Synthetic Shake and Shingle Pricing Guide for 2020 –

Synthetic shingles and asphalt shingles are materials based on polymers or a combination of plastic and rubber. They are used on roofs where homeowners want the classic look of wood or natural slate, with the added benefit of synthetic blends.

Synthetic roofs are relatively new to the residential roofing market and appeared in the early 1990s. Their sustainability, durability and affordability have contributed to their growing success.


For an average 2,000 square meters of single-layer roof that is not complex, it costs between $7.50 and $11.50 for every square meter installed. This results in an overall average price range of $15,500 to $23,000. If the existing roof has to be demolished and removed first, it can cost an additional $2,000 to $3,500.

A complex roof with multiple angles, dormers and glazing, or a steeper than average pitch, increases the complexity of the project and costs correspondingly more.

Cost of materials

Composite shingles and composite fake slates cost almost the same. It is formed by a casting process to resemble wood or stone.

The material is quite light, about 1.25 pounds per tile, so almost any type of roof can tolerate this installation. The tiles are easy to cut with a utility knife and can be attached just as easily as with a nail gun.

A contractor of asphalt shafts must be trained in the correct application of plastic shafts and shakes.

Breakdown of costs in case studies

When a home improvement project is carried out by qualified professionals, it is in your interest to get multiple quotations, preferably three to seven.

The figures they give you are either the total cost of the installation (one price for everything) or, ideally, a list of individual costs so that you can better compare their prices with those of the competition. In the following example, we give some figures, because specific elements such as building permits and disposal charges vary from region to region.

Composite shingles: 2,000 square meters (20 roof spaces) = $18,000. Removable roof (including materials and professional installation) Removable roof : 1500
Disposal costs: 500
Additional materials: Flashing light, fixtures, underpayment, etc. = $550
building permit: 350
Total project cost = $20,900.

Factors affecting total cost

While material costs are approximately the same between composite shingles and imitation slate, material costs are determined by the prices charged by manufacturers and distributors.

Contractors generally purchase the products in bulk through established distributors. There are a number of manufacturers on the market and they are popular:

The length of the tiles may vary from brand to brand. Although the costs remain fairly stable. With shingles, the colour tends to imitate natural wood, although it is possible to order a specific colour at an extra charge. In the case of fake slate, there are different colour options and this does not affect the costs.

Removal of the previous roof represents a significant cost, but is unlikely to be necessary in many cases.

Synthetic shingles can be nailed directly onto existing asphalt shingles and if the roof deck is in good condition, this means that the costs of stripping and removal, which represent a significant percentage of the total costs in the project example, can be eliminated.

Roof installation increases labour costs again. The height of your roof from the ground, as well as the height of the upper edge from the lower edge of the roof, are synonymous with timing for professionals.

The slope of the roof is usually the decisive factor, and steeper slopes cost more. Synthetic roof tiles are designed for roofs with a pitch of 3:12 or more.

Finally, the paycheck. You can usually find a contractor on the manufacturers’ websites (see above) to assist you in your search, and to ensure that the product is manufactured by a certified and experienced professional.

In other words, their product looks better when done right. However, this material is the lightest side of a roof installation and the savings can come from a local roofer who is established and able to guarantee his work.

Income and expenses

With a lighter material that is relatively easy to install, one might mistakenly think that it is not very resistant. Actually, it’s the other way around. In general, the warranty on the equipment is 50 years or more. It is built to last as long as natural slate, while costing only about a third of the price of the natural material.

It is also not brittle, which cannot be said of natural slate. With natural slate, walking on it can cause serious problems if you don’t know what you’re doing. With a false slate you can walk on it and it has no negative influence on the installation.

Another positive aspect in terms of lifespan is the return on investment (ROI). EnviroShake estimates the return on investment of its products at 70-80%.

Moreover, plastic is recyclable. Some manufacturers use materials that are not recycled, while others use high quality recycled materials. The synthetic material of the rim closely resembles natural wood and slate, but can be distinguished from the natural product. However, it is virtually impossible to see the difference between non-recycled and recycled plastic.

Other benefits

  • heat-resistant
  • hail-proof
  • Withstands extreme temperature changes and withstands wind speeds up to 180 mph before the parts fly away.
  • Parts are easy to obtain
  • resistant to mould, mildew, rot or infestation by insects

Beware of plastic shingles and shakes

  • As a relatively new material, it has no natural counterpart, although its benefits probably outweigh these concerns. The big disadvantage is that the guarantees are not (yet) fixed.
  • Local building codes should not allow the marketing of such a new product. Unlikely, but a call to the local or provincial government can be the first step in your roofing project.
  • The colours mix through the material and must last for a long time (several decades) before they fade. Or if they fade, they fade evenly. Anyway, anyway: After only 25 years of field trials, the facts really need to be established.


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