Louvered Roof Pergola (Design Guide)

Pergolas are one of the most popular outdoor decoration elements in the United States. The purpose of pergolas is to shelter the house, which is important in the harsh climates of the U.S. The pergola can also provide shade for patio furniture and create extra room for plants.

The louvered roof pergola is a beautiful and stylish way to cover a porch or other outdoor space. It can add an intriguing and attractive design element to any outdoor space, and add protection from harsh sunlight and rain. As with any roof, there are many different styles and types to choose from.

The full sun penetration of a typical pergola can be a real problem, especially during the height of summer. The pergola roof is a typical solution to the problem of a too high summer sun. But it can be a bit more expensive than a standard roof. The structure is usually made of wood and the pergolas are made of aluminium, steel or plastic. They are also open to the sky. They can be fitted with louvres to cut the sun’s intensity by about 50%.

Here we share our louvered roof pergola guide including what is, how it functions in an outdoor space, cost, and the different manufacturers that produce this louvered pergola roof system. Having a louvered roof allows homeowners to make their backyards functional, attractive, and eye-catching. To make your house a very safe and relaxing haven, you wouldn’t only enhance your indoor space; it’s also about revamping your outdoor space.

You’ll breathe cleaner air and enjoy nature more if you include a louvered roof pergola into your outdoor area. It may also shield you from light rain and overexposure to the sun. 

What, then, is a pergola with a louvered roof? Is there a wide range of louvered roofs? How much would it cost you to have one installed in your backyard? In this post, we’ll go through all of these issues.

What is a Pergola with Louvered Roofs?

1628652067_350_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide A louvered roof pergola is a flexible and creative roofing structure that enables homeowners to enjoy the fresh air, soothing beams of sunshine, and other natural benefits. This roof may be simply changed to provide enough shelter from snow, mist, rain, or excessive sunshine.

Furthermore, a pergola with a louvered roof may be outfitted with amenities like ceiling fans to make the outside area even more pleasant, peaceful, and mosquito-free. This kind of roof enables homeowners to choose how much sunshine they want at any one moment throughout the day.

When it rains or snows, a louvered roof pergola provides a simple and user-friendly control mechanism that allows you to modify it. It’s no surprise that it’s a great option for families since it allows them to make the most of their outside areas! Here’s where you can learn more about our contemporary pergola design guide.

Roof System with Louvers

1628652068_664_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide A louvered roof system combines beauty and practicality with its multipurpose and changeable motorized covering. Outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, patios, and guest areas may all benefit from this roofing system.

Furthermore, each louvered roof system may be made from a variety of materials, paint colors, and finishes. It is generally determined by the requirements and preferences of the homeowner. Louvered roof systems are often constructed of steel, wood, or aluminum, and are painted or finished to the user’s specifications.

A variety of louvered roof systems are flexible enough to work with a variety of architectural styles. Bay windows, pitched roofs, and angled walls may all be accommodated by the majority of them.

They may also be constructed and configured for use as a pergola. Here’s where you can learn more about our pergola measurements guide.

Cost of a Louvered Roof

1628652069_817_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide A standard-quality louvered roof (roll-formed) may cost anywhere from $20 to $25 per square foot on average. Furthermore, the typical cost of a higher-quality extruded louvered roof is $40 to $97 per square foot.

The cost varies depending on the quality and brand. Almost all louvered roof systems may be customized. They may be tailored to the requirements of the homeowner.

If you want to install a fully equipped louvered roof system in your outdoor area, expect to pay between $100 and $110 per square foot. Here’s where you can learn more about our guide to various pergola canopy options.

Manufacturers of Louvered Roof Pergolas

1628652069_14_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide We’ve compiled a list of businesses who make louvered roofing for pergolas.

Louvered Roof by Equinox

1628652070_82_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide Equinox is a premium brand of OmniMax International, a global producer of roofing, patio structures, lawn drainage, windows, transportation goods, and many other items. 

Extruded aluminum is used to create Equinox louvered roof systems. As a result, their louvered roofs are more robust and long-lasting than traditional fabric or plastic patio covers.

It also features a clever and user-friendly design that makes it simple for homeowners to manage their roof. Their louvered roof structure may be changed to be completely solid or completely open, according on your preferences.

If you desire some sunshine, you may simply adjust the roof to provide you with adequate rays. You can regulate the rain to keep from getting wet if it’s raining. You can easily manage your outdoor roofing using the Somfy system.

Louvered Sundance Roof

1628652071_265_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide Sundance is a 13-year veteran in the film industry. Without a doubt, they develop and construct cutting-edge roofing systems that will improve not only the outside look of your home but also its safety and functionality.

All of their louvered roof systems are designed to endure a variety of weather conditions. Because each system is constructed of extruded aluminum, you can be sure it’s high-quality, durable, and authentic.

Many homeowners have loved their outdoor ambience thanks to Sundance louvered roof systems, which give them the sensation of being on vacation. Their beautiful motorized pergola enables homeowners to adjust their roofs with ease, allowing them to enjoy sunshine anytime they choose.

The Sundance louvered roof, on the other hand, can offer sun-blocking protection and revitalizing ventilation if there is too much sun. Furthermore, all of their louvered roof systems are robust enough to endure a variety of weather conditions.

They’re all made to withstand rain, snow, and high winds. Even if the worst storms hit your region, you won’t have to be concerned.

Louvered Roof Arcadia (Struxure)

1615604836_415_Types-of-Window-Blinds-Ultimate-Buying-Guide Scott Selzer, the CEO and architect of Arcadia, established the company in 2011. Struxure is the brand’s current name. It was updated in 2018. Struxure provides beautifully designed louvered roof pergolas to improve the utility and aesthetics of any homeowner’s outdoor area.

Struxure provides one of the industry’s finest and longest warranties. They provide the best-louvered roof solutions that will last a long time for their customers. They also offer the most dependable dealer networks, which will help consumers anytime they need assistance.

They have the following versions under the Pergola X roof technology:

1. Pivot 6 – this is the most well-known Pergola X model. You can completely regulate the amount of sunshine you desire with this rotating louvered roof. It has an easy-to-use roof control mechanism.

2. Pivot 6 XL – this model is designed to manage three times the amount of rainfall. It’s much superior than the Pivot 6 in terms of business usage. For bigger jobs, this is ideal.

3. Pivot 6 Slide – with this model, you can completely open or shut your louvered roof. It enables you to see the whole sky.

4. Pan 6 – For larger projects with numerous zones, this approach is perfect. You can swap between pans and louvers with it.

American Louvered Roof Systems (Kuert)

1628652072_380_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide Kuert’s louvered roof systems are entirely manufactured in the United States and are composed of aluminum with a powder-coated framework. Each roof system has a remote control that allows you to change the amount of shade you desire.

All of their louvered roof systems may provide excellent protection for your outdoor furniture from the sun. With its large glass panes and sliding doors, it prevents glare from entering your eyes.

Their roofs are all constructed entirely of extruded aluminum and are designed to withstand all kinds of weather.

Louvered Roof by Apollo

1628652073_486_Louvered-Roof-Pergola-Design-Guide All of Apollo’s louvered roofs are built in a unique way. Users will undoubtedly appreciate their outside areas, since these Apollo louvered roof systems can only be operated through a keypad, mobile device, or voice command.

Their louvers and frame components have all been designed to resist high winds, rain, and snow. They’re all built to last a lifetime. The bulk of the louver projects may be completed by the Apollo designers in only 3-4 days, and all of the louvers have a maintenance-free finish.

On this page, you may get additional information regarding the distinctions between an awning and a pergola.

For years, people have been trying to make their backyard look better. But in most cases, they just end up making it look more like a garage. So, what is the key to making it look good?. Read more about louvered roof system near me and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are louvered pergolas worth it?

Louvered pergolas are a great option for your home. They can be used to add some privacy and protection from the elements while still allowing light in.

How much does it cost for a louvered roof system?

The cost of a louvered roof system is $4,000.

Do louvered pergolas protect from rain?

Louvered pergolas are not designed to protect from rain. They are designed to keep out the sun, and provide shade.

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