Innovative Building Materials that are Changing Commercial Construction

Release date : 5. March 2021 Shana Yuri

The construction industry is constantly evolving with new technologies that both reduce construction costs and improve the structural integrity of buildings. One of the materials that is rapidly gaining popularity is the use of geogrids to reinforce structures.

These materials are not limited to physical building materials; the technology industry is also contributing with software to improve construction accuracy and others with real estate applications used to value and sell buildings.

A notable recent program, CostCertified, has gained popularity in the marketplace, especially with the introduction of COVID-19. The software runs on a contactless platform that connects suppliers, contractors and customers.

Some of these innovative materials have changed the way designers, contractors and property owners view the entire construction process. It is safe to say that these materials make a difference in the overall cost of construction.

This article will focus on some of the best innovative materials making headlines in the construction industry.

Composite tiles

To combat the risk of roof leakage, most people have chosen asphalt shingles, both for their functionality and their price. After continuous research and development, innovators in the construction industry have introduced composite shingles that give asphalt shingles an edge in terms of functionality and price.

These shingles are distinguished by their energy efficiency, durability and the fact that they are easy to customize compared to asphalt shingles.

Concrete tiles

The roof is a part of the house that is fragile and needs constant repair. This is due to constant exposure to extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and even too much sunshine. For your roof, you need the best option that can serve you for a long time without any risk.

Concrete shingles are becoming increasingly popular because of their cost effectiveness and durability. Compared to traditional slates and clay roofs, you can live with concrete shingles for over 50 years.

Concrete slabs are customizable, allowing the owner to choose a design that suits them.

Steel and fibre cement roofing membranes

The use of metal flashing in construction is popular with builders, who see it as the most economical and energy-efficient option. Most builders opt for modern steel cladding, which is available in a variety of colours.

Asbestos cement siding has also been around for some time, but it is now gaining popularity. This design allows the appearance of natural stone to be reproduced without having to worry about the cost of the stone itself or the pressure required to replace it.

This option is also easy to install compared to other types of sidewalls.

External technical design

For years, the construction industry has had to apply solid wood exterior cladding. Over time, however, manufacturers have been offered options such as fiber cement, plastics and composites as replacements for wood surfaces.

These new options have proven to be durable and reliable for any building, new construction or renovation application.


People like to have a piece of nature in their building. However, working with these natural stones can be difficult, especially if you are trying to shape them for a specific need.

Quartz is one of the latest innovative materials to give your building a natural look. This artificial material requires little effort for installation and maintenance.


This software is used by builders and architects to draw up plans and create 3D images of buildings before construction begins. This software has revolutionized the construction industry for both commercial and residential buildings.

With this software, you can easily design a building without hiring an architect. Once you license the software, you can also use it to develop building integrity solutions.

Landscaped hardwood

Most people prefer hardwood floors because of their elegant look. Over time, however, you will have to deal with constant maintenance and they may even pose a danger to people. Preserved hardwood has all the advantages of natural hardwood without the imperfections.

There are innovative and interesting materials on the market. What all these materials have in common is that they enhance the integrity of the building while making the work of the builder and workers easier, not to mention the profitability that owners can benefit from.

frequently asked questions

What are innovative materials?

These include new coatings, composites, polymers and carbon fibres, all of biological origin and capable of replacing existing fossil materials and balancing or even improving existing quality.

What materials are used in construction?


What are modern building materials?

Modern construction methods – details and applications

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