Slate Countertops (Design Guide)

Here’s our guide to slate countertop design, including popular colors, costs, and ideas for kitchens and bathrooms.

Slate countertops are an excellent choice in all categories: Aesthetics, price and quality. These countertops can be used in many places, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors.

When you think of natural countertops, it’s usually granite or marble. However, introducing a slate countertop may be the best thing you can do for your budget while adding a unique piece to your kitchen or bathroom.

What is aslate?

Slate is a natural material that can be used for a number of applications, including kitchen countertops. Slate is similar to soapstone in composition and properties.

Slate is composed of different natural materials such as clay, silt, etc., which can differ from each other, resulting in a different appearance and quality of work. This stone has been shaped over millions of years by changes in pressure and temperature, creating a unique appearance.

Service quality is based on grade (high, medium, low), which is usually correlated with price range. Slate is extremely durable, non-absorbent, stain resistant and does not scratch easily.

Lower quality products can be just the opposite: weak, porous, slightly stained and slightly cracked. When slate is used for countertops, superior varieties that can be sealed are used. Slate is available in a wide variety of colors and natural patterns.

where slate worktops are used

Slate countertops can be used in many places. Kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops can be fitted with the beautiful slate countertops of your choice.

Slate countertops can also be used in outdoor bars and counters, and in other island or living spaces. The use of slate countertops is very versatile and can add value to a home.

In areas where there is a lot of water, it is important to choose a superior quality so that the surface does not absorb and is not destroyed by spills. This phenomenon occurs in both kitchens and bathrooms. Each is described in more detail below.

Kitchen worktops

Slate is a fantastic choice of natural material for kitchen worktops. Slate can compete with marble and granite, but costs almost half as much.

Although slate is smaller than other natural stones, it still costs more than man-made materials such as laminate or hard flooring.

Slate can be quite uniform, giving the room a sleek look while still giving it a beautiful and unique look. High quality slate offers great durability, which is necessary for a heavily used space like the kitchen.

Slate countertops are resistant to the heat of pans, moisture from spills and stains from food or liquids.

slate bathroom worktops

Slate countertops can be and are often used in bathrooms as vanity tops. It is a good choice if you choose the right kind.

Slate is heat resistant for curling irons or flat irons that can be used for bathroom countertops. In addition, a good slate is resistant to water from the sink and to makeup and soap stains that could tarnish your surface.

Although the surface is easy to clean, maintaining a natural material like slate requires a lot of cleaning products. Keep this in mind when choosing a slate.

Slate worktop colours

Your choice of slate color can affect not only the look of your countertop, but also the cleaning requirements and price.

As a general rule : The darker the color, the more expensive the material, as it affects the strength and quality of the stone.

By making this choice carefully, you can ensure that you get the right color slate countertop the first time. Below are some of the most common colors for slate countertops.

black flat counterpart

Black slate is also known as table slate. Indeed, if it’s not finished, it can be used as a shelf.

Black slate is in a higher price range than some other slate colors. Black slate in particular is striking and beautiful, but can have more bumps and blemishes than some other colors, especially if not polished.

This means that black slate is extremely durable and can be used in a wide variety of environments.

Worktops in grey slate

Gray slate countertops are in the lower and middle price range. Grey slate is generally dark in colour and has a marbled appearance.

This is where the term grey slate comes from to define shades of grey. With its dark color, gray slate has good strength and durability.

Gray slate is one of the most commonly used slate for countertops. Like black slate, grey slate also shows stains and fingerprints.

White slate buttress

There is no such thing as a true white slate countertop. So-called blank slate is usually not pure white, but marbled or speckled with gray or black for a more visually interesting design.

White slate countertops are prone to stains and visible dirt due to their light color. These countertops have the same price range as the gray slate countertops, from medium to low.

Other slate worktop colours

We have covered the most popular and neutral colors, but there is a wide variety of colors to choose from.

However, since stone is a natural product, the available colours are limited, as they are by definition part of nature. Some of the rarest and most unique colors are the following:

Green, purple or red: These are the rarest colors found in Vermont and they are valued for their strength, visual appeal and rarity. These colors look absolutely stunning and are very limited, so they are only used in the most complex projects.

Grey-blue : Basalt is a blue-grey colour that can show great variety. The colour of basaltic slate corresponds to an average or lower price level and to a quality level.

Blue: Blue slate has a more pronounced blue colour than basalt and occurs in different shades of blue. Blue slate is of medium to low quality and price.

Brown and green: Brown and green slate comes mostly from regions like Colorado. In particular, rustic slate and African slate offer warmer color choices.

These colors are in the medium to high price range because they are rarer and more unique, although the quality is not as high as some of its color competitors.

Slate counterweight Costs

When it comes to replacing a countertop, price is an important factor. To get an accurate price for a countertop, you need to consider both the price of the material and the price of the installation.

How much does a slate cost?

Slate tiles, in particular, cost about $75 to $100 per square foot to install. Usually, kitchen countertops are about 6 square feet in size; sometimes they are divided into sections, depending on the location of appliances. When broken down into smaller pieces, the plates can be on the low end of the price range.

On average, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,500 for a slate countertop, depending on the model.

If you are considering tile countertops in a bathroom, the square footage will be much smaller, which will lower the price significantly. This is usually about 10 square feet, for a total of about $900 to $1000. This can vary depending on the location of the sinks and the size of the bathroom.

Which is cheaper, slate or granite?

Slate is less expensive than granite. Slate is a great way to get a beautiful and unique countertop for about half the cost.

A fully installed granite countertop can run up to $4,000, compared to the $2,000 mentioned above for a slate countertop.

Granite and marble are both extravagant natural stones, but when it comes to price, slate wins.

Slate has the same properties as marble, quartz and granite, and black granite, quartz and marble, similar to slate.

With lower initial costs and better quality material, slate offers a better return on investment (resale value) for the home at the time of sale.

Where can I buy a slate stand?

Slate countertops can be purchased from a variety of places. The easiest place to get slates is your local hardware store.

To make it even easier, you can even buy them online from a DIY store where you can arrange delivery, installation, etc.

While these stores usually have stocks and can make custom items, there are limits to what they can have and get.

Another way to buy slate countertops, especially if it is part of a larger project, is through home improvement stores and contractors that also have online options. Start asking questions at one of these stores and they will steer you in the right direction.

For more information, visit our soapstone countertop gallery.

frequently asked questions

Is the slate a good table top?

Slate is an excellent material for worktops. It has a beautiful stone texture and a pleasing color spectrum that ranges from light to dark gray and can also include deep rich colors of blue, green, red, purple, brown and black.

Is slate harder than granite?

Slate is ideal for busy kitchens. The non-porous slate surface is durable and easier to clean and maintain than granite, marble and even concrete. Granite is also cheaper than granite. The hard material is ideal for high traffic areas as it does not scratch or abrade easily.

Are slate worktops painted?

Slate countertops are stain resistant. In addition, they are completely non-porous, making them highly antibacterial and resistant to mold.

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