Interior Lighting: How Not to Go Wrong With the Choice of Lighting for Furniture and Mirrors

Interior Lighting: How Not to Go Wrong With the Choice of Lighting for Furniture and Mirrors

The well-being of our lives is largely influenced by light. It’s best if there is enough natural light in the room, but this doesn’t negate the mandatory presence of fixtures and lamps.

They must be in harmony with each other like a 22Bet Kenya login goes hand in hand with astonishing winnings. Besides the main lighting fixtures, which are usually mounted on the ceiling, it’s important to take care of additional lighting for furniture and mirrors.

Practical Lighting

In theory, picking the right lighting above the mirror is simple enough, but in practice, it is easy to get lost among the huge range of models and the possibilities that they carry in themselves. And there are many options: from the shape and method of mounting to the number of lumens and the type of bulb.

Not every lamp will be able to perform the function of lighting above the mirror well. Its glare should illuminate your face but not blind your eyes. Moreover, artificial light shouldn’t change the color of the skin. For example, for ladies doing their morning makeup, this is significant. Consequently, we should choose lighting that is as close to daylight as possible, that is, from 80 to 100 Ra.


A sconce over a mirror is additional lighting that should not use high-wattage lamps. Buying this type of light fixture, immediately consider the color of the light. It’s better than it’s warm, close to daylight, rather than cold.

Mirror lighting is an essential element that should not be overlooked. A wall sconce is a good way to not only light up the mirror area but also be a nice decoration for your interior. Wall lights are extremely practical and functional – they don’t take up much space, and they can be arranged as desired. If such a product uses reliable, high-quality materials, it is a guarantee that the product will last for many years.

Installing a single wall lamp, make sure that it’s located on the axis of the mirror. If it’s planned to use two sconces for illumination, it’s recommended to place them symmetrically on both sides. In the case of a small bathroom, think about installing lighting on the sides of the mirror.

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The smaller the bathroom, the more modest and simple should be the choice of wall lights. Otherwise, they can clutter up the interior and disturb the spatial order. Owners of very large bathrooms can afford maximum leeway in the choice of shapes and sizes of lighting.

Bathroom light fixtures above a mirror, in this case, can be ornate and decorative (e.g., covered with glass imitating diamonds) or simple, minimalist, stainless steel – their choice should be based on a harmonious combination with the rest of the interior elements.

Wall lights for the hallway above the mirror – a topic in which we allow ourselves more creativity than in the case of the bathroom. Such sconces can be spotlights, so they give a focused, strong enough light. You can install them directly above the mirror. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of such products with interesting designs – colorful, elegant, and complemented by decorative lampshades.

Light bulbs without lampshades, sconces of simple shape or decorated with crystals, and even pendant lamps with a large lampshade – this is an interesting option for lighting a closet with a mirror surface, which will become a great decorative accent.

The dressing room in the hallway should be clearly lit, so the best thing to do here is LED lamps over the mirror in warm colors. Lighting above the mirror, in this case, is chosen according to the same laws as for the bathroom – the light can not offend us and should not distort the colors.

Practical and Aesthetic

Furniture lighting is small and inconspicuous. However, after turning it on, you immediately realize that it was worth the investment. Furniture fittings are a guarantee of pleasing effect and almost unlimited possibilities for the creativity of the user.

Furniture lighting can simply be installed on a living room cabinet, like invisible lamps illuminating the ceiling – they will give a beautiful, atmospheric light.

If someone likes to read, and a large bookcase is installed in the room, then such an interior element can be supplemented with the right and practical furniture fittings.

Avid collectors can equip their area with furniture lighting and competently emphasize collectibles.

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There is nothing more annoying than having to take your clothes out of the closet in the morning; at those moments, it’s difficult to see your closet and quickly find what you need. The solution, in this case, is furniture fittings – closet lighting is the perfect way to illuminate its interior space.

In the kitchen, the emphasis is mainly on the countertop. Besides central lighting, you should use LED spotlights or fluorescent lights to illuminate all work areas. If you take care of kitchen equipment, be sure to use lights inside cabinets that will make it easier to find the right ingredients and work tools.

The kitchen is often connected to the dining room, so it’s appropriate to mount a chandelier over the dining table. Its light should be intense enough so that you can see the plate but not too harsh so as not to “catch” the eye.

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