How to Hang Christmas Lights on Stucco

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Stucco


Christmas is almost around the corner, which means it’s time to start decorating the halls with Christmas lights for many of you. Your home’s stucco may seem to be a difficult surface to decorate with Christmas lights. However, by following a few easy procedures, you may effectively flip them. We’ve collected three ways for hanging Christmas lights on stucco to make your holiday decorating a lot easier. Double-sided tape, putting adhesive to each light socket and keeping it in place for two seconds, and fastening your lights with plastic roof clip nails are some of the options.

The first method is to use double-sided tape.

There will be an easier way to hang your Christmas lights on stucco if you have a Styrofoam backing that has not been damaged by adding lights or other techniques (e.g., drilling). Double-sided tape comes in useful in this situation.

Cleaning the Surface is the first step.

Clean the area of your house where the lights will be installed. This will guarantee that any dust or dirt is eliminated and that you begin with a clean workstation!

Step 2: Stick the double-sided tape in place.

Tape the double-sided tape to the socket of your Christmas light bulb. This will prevent them from falling off the stucco or being separated from one another throughout the installation process! It will be better (and less dirty) the more you use it.

Step 3: Put the Lights Up

Remove your light by pressing it on the stucco surface. This will leave a ready-to-install imprint on the wall! It will be better (and less dirty) the more you use it. Purchase a roll of this tape at your local hardware shop or online to avoid stress and double-sided tape mishaps.

Using Glue as a Second Method

If your Styrofoam backing has been damaged by the installation of lights or other techniques (e.g., drilling), you’ll need to use a hammer and drill to create some tiny holes before hanging lights. Apply a tiny bead of glue to the side or top of your first empty bulb socket after this is complete. This will assist to keep it in place and avoid any messes on your stucco!

Step 1: Drill a series of little holes in the plaster.

If your stucco has Styrofoam backing, gently tap it. Before hanging your lights, use a hammer and drill to create several tiny holes in the plaster. Decorating this year will be a pleasure with these ideas for hanging Christmas lights on stucco!

Step 2: Examine the Plaster for Styrofoam.

If your stucco is painted, you should avoid using hot glue, according to Whether you’re not sure if your plaster includes Styrofoam, gently tap it to check if it has Styrofoam backing. If this is the case, or if there are any holes in the plaster surface that suggest a drill was used to hang lights before, you will need to use a hammer and drill to create some tiny holes before hanging your lights.

Install the String of Lights in Step 3

Before you hang your lights, make sure the light bulbs are out. Hanging Christmas tree lights too high makes it harder for you and future homeowners to see once the holidays are gone. We suggest using an outdoor-rated stringing wire for the best results. These cables’ insulation protects the lights from moisture (keeping them dry) and prevents light bulbs from becoming too hot to create a fire.

4th Step: Apply Bead Glue to the Side

Glue a tiny bead on the side (or top) of your first empty bulb socket. This will assist keep it in place so you can hang it with ease and prevent any messes during the installation (they may drip onto the stucco). For a few seconds, hold the lamp socket against the wall. This will leave an indentation in your stucco (the plaster’s surface), which is ideal for bonding. Continue to secure the light socket to the structure of your house. This will help you stay organized while also allowing for maximum adherence. When someone crashes into a light bulb, the more firmly connected it is, the less likely it is to come free or fall out! To remove the light socket, use the heat gun to soften the adhesive. Give your stucco a thorough scrub once you’ve finished decorating for Christmas, and everything should come right off.

The third method is to use plastic roof clip nails to secure your lights.

This technique is for people who do not want to use tape or adhesive, according to! There will be an easier way to hang your Christmas lights on stucco if you have a Styrofoam backing that has not been damaged by adding lights or other techniques (e.g., drilling). Plastic roof clip nails come very helpful in this situation! The plastic roof clip nails will give you the best adhesion and allow you to remain organized! You may make advantage of Hang clips from the roofline and slide them along, pressing them up against each other, until you achieve the length you want. Put a pin in the center of where you want to start and work your way out on each side from there. This will also give you greater control over the spacing.

Step 1: Hang the lights using screw hooks.

Screw hooks into the stucco and use them to hang lights. This will make the fixture more permanent, but it will take some time to accomplish properly.

Step 2: Attach the lights using zip ties.

Zip ties may be a great choice for connecting lights to your stucco surface if you’re using outdoor-rated stringing wire and your stucco surface isn’t too uneven. These may be found at any hardware shop or online. They should be hung higher than normal. Most people place their Christmas lights near to eye level, but if you’re hanging them on stucco, make sure they’re at least six feet above the ground. This will prevent the weight of your light string from putting too much strain on anyone’s region and causing a stucco crack.


There are different types of Christmas lights, which is why it’s better to shop around for those that fit you better, you could try places such as Decorator’s Warehouse as a great stepping stone to initiate your lighting journey. Once you have decided on them, you can choose the most convenient method to hang your lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hang things on stucco?

You need to use a wire hanger.

How do you hang something on stucco without damaging it?

You should use a wire hanger to hang something on stucco.

Can you use Command strips on stucco?

I am not a professional stucco installer. For more information, please consult with your local contractor.

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