Outdoor TV Ideas (Design Gallery)

Create the ultimate outdoor living experience with these creative and practical outdoor television ideas.

Outdoor spaces are not only an extra place to entertain guests, but also an ideal place to encourage your family to enjoy the vitamin D, fresh air and panoramic views they so desperately need.
As an extension of your living room, why stop at the furniture. Enjoy audio and visual entertainment to bring you even closer to the comfort of your outdoor space.

A large screen combined with a surround sound system is a great way to enhance your terrace, deck, backyard or pool. But thanks to modern technology it has never been easier to bring your indoor comfort into your garden. With Smart TV, for example. B. Control your TV preferences, e.g. via voice commands or mobile applications.

Besides, it’s so convenient to find television. With HDMI, Bluetooth and wireless settings, you don’t have to worry about exposed cables. And with high-quality flat-screen TVs and projectors, there are no limits to your outdoor design options.

Terrace with TV

Modern terrace with outdoor TV stand in the pavilion

Protect your TV from the weather and moisture by installing a closed TV cabinet. This terrace design uses a concrete housing to house an outdoor TV. The concrete curb, with its horizontal elements, integrates well into the overall design of the patio and uses a similar material for the deck. The modern courtyard has the perfect focus

Covered terrace with TV

This covered terrace is a comfortable place to spend time with the family. Perfect for dinner or to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

The installation of an outdoor television screen directly above the fire pit ensures total concentration. What’s more, the ease of installing a flat screen TV on a fireplace without any additional decoration allows you to maintain a contemporary style.

Bridge with TV

A modern outdoor terrace is nice enough, but you can bring much more to your living space with a TV or outdoor projection screen. Flat screens are easy to install on your terrace or deck, but the projector is also a practical option if you want a large screen.

Outdoor television in the barbecue area

Combine your outdoor barbecue with your TV screen for an irresistible moment of relaxation and you’ll never miss a winning moment while grilling. This mounted flat screen TV is the perfect place to broadcast your favourite sports matches or live TV programmes.

Complement your outdoor entertainment experience with a weatherproof surround speaker to enhance your outdoor experience.

Outdoor fireplace with TV

The living room is another ideal place to set up a television because it is convenient and safe to set up a large screen. You don’t need an all-weather version for your television because the enclosed terrace protects your audio and television equipment while you enjoy the view and natural light outside.

The installation of a TV screen near the fireplace increases the central attraction of the living room. It is also the best location because it fills the cavity over a large area. You can extend the sides of your chimney or Chase fireplace to create an empty space where you can discreetly hide the plumbing and wiring.

The beautiful stone frame of this fireplace is the perfect environment to watch television. Undoubtedly the center of this outdoor living room. By placing the TV on the fireplace, it becomes more visible and viewers can enjoy the full view, wherever they are in the courtyard garden on the terrace. More ideas for a stone terrace can be found here.

With a flat screen, the placement of the TV screen may be more difficult. Create an unobstructed view of your surroundings by choosing a TV large enough to be seen from afar.

Wood-fired fireplaces make the cool spring and autumn evenings even more pleasant. The fireplace has always been the centrepiece of an outdoor space, but installing a television is a delightful addition that will make your outdoor life even more exciting.

Wild boar with TV

The advantage of a cabin is that you have the possibility to add extra equipment, such as an outdoor sofa, kitchen and dining room. Thanks to the extra protection against the elements, you can easily install the large screen you’ve always dreamed of.

With a beautiful waterfall cascading down from the roof of a modern chalet, what more could you want? You can certainly buy an outdoor television. A mounted television completes this beautiful outdoor space that complements these relaxing outdoor lenses. Visit this page to see other patios with water features.

Your free time is never complete without watching your favourite show on the flat screen TV above your bed.

The installation of the TV monitor does not have to be complicated. With a solid structure, your stand is the ideal place to install a flat screen.

Thanks to an excellent outdoor sound system, you can now enjoy the pool in the garden while listening to your favourite music by the gas fire.

Outdoor bar with TV

This outdoor bar is proof that modern elements, with the right design, can go well with your classic elements. The large television stands perfectly on a windowsill with saw-tooth profiles, beautifully framed in rustic wood, in vintage style. Now you can enjoy food and drink served hot or cold while watching your favorite movie or show at the bar.

Roof terrace with TV

What more could you want on this roof terrace with television, with breathtaking views and a detailed design? Because flat screens are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space, they can be installed anywhere. It is also advisable to install a roof covering. For a modern touch, a white awning fits on any roof surface and also serves as an extra protective layer for your outdoor TV.

Out of observation area

If you have a large garden, a TV is a great way for your kids to watch their favorite cartoon characters or even educational programs. You can choose an outdoor projector or TV and let it run during the children’s sleepover. By installing artificial grass on the terrace at night you can create a comfortable environment for a blanket or sleeping bag.

Pergola with TV

Complete your garden entertainment by placing a television under the kiosk. With its exceptional features, this summer and holiday resort is ready to welcome guests.

An outdoor TV cabinet with stand is a handy option if you want to move the screen across the terrace to get the right viewing angle. This classic gazebo is a romantic place for a relaxing dinner with your loved one.

Pool house with TV projector

The advantage of a scanning TV projector is its light weight, and you don’t have to worry about the beams falling out after installation. This charming pool house makes optimum use of the overhanging roof by conveniently protecting the viewing window.

Outdoor television at the house

A weatherproof television can be purchased for the outdoor terrace. In some cases, it may be difficult to find the best location for your outdoor TV. You’re lucky if you have a long roof overhang, like this patio that has made the best of its corner space with a rotating TV stand. This allows you to adjust the TV to the desired viewing angle.

How do you protect your TV set from the weather outside?

There are many models of outdoor TVs, but whatever the season, you’ll need extra protection to make your outdoor TV weatherproof.

A protective coating on a large screen makes it possible to look outside all year round. Of course, you don’t want wildlife to damage your recreation centre or local opportunists to deprive you of your investment. Protecting your TV from moisture makes it easier for you to keep your outdoor TV safe and protected. For more information about the installation of an outdoor television, click here.

In this way you protect your television from the elements:

Integrated safe : Thanks to an integrated box designed for your outdoor TV, you can get the exact dimensions in the right places. You can also customize it when it suits you.

Depending on the type of furniture, you can have extra space under the door or opt for pocket doors or a hinged lift that can reveal and hide your TV screen. Sliding or guided doors are also practical if you want your wardrobe to be stylish and modern.

On: Can match existing style or theme of exterior design, additional storage space, solid structure, full protection
Disadvantages Expensive, takes time to set up

Buy a box for an outdoor TV: You can choose from numerous commercial TV boxes. The most popular features are impact resistance, locks and UV protection.

On: Variety, simplicity of installation
Disadvantages : Dear

Buy a weatherproof TV cover: Commercially available outdoor TV cases are a quick and easy way to protect your screen. You can opt for an antistatic copolymer, which is of better quality than vinyl flooring. There are also lids with a front flap, an integrated transparent front foil that completely covers the bottom, and scratch-resistant versions.

On: Affordable, quick to repair, light nuisance
: Equipment to reduce overtime

Building an internal structure : Although you may not get full protection, a covered structure such as a pergola, fence, terrace roof and pool cover can serve as secondary protection for your outdoor TV.

On: Extra space, sound structure
Disadvantages : Duration, requires additional space

To go: The comfort of your outdoor space is an excellent way to improve your terrace. But the difference is that everything has to be weatherproof. From cushions to lounge chairs, choose materials that are UV-resistant and can dry quickly in the open air when damp.

Only an outdoor model is eligible for your TV, whether you put it indoors or outdoors. Add a case to the TV for extra protection against the elements. You can have it custom-made or order ready-made TV boxes. The advantage of customization is that you can adapt the design to your current outdoor theme.

To create your own designs, there are several deck design programs that you can use to bring your ideas to life.

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