonesty is never recommended, you may also need to convince a family member to remove an annoying tree from your property.

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