How to Get Deck Stain Off Vinyl Siding

If you are looking to remove deck stain from vinyl siding, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The stain can be removed with a good deck stain remover that is specifically formulated to remove the stain from vinyl siding, or you can use a household cleaner. The household cleaner is slightly more effective at removing the stain, but you will need to use more of the cleaner to do the job than you would for vinyl siding.

All decks and siding are made from wood. If you’ve ever had rotting porch or deck boards you know how bad the stench can be. Fortunately, there are several options to clean them and to prevent them from rotting.

If you have vinyl siding on your home but you want to paint your deck or fence, you may want to check with your local paint store as deck stain is not always the best choice for siding. If you have a new house or deck, then you may want to use the at-home alternatives mentioned below.

Many types of vinyl siding are resistant to stains like grease and stain. They will, unfortunately, still stain. The reason for this is because they are subjected to adverse circumstances.

They may, for example, accumulate dirt over time. Apart from that, living in a wet environment may encourage the development of mold and mildew. The good news is that vinyl sidings are simple to clean. To be more precise, there are many methods for removing deck stains from these materials. Furthermore, the majority of the techniques are straightforward and simple to implement.

Here are some methods for removing deck stain from vinyl siding to give you a better idea.

How to Get Deck Stains Out of Vinyl Siding

As previously said, there are a number of options for removing the stain from your vinyl siding. Because oxygen bleach can remove both water and oil-based stains, it is the most often used technique. You may utilize this product by following these steps:


To remove deck stain from vinyl siding, start by mixing one cup powdered oxygen bleach with a gallon of water. These two materials may be combined in a bucket. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle after shaking. You’ll also need a pail of clean water in addition to the oxygen bleach solution.


The next step is to spray the oxygen bleach solution over the discolored area once you’ve prepared it. Allow the solution to rest for approximately 10 minutes after that. Bleach can clean and remove filth as well as stains that have deepened. As a result, the solution may be used to clean the whole board. That way, the color of your vinyl siding will be consistent.


The next step is to dip your brush into the pail of oxygen bleach solution after 10 minutes. You may then begin cleaning the discolored area. If the stain persists, spray the area with oxygen bleach solution again and wait a few minutes before washing. You may wipe the area clean after eliminating the stain with a cloth soaked in clean water.


After you’ve cleaned the stain, spray the area with a vinyl siding-safe cleaning solution. After that, let the cleaning solution to remain for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping it off with a wet sponge or cloth.


You’ll need to use a contractor-grade cleaner intended to remove deck stains to get rid of stubborn stains. Choose a product that can remove both oil and water-based stains as much as feasible.

To use this product, just spray the solution over the discolored area and wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to dry. After that, use a wet towel or rag to wipe away the stain remover.

Other Products That Can Be Used to Get Rid of Deck Stains

Removes deck stains

A deck stain remover is required for difficult-to-remove stains. Deck stain may be readily removed from vinyl siding. All you have to do is spray it on the soiled area and wait a few minutes for it to dry. You may then wipe it away with a wet sponge or cloth.

Cleanser with Orange Oil


An orange oil-based cleanser is another excellent option for removing stubborn wood stains. The pumice in the solution, in particular, may remove the stain without harming the vinyl siding. Apply a little quantity of the cleanser on a soft cloth and gently massage the soiled area to utilize this product.


Pine-Sol is a fantastic solution for removing deck stains fast. This product may be applied to the stained area using a gentle cloth. Allow the solution to rest for five to ten minutes before scrubbing the discolored area with a gentle brush.

Oxalic Acid is a kind of oxalic acid

Although oxalic acid is not a typical home item, it is a useful tool for eliminating wood stains. To make this product, mix approximately five to six teaspoons of oxalic acid with a gallon of warm water. After that, apply the solution to the soiled area and wait two to five minutes for it to dry. Finally, wiping the solution away with a soft cloth or sponge is a good way to get rid of it.

Soda (baking)


Baking soda is another excellent tool for removing stains. To use this product, combine the baking soda with a few drops of water to create a paste. The stain may then be removed by applying the paste to the stained area and allowing it to rest for 20 to 30 minutes. After that, use a wet towel to wipe off the vinyl siding. You may wash and rinse the affected area after the stain has been gone.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Causes Vinyl Siding Yellow Stain?

When the compounds in vinyl oxidize, the most frequent cause of yellow stain on vinyl siding is. Remember that rain and UV rays cause the color of your vinyl siding to fade. Additionally, the residue of cleaning products and insect repellants may cause your vinyl siding to become yellow. These chemicals may create a yellow stain on your vinyl siding over time.

Is it OK if I use a power washer?

When washing vinyl siding, you should avoid using a power washer as much as possible. High pressure may destroy this material, despite its hardness. If you opt to use a power washer, it is suggested that you use low pressure and just 1,300 to 1,600 psi.

How Often Should Vinyl Sidings Be Cleaned?

It is critical to clean your vinyl siding every six months to avoid persistent stains. Unfortunately, cleaning vinyl siding requires time and work, so it should be done at least once a year.

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How to Get Deck Stain Off Vinyl Siding: deck staining is a favorite DIY project for many homeowners. It’s easy to do and it looks nice. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing that deck staining is good for. It can stain your deck, patio or driveway, and it’s not a good choice for wooden decks, which may rot if they’re stained. The good news is that there are a few ways to get your deck stain off vinyl siding without damaging the siding, or your wallet.. Read more about how to remove solid deck stain from vinyl siding and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove stains from vinyl?

You can try using a wet cloth and dish soap to gently scrub the stain. If that doesnt work, you may need to use a cleaner like Listerine or rubbing alcohol to remove the stains.

Does acetone damage vinyl siding?

Acetone is a solvent that can damage vinyl siding. It is best to avoid using acetone on your vinyl siding, as it could cause the vinyl to peel off or become brittle.

How do you get overspray off vinyl siding?

You can remove overspray by using a sponge and dish soap.

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