What are the Differences Between Carport and Garage? Cost, Pros, Cons

Many people face the dilemma of whether to build a garage for their home or just build or buy a garage and be done with it. Here we will try to shed some light on these two options, compare their differences, the advantages and disadvantages of each, their costs, etc.

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Garages are fully enclosed structures with a door or large latch that gives you access to your vehicle.

Because of their enclosed design, garages keep your car away from anything the environment may throw at it.

Hangars, on the other hand, are structures with at least two open sides. They are arguably less secure than garages in terms of accessibility.

Garage instruction

As mentioned above, a garage is a fully enclosed structure built to house and secure one or more vehicles if there is sufficient space in the garage to do so.

big garage in house

A garage can be attached to a house or be a stand-alone structure. The average cost of a garage is $50 per square foot, however, according to HomeAdvisor, some homeowners report paying between $16,000 and $38,000 in total to build a garage for their home.

With this in mind, there are several types of garages today;

The garages are either integrated or separated from each other:

  • Detached garages are independent structures that are not connected to the house.
  • Built-in or built-in garages, on the other hand, usually share one or more walls with the house, or are built entirely as part of the house and are part of the first floor.

Garage dimensions

You can have a single, double, triple or even a tandem garage.

  • In the UK, for example, the most common type of garage is a single garage. However, there is enough space for one car or even less. In addition, some garages have enough space for storage or a workbench.
  • Double garages are larger and provide enough room for two cars side by side, and you can always open the door to your car (although you can only open one at a time). A garage door is sometimes twice as wide as a single garage, or has two doors that can be placed side by side.
  • Three- or four-bay garages are common in countries such as America and France, but rare in the UK. However, these types of garages generally follow the same pattern. They are larger than the first two and have two or more single or double doors.
  • The tandem garage is designed for a single vehicle. However, they are deep enough for two vehicles, nose to nose. These garages are not very popular, and they are an excellent way to protect two vehicles from the elements. Still, many people use the extra space to store items, or use it as a true laundry room.

Garage equipment

Garages can be built with any of the following materials: Wood, concrete, brick, steel or a combination of household materials.

Advantages of garages over airports

Most of the advantages of a garage over a carport lie in its enclosed function:

Garages are versatile

Many garages usually don’t even house vehicles, but serve as storage space or are converted into living space, a gym or even an office for a small start-up.

They provide excellent protection from the elements.

For years, a roof over your vehicles was the typical standard for weatherproof architecture.

Garages are safe

When quality locks are installed, a new garage door can be as secure as the doors in the house itself. It is a safe place for your car and various items, including expensive appliances.

Garages can also be built, depending on the property.

If the garage is built together with the house or added later, it can be finished with the same materials and in the same style, so that it harmonizes with the exterior of the existing house.

garage stucco

Car Garage Manual

Airports are not as scary as garages, but in a way they do provide some protection for your car.

Garages are used to protect your vehicle from wind and rain when it is not in use. Unlike garages, garages are generally defined by their materials.

Metal and aluminum canopy

A metal awning is usually made of copper, steel or aluminum. The roof consists of panels of glass, plastic or acrylic, supported by a transparent, translucent or opaque metal frame.

A good quality metal tool shed built by a reliable company will be powder coated to protect it from the elements, making it highly resistant to corrosion.

The wooden carport.

These types look more like a flat pointed roof and rest on four or more wooden supports or a column frame. In some ways they look a lot like garden sheds, but they have no walls.

wooden carport

UPVC connection

Like the windows and doors in PVC, the PVC garage also has a PVC frame. They are always reinforced from the inside.

The roof can be transparent or consist of opaque panels. It can also support one or more walls to provide additional protection from the weather.

Double garage

Suppose you have two cars and lots of space, then a nice double garage is just what you need.

The advantages of a garage over a carport.

One of the major advantages of a typical garage over a carport is that it is less enclosed and less expensive.

Airports are much more flexible and faster to build.

Because they are less painful and less demanding to build, carports can be built quickly without the need for as much sophisticated equipment or professional work as a garage.

Much lower costs

Building a garage is less expensive than building a carport because it requires fewer resources and less labor. The average cost of furnishing a garage is about $6,000 to $7,000 for two cars.

However, according to HomeAdvisor, most homeowners spend between $3,968 and $5,687 on a garage.

Universal blinds

The canopy on the open side provides comfortable protection from heat or storms and serves as a play, work or barbecue area as well as a parking space for the car.

Airports are ventilated

Anything stored in a garage is free from dust and heat. Meanwhile, items stored in garages can quickly turn to dust and even become damaged if there is too much heat.

open carport from the sites

The modern ones are very portable and discreet.

Carports are less conspicuous and have less impact on the aesthetics of most new homes than garages. Modern prefabricated carports are now available that are durable and much less expensive than building your own, so this is another option worth considering.

I’m comparing the two: garage and airport

Yes, garages and carports are very versatile in their design. So the decision to build or design is entirely up to you.

In addition, your decision should be based entirely on your needs. Although hangars may seem inexpensive and less difficult to build, they have only one purpose: to provide basic protection for your car or motorcycle.

If you want a much better protection of your belongings and perhaps need extra storage space, etc., then a full garage is the best choice. In this case, a full garage is the best choice. Of course, this depends on your ability to pay the much higher cost of building a garage instead of a carport.

Frequently asked questions

Is it as good as the garage?

Protection and durability Although carports are more open in design, they can still offer vehicles some protection from rain, snow, ice or sun. Based on design alone, a garage typically provides more coverage, shelter and protection for your vehicles.

Does the garage add value?

Carports certainly add value and should be a consideration when improving your home. In fact, many homeowners add a carport to their home in addition to their existing garage. For example, a garage should not be reserved for one car, but can also be used to protect large items such as boats.

Does converting a garage into a carport increase its value?

Converting a garage into a carport generally saves about 20% of the cost of building a new garage, provided the garage slab, supports and roof are in good condition.

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