Pros, Cons, and Costs of Floor to Ceiling Windows (with 15 Examples)

Release date : 16. December 2020 Shana Yuri

The floor to ceiling windows are among the most spectacular, whether renovations or additions to the house. Thanks to these windows, any room can be quickly converted. They are large and let in a lot of natural light, but of course with some disadvantages.

Are you
interested in installing floor-to-ceiling windows? Read this guide first to get the right expectations.

A. Advantages and disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Understand this before you pay extra for such large windows.


  • More natural light
    (that means more energy saving)
  • Plus
    visual access to outdoor natural beauty
  • Upgrade of
    in a small house to make it look more spacious.
  • Improving an ordinary house, making it more interesting.


  • Provides
    less privacy compared to conventional windows
  • susceptible to vandalism
    as. B. Throwing stones
  • the installation of special glazing and window frames is more expensive
  • The large
    is difficult to clean and maintain.

windows can also heat the room faster, which requires the installation of more
products to avoid extreme temperature loads.

B. How much does a floor-to-ceiling window cost?

Calculating floor-to-ceiling windows can be difficult because it depends on accurate calculations. If you choose wall windows (large solid panels stretching from top to bottom), you will have to pay between $700 and $1,600 per foot.

If you like
something unique, try a curved window. He doesn’t reach the ceiling because of his shape. Expect to pay $450 a foot. The cost rises by
if you need extra features such as a special glazing, a special shape or a double sheet

C. Inspiration forfloor-to-ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming increasingly popular. They offer an energy-saving alternative for new generations looking for environmentally friendly homes.

Looking for inspiration? Here are 15 floor-to-ceiling window ideas you can imitate.

1. White frame with curved panels

These windows have curved glass at the top as an ornament. The panels are made in the elegant style of French windows. You have a beautiful view of the outside terrace, the garden and the trees in the courtyard.

The blue edge of the white carpet seems to fit perfectly with the windows.

2. Window with full view of the forest

Entire forest view window (par. @mowerymarsharchitects) @mowerymarsharchitects

From the large windows you have a beautiful view of the small forest behind the house. Thin, dark frames add spice without losing their elegance.

The white walls and the beige leather cabinets (and the floor) contribute to the grounding of these figures.

3. Large windows for a spacious living room

Large windows for a spacious living room (par.

These few large windows are perfect for a large living room. Their height is adapted to the slope of the ceiling and roof. The windows have large white frames that harmonize with the dark wood.

4. Square French doors for Bohemian Room

Square Doors for the Bohemian Room (by.

windows adorn a modern bohemian-like room. The French doors harmonise perfectly with the
thanks to its patterned fabric and chaise longue. The position of the hat rack between the two corner windows
makes a strong impression.

5. Patiodoors dining room walls

French dining room walls (par.

These patio doors also serve as transparent walls in the dining room. They also provide plenty of natural light and warmth, perfect for a pleasant dinner or social event.

The black frames go well with the white carpet, the furniture and the open shelves with the ceramic collections.

6. WindowOS with hard floor to ceiling

Floor to ceiling windows (from

You want to enjoy the forest, but you don’t want to go out? Install a sturdy metal glass screen so you can enjoy your garden. The glass has no other ornaments, so your view is not obstructed. The parquet floor and stairs fit well with the window.

7. Floor to ceiling windows in bungalow

Ceiling-high windows in the bungalow (par.

Do you have a villa in bungalow style or a holiday home? Decorate it with floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows can be used as private sliding doors through which the cold can enter.

8. Floor to ceiling windows in a rustic farmhouse

Floor to ceiling windows in a rustic farmhouse (par.

The floor to ceiling
windows are identical to the modern or contemporary design. However, these
stained glass windows are placed in a rustic house with a
rustic interior. A window opens and shows a $50 book.

9. Smooth windows, floor to ceiling

Smooth floor-to-ceiling windows (par. @kathykuohome) @kathykuohome

The floor-to-ceiling windows are beautiful and offer a beautiful view of the snowy surroundings. This ice gets eyes, too. It combines beautifully with several sofas, a modern fireplace and modern ring lights.

10. Small dining room with large and elegant windows

Small dining room with large elegant windows (par.

This small dining room gets brighter when the light comes in. Two high windows are fitted with curtains to allow owners to protect their personal space.

11. Beautiful bedroom windows in the backyard

Beautiful inner garden Bedroom windows (on:

This room
has beautiful stained glass windows overlooking the garden or forest.
The bedroom is designed in a minimalist style because the view to the outside offers a wide decorative element
. The framed painting was the only decoration in the room.

12. Floor to ceiling lighting with black tiles

Floor lamps with Black Tile (par. @anitagent) @anitagent

These floor-to-ceiling windows have dark, solid frames. However, the black tiles around the fireplace complete the picture. The brown sofa and the black ceiling fan give a more modern look. You can view these 2020 ceiling fans on

13. Large stained glass window for family room

Large stained glass window for family room (on request

This family room has a floor-to-ceiling window that brings excellent views and natural light into this common room. The door is also made of a large glass pane.

Next to the window is an L-shaped bench with a beautiful view.

14. Large windows for a modern living room

Large windows for the modern living room (par.

This modern living room has several windows overlooking the pool. They also serve as doors that allow direct access to the outside world.

The modern furniture and abstract works of art make this room an interesting place to relax.

15. Glass window wall in a modern living room

Glass window panel in the modern living room (par.

This modern and minimalistic lounge
has a large glass wall overlooking the garden
. Fireplace, large screen and several seats.
This location is perfect for a social event, a meeting or a birthday party.

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows is not easy. You have to take into account dimensions, sizes, materials, etc. However, these windows offer a lot of natural light and extra access to the outside!

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