Should Door Hinges be Painted?

We never think about door hinges until we paint the doors and are faced with the choice of painting over the hinge or leaving it as it is. If you are deciding whether or not to paint your door hinges, this article will help you understand all the possible pros and cons. So, keep your paint cap on tight until you know everything about whether or not to paint your door hinges.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s the short answer. You can also read to the end for better understanding.

You can paint the door hinges for aesthetic reasons. However, it is recommended not to do so as it will damage the mechanism and shorten the life of the hinges.

What are the door hinges for?

When we think of door hinges, we usually think of functionality. Door hinges are small metal plates attached with screws to both the door and the door frame that allow the door to open and close. But just because hinges are essentially functional doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish, and that can make you wonder if you should paint the hinges when you paint the door to match your decor.

Can I paint the door hinges?

Door hinges can be painted, but that doesn’t mean they have to be! If you have purchased a home where the previous owners have painted over the hinges, you may feel that you have no choice but to repaint them their own color, but be aware that this may compromise the integrity of the hinges. Painted hinges can damage the mechanism and make your door run less smoothly, and the more coats of paint you apply, the more damage you do. This also reduces the life of the hinges and means they need to be replaced sooner than usual. The short answer is that door hinges should not be painted and you should avoid it.

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If the hinges are already dirty, it is best to remove them and install new hinges. If this is not possible, you can try to remove the paint by scraping or sanding it with fine sandpaper. However, this can scratch the hinges, and success will depend on the age of the hinges, the number of coats of paint, and the type of paint used.

If you don’t like this option either, leave the hinges as they are and don’t apply any additional coats of paint to protect them from further mechanical damage. If you choose to paint the door the same color as the paint covering the hinges, the hinges will not stand out and it will create a seamless look that will not draw attention to the painted hinges.

Hinge variants

If you don’t like the look of your hinges, you should replace them, not paint them. Nowadays, there is a wide choice of hinges that can be matched to the color of your interior, or you can choose hinges that blend in with the color of the door for an impeccable look. Hinges are available in matte or glossy finishes and are usually silver, gold, brass, copper, black or white.

If you need a more unusual color bow, there are many options online. Hinge styles can also vary widely, from ornate and decorative hinges to industrial-style hinges and elegant minimalist hinges. If the color of your door is unique and you want to make sure the hinges match the color, you can buy hinges that match the color. These hinges are primed and ready to receive a coat of paint.

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The best way to ensure that the hinges are free of paint while painting the door is to remove them, but this can make the simple job of painting the door much more difficult and time consuming. It can also cause problems when you reattach the hinges to the door, because they are not screwed on exactly as before, and the door may not close properly.

If you haven’t installed the door yet, you can leave it hanging while you paint and protect the hinges with decorative tape. Cut the decorative tape and carefully place it on the hinges and around the door handle to make sure the paint is kept away from all appliances. If this method is too long and cumbersome for you, you can also tape off the loop and carefully cut it into shape with a box cutter.

Protecting the hinges with tape can be frustrating and take an hour, but it’s well worth it to preserve the integrity of the hinges and ensure a clean finish. When painting your door, be careful around the trim to prevent paint from seeping through. Letting the door hang while you paint is not only the easiest way to paint the door, but it also means you can paint both sides of the door at once.

If you remove the hinges, you will need to lean the door against the wall or lay it on the floor while painting, and you will not be able to turn the door over to paint the other side until the first side of the paint is dry. It takes between 4 and 24 hours for the paint to dry between coats. Therefore, if you can paint both sides of the door at the same time, the time you spend waiting for the paint to dry is significantly reduced.

Once the paint has dried and you have done all the painting, you can remove the decorative tape to expose clean, unpainted loops. The high quality decorative tape does not leave a sticky residue. Should this happen, clean the hinges with a cloth and soapy water.

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Do cabinet hinges need to be painted?

New hinges for cabinet doors are expensive and you can save a considerable amount of money by refurbishing the old hinges yourself. … High quality paint gives the hinges a professional look. Remove the door hinges with a drill.

Can we paint the hinges without removing them?

Support our journalism. Sign up today. A : The paint should work without removing the existing paint, and you have a choice between spray paint and brush. Replacing the hinges with brushed nickel would not be very expensive.

How do you paint door hinges?

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