What are the Main Pros and Cons of Corian Countertops for Kitchens?

Many people ask me if Corian countertops are an option for their kitchen. That’s why I decided to write this article by presenting the pros and cons of this kind of popular countertops (solid surface).

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What is a Corian kitchen worktop?

Because high-end materials such as granite are too expensive for many homeowners who want to install stylish counter tops that don’t cost a fortune, DuPont researchers invented a new type of material to replace granite, marble and other high-end materials. They called him Corian before they launched him in 1967.

DuPont’s patent on Corian expires in 2003 and is considered the first solid surface material developed for countertops.

This opened the door for other companies to copy this popular material. Chances are you recognize some of these names: Swan Rock, Formica and Wilsonart.

But Corian is still the best known product of its kind on the market. That’s why DuPont is constantly expanding its product line, so you don’t have to settle for Corian countertops.

What is the Corian made of?

Corian worktops can be made from acrylic polymers and aluminium trihydrate or a combination of epoxy and polyester resins, pigments and natural bauxite fillers.

In combination with this raw material, a cross between laminate and granite is created. This mixture of raw materials is liquefied and then poured into moulds to harden.

After curing, the worktop parts are removed from the moulds and distributed to retailers and wholesalers.

Corian with sink

Because Corian is made from a mixture of raw and finished materials, the latest versions of Corian countertops can be made in different shapes, but mostly in the form of sheets or panels.

Customers can also choose thicknesses from 0.25 to 0.75 inches. While the thinner version is cheaper, the thicker version is more durable.

Due to the eclectic mix of ingredients used to make Corian, each plate is unique in terms of the mix of raw materials and colours used.

The only common feature you are likely to find is a mottled appearance that mimics the appearance of granite. The great advantage of Corian is that you can make countertops in sections and then glue them with a solvent that makes the seams disappear, so that the finished countertops look seamless after the glue has dried.

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this kind of fixed countertops:

Corian Confertops Chief Prosecutor

  • -Exclusive stain and moisture resistance
  • -Easy to clean and maintain
  • -Variety of colours and designs
  • -Insured in case of damage
  • There is no need to seal because Corian is not porous.
  • -does not react with acidic materials.
  • -Easy to use and install
  • – Much cheaper than natural stone
  • -The latest version can be illuminated!
  • -You can put a counter, a sink and a drainpipe. -You can do that.

Chief Advisors of Corian Countertops

  • -Lightly damaged by hot pans and extreme heat.
  • -May not meet the criteria for a natural appearance.
  • -can be scratched and dented if used inappropriately.
  • -may seem boring or cheap.
  • – does not increase the resale value of a house like granite.
  • -Granite can last 50 years; Corian’s lifespan is about 30 years.
  • -The Korean warranty is only valid for about 10 years.
  • -may discolour if the wrong cleaning agents are used.

How much does it cost to install Corian countertops?

Some of the original ideas behind Corian products are to reduce costs as an alternative to placing granite, quartz and marble.

Corian kitchen sink

On average, you can expect to spend about $35 per square foot on Corian countertop material alone and pay between $45 and $65 per square foot for installation. This figure is repeated by the Home Advisor experts, who estimate the total cost of the installation at about $3,500.

These estimates are for bare bones and do not include the currently available bells and whistles. For example, colour complexity, unique counter configurations, bar counters, taps, drains, inserts and a lightweight version of Corian that allows you to charge devices without plugging them into an electrical outlet all increase material and labor costs.

If you choose a sophisticated design or a Corian finish, you can easily spend $100 to $130 per square meter just for the material.

Is the colour factor included in the cost?

Maybe. For example, the 30 x 144-inch abalone meter costs about $870, or $30 per square foot, they said when posting the numbers on the Home Counselor’s website.

In Acadia a room of the same size costs $550, or $20 per square meter. A smaller, acorn-colored piece measuring 30 x 92 inches costs $400, or about $22 per square foot.

As you can see, Corian is infinitely versatile and offers countless possibilities for every budget.

Consider the extra labour costs if you want to have a complicated installation carried out by a professional: You always pay 10 to 20% less for a contractor than for granite or marble.

Request quotes from Corian’s authorized professionals and independent contractors to negotiate the best possible deal for your project: Corian has the reputation of being the best solid surface brand on the market, with a long history of quality.

Cleaning and maintenance of worktops made of solid material such as Corian

Low maintenance costs? Oh, yeah. Soapy water is the ideal cleaner – provided that you rinse all surfaces with clear water to remove the dull film that can form over time.

Cleaners specially designed for hard surfaces are also a good choice. Because Corian is very durable, you can use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads and scrapers for hard-to-reach areas.

But don’t exaggerate, Corian care experts say. Prolonged contact with bleach can discolour the counter tops and wax residues can form on glass cleaners.

Ultimately, if solid surfaces such as Corian are durable and resistant, you should play it safe and only use pH-neutral cleaners for granite and other natural stones to get the best cleaning results.

Maintenance over time may involve the need to remove dents and scratches, which can be costly as the restoration of these surfaces takes time.

The restoration can consist of sanding the damage with sandpaper and then filling the area(s) with coloured or clear epoxy.

According to the Home Advisor’s experts, a professional restoration can cost between $200 and $500, depending on the extent of the damage.

Tips for avoiding situations that may be harmful to Corian

An authority on the maintenance of countertops and other materials of this niche product mentions high temperatures and hot pots of kryptonite for Corian. You don’t need to know cartoon characters like Superman to understand the damage this fictional material can do to a person or a counter.

Heat is not the only reason why Corian worktops can be damaged. Gravel that sticks to the bottom of pots and pans can damage the countertop and cause thermal shocks that can crack the surface.

In addition, the dark colors used for Corian countertops often require more attention than light colors, but even with the best care, time is a constant when it comes to wear and tear.

Over time, your countertops will acquire such a subtle patina that you may not even notice the surface changing over the years.

One last piece of advice on the maintenance of the Corian counters: If you accidentally spill boiling water on your meter despite its hardness, clean it quickly.

Repeated exposure to boiling water may cause gradual surface wear, so you may not notice it.

Avoid chemicals such as paint strippers, which can stain surfaces if not removed immediately, and always use a cutting board when cutting food to prevent sharp knives from cutting countertops.

Do not settle for privileges if you are in love with Corian.

The company has come a long way since the first Corian kitchen counter was presented to the public in 1967. You will be interested to see how the product range has expanded, especially if you are a coordinator.

In addition to patterns, grains, textures, glossy and matt finishes, more than 100 colours are now available and 20% recycled material has been added to Corian products.

But it’s your ability to control the edges, back splashes and sinks that are now available in Corian, which will undoubtedly add the perfection of your kitchen design.

Add a matching Corian backsplash or request a unique Corian unit that includes a countertop and backsplash for a flawless look.

Corian sinks are so advanced that you can choose between sink or floor mounting, or integrate the sink into the sink itself.

Everything you expect from a built-in kitchen can be achieved with Corian – including an illuminated charging station!

Are you curious about how this cargo space works? To find out more, please visit this page so that when the time comes to choose a meter, you will be fully aware of all the revolutionary new features being added to this company’s ever-evolving product line.

Photo credit: https://www.corian.com/


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