Tips to Rent an Apartment with Pets

If you have a pet, you can rent an apartment with your pet – as long as it is a small pet. Many landlords will let you rent an apartment with a small pet, but not a large one. While 55% of landlords will allow small pets, you should check with the landlord or the rental property before bringing your pet into the apartment. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

Be Responsible

Before taking a step towards apartment renting in Washington DC, with pets, be sure to understand your landlord’s pet policy. Some landlords require references for pets, and others do not. In either case, you should always be prepared to explain the care of your pet and provide proof of ownership. In some cases, landlords may require a pet deposit or renters insurance. Make sure to ask about this policy and prepare to comply with it. Listed below are some tips for being responsible when renting an apartment with pets.

First, make sure to inform your landlord. Some landlords have no-pet policies that are explicitly stated, so be sure to check them before you move in. Never sneak in your pet and hide it from the landlord. You may be required to rehome your animal if you violate the policy. If you’re unsure whether the landlords allow pets, discuss this with the maintenance team or seek advice from a landlord/tenant lawyer.

Be Aware of Your Pet’s Daily Routine

Your dog’s daily routine should be a priority when renting an apartment with pets. Dogs need a daily routine for bathroom breaks, exercise, and general well-being. Establish a regular time for walking and peeing, and make sure your dog has current vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments. Providing proof of these vaccinations and preventative treatments is particularly important since landlords may require proof of pet health when they decide to rent an apartment with a pet.

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You must be aware of your pet’s daily routine while renting an apartment with pets. Dogs, for example, are the most energetic and demanding types of pets and need to have consistent routines. Routines help them meet these needs and are beneficial for both humans and animals. Even if you don’t have time to attend to your pet on a daily basis, a daily routine can help your dog feel secure.

Invest in Pet Insurance

If you’re renting an apartment with pets, you may be wondering whether you should invest in pet insurance. Renter’s insurance policies do not generally cover damage caused by pets, but some larger umbrella policies can. These policies may cover more than just damages caused by pets, such as medical expenses for injured guests. Depending on the specific coverage you choose, a policy may cover both medical payments and liability for the pet owner.

Before getting pet insurance, you need to learn about the cost. The average cost for pet rent is $20 per month. An additional $210 must be paid upfront. The cost will vary depending on the breed of pet and its health condition, and it will likely be higher if you’re bringing a dog. If you have a fish, you can get away with paying a lower pet rent but still purchase pet insurance. It will also cover basic wellness checks and vaccinations for your pets.

Find Pet-friendly Housing

Many landlords offer pet-friendly accommodations, but the price tag may be higher than for regular apartments. While pet-friendly apartments are more desirable for tenants, they can be expensive. There are also some state-specific laws that must be adhered to. Be sure to research pet-friendly rental laws in your area. Also, consider the cost of veterinary care, pet food, daycare, and grooming for your pet before making the final decision. Large or exotic pets may also be difficult to find.

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Ask about amenities that cater to pets when looking for an apartment. For example, dog-friendly apartments may have free poop bags, dog-washing stations, and roof-top parks. Green space is also essential for pet owners. It could be as simple as a patch of grass or as large as a field. Apartments with fenced-in lawns may be ideal for families with dogs.

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