How to Remove a Chimney Safely

If your old flue is no longer usable, consider removing it. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds, and it can actually be more expensive than it costs. There are a number of important factors to consider before you demolish your old chimney. Although the chimney removal process is quite simple, certain precautions should be taken before starting this project.

In this article, we will give you all the important tips on how to remove the chimney in the safest way possible.

Chimney relocation – First steps

Your old fireplace knocks, you break stone by stone, starting at the top. Although this project can be done by yourself, it is not recommended to undertake such projects unless you have experience. In fact, you can do more harm than good by damaging the structural integrity of the building. This can cost you much more than the project itself!

This means that anyone who is comfortable with hands-on roof work and has DIY experience can do the job, as long as they have help to do it. Make sure you are safe by using a ladder or sturdy scaffolding.

If you decide to remove your old chimney yourself, you should do some research before embarking on this project. Here are some precautions to take:

  • It may be necessary to obtain a permit before removing the chimney. Check with your local building department before starting a project.
  • Make sure you purchase the necessary safety equipment: Safety glasses, gloves, work shoes, dust masks, safety belts and helmet.
  • Hang buckets or plastic on a string during the move to remove waste and prevent dust from entering your home.
  • It is highly recommended to rent scaffolding instead of using a ladder at the local hardware store. A scaffold with safety railings is a safe and stable temporary construction that ensures that you do not fall when you climb onto the roof.

How to remove a chimney in 5 steps

Step. Start by removing the chimney wall. The box is part of the interior wall that surrounds the fireplace.

Step 2. Starting at the top of the chimney, remove one brick at a time using a stone chisel, hammer or mallet. Place the stones in a 5-gallon bucket and lower it to the ground with a rope. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Step 3.  Once under the roof, you will see gaping holes that need to be filled with a roof frame or eave. The wall covering from which you removed the chimney wall must also be entered.

Step 4. If the chimney structure in your home is not preserved after removal, you may have to spend money to repair it, depending on the extent of the damage.

Step 5. Some people, when tearing down the old chimney, prefer to leave the chimney intact. This is the process of partial removal, which we will discuss in the next section.

Watch this video to learn how to remove a chimney stone with another stone.

Partial or full chimney shot

Depending on your needs, you will need to decide whether you want to do a full or partial sweep. A chimney is a complex structure that consists of two main parts: the chimney in the interior wall of the house and the chimney, which is visible from the outside.

Some people prefer to remove the chimney and leave it intact, while others go all the way and remove both. When you remove a chimney flue, you must also remove the chimney from your home. Therefore, if your budget is limited, it is better to opt for a partial move.

It is not necessary to remove the flue. If you wish, you can keep it as part of your interior decoration.

The complete dismantling of a chimney usually takes a long time and is much more difficult because the entire structure must be removed. The end result will be large gaps that need to be filled, so be prepared to incur additional costs.

Chimney disposal costs

The cost of removing an old chimney depends on whether you do the project yourself or hire professionals. The latter significantly increases the cost of the procedure. Costs vary depending on the rates of the professionals and the amount of work to be done. Below is a general estimate of the possible cost of a professional chimney sweep:

  • Expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 for partial chimney removal.
  • If the chimney is completely removed, the cost can be as high as $6,000.

However, there are some aspects that can affect the price. Includes:

  • Size of your old fireplace
  • Whether the chimney is part of the structure or not.
  • Materials for the construction of chimneys
  • Quantity of waste after disposal
  • Workcamp

Elements to consider when disassembling the old chimney

– The anchor bolts must be drilled into the masonry before removing the bricks one by one. The condition of the masonry is essential for safe removal of the bricks.

– If you are demolishing an old concrete chimney, install 10 mm thick steel plates to prevent debris or soot from entering the chimney.

– The retained portion of the chimney below the roof must be equal to or greater than the height of the masonry above the roof.

– To prevent condensation or rain from entering the chimney, cover the chimney pot with a vent cover and place an air vent at the bottom of the chimney.

– When removing the chimney pipe, the fireplace must also be removed from the first or second floor. After removing these chimney pieces, you will need to add wood beams to adequately support the existing wood floor joists.

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