What is Teak Oil and Why is it Important?

Most people who enjoy working with wood have heard about the different types of oils that are often used to protect wood furniture and projects. Teak oil is one of the most popular types. If you are new to wood, or have heard of using teak oil to protect your outdoor furniture, you may not have heard of this product. You may also be wondering what teak oil is and why it is important. Here you will find everything you need to know about teak oil, its use and benefits.

What is teak oil?

It is easy to assume that teak oil is an extract from the teak tree, but that is not the case. According to Bottom Paint Store, teak oil is a substance that is manufactured in different formulations. Made from linseed oil or tung oil, with a few additional ingredients, depending on the manufacturer.

What is the purpose of teak oil?

Teak oil has been used for many years by carpenters to treat wood products. It is said that teak oil serves as a kind of food for the tree. The oil is absorbed by the fibres. Helps bring out the color and texture of the wood. When you apply teak oil, it gives the wood a rich and warm appearance. Teak oil is used for, among other things, teak boats and teak furniture. It is a product that restores the appearance of old wood so that it looks like new again.

Benefits of teak oil

It usually takes several coats of teak oil to restore the finish of old wood that has been exposed to the elements. Once you apply it, you will see immediate improvement. Homesteady explains that teak is naturally weather resistant. It is therefore often used in boat and yacht building, but also in the manufacture of furniture and floor coverings. Teak oil restores the natural beauty of this wood species and helps protect it from the dangers of weathering and discoloration caused by UV rays and other forces of nature. Recommended for outdoor teak furniture to slow down the natural aging process that occurs when exposed to the outdoors.

Should teak oil be used for outdoor furniture?

Teak is an exotic and expensive wood. Although naturally weatherproof, all types of wood will eventually be damaged by the elements. If you have invested in teak products of any kind, it makes sense to protect your items and keep them in the best possible condition. Boats and yachts are exposed to aggressive substances in salt water. Teak oil can help reduce the effect of this oil, so your decks and other parts of the boat will keep the teak in good condition longer.

Does teak oil have disadvantages?

Teak oil requires a lot of care. This does not prevent water or moisture from completely damaging the wood. Although it offers a nice finish, the results only last for a short time. When teak oiled wood is exposed to excessive sunlight, ultraviolet rays can cause the oils to char. According to Bottom Paint Shop, the paint turns gray over time. Although useful, teak oil alone is not enough to seal the wood. For better protection, it is recommended to use a teak sealant after applying the oil.

Different kinds of teak oil

The popular woodworking industry notes that there are quality differences between the different brands of teak oil on the market. Some contain mineral oil, while others consist mainly of tung or linseed oil, wax, turpentine or a mixture of oils and varnishes. Most brands advertise UV resistance. Tests carried out with different brands show that not all the claims made by the manufacturers are true. Most teak oils do not protect against UV rays because they are applied too subtly to provide real protection. That’s misinformation. Teak oil is made from three types of oil. Some are intended for outdoor wood products, such as. B. Outdoor furniture, boats and decks, other types are formulated for interior wood, and a third type is intended for use as an interior furniture varnish for teak.

How do you use teak oil?

Teak oil is applied in the same way as wood stain. Use a lint-free cloth or brush to apply the wood clean and dry. Let each layer soak into the wood and dry for a full day. It is possible to apply multiple coats, but make sure the wood is dry before applying the next coat. Teak oil can be used for teak, rosewood, mahogany and other hardwoods.


Teak oil is a product made from tung oil or linseed oil with the addition of other ingredients. There is ongoing debate about teak’s ability to protect against damage caused by UV rays, salt water and natural elements. Some think it provides protection from the elements, while others say it doesn’t last long enough to make much difference. However, everyone agrees on one thing. Teak oil is useful for bringing out the natural texture of hardwood and enhancing its color and richness. It restores wood that has been weather damaged or grayed out and gives it a new look, unless the wood has been damaged too much. If you are skeptical about the protective properties, you can apply a high-quality sealant to the teak after the teak oil has dried to increase weather protection. While teak oil is not a must, it is a useful product that allows you to maintain the beautiful appearance of teak.

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