How High to Hang Curtains (Height Guide)

Here’s our guide on how to hang curtains high, even on high ceilings, and where to reach the curtain pole.

The height at which you hang our curtains can make or break a room. The height of the curtains affects the privacy and the amount of light, colour and texture of the room.

The optimal height for placing the curtains is 4 to 6 inches above the window frame.

The more you hang the curtains on the wall, the bigger the window becomes, which makes the room look bigger too.

That said, even if you want to give the impression that the window is bigger by hanging curtains higher than 8 inches from the frame, it can make the room look awkward, especially if you have other uncovered windows or full curtains that show where the window is actually located.

Below you will find some specific examples of different ceiling heights and places where you can hang curtains.

Height for hanging curtains from high ceilings

The height you choose to hang your curtains can be influenced by a number of circumstances. High ceiling heights and abnormal window dimensions are two of the most important factors. Based on this selection you can decide where you want to start.

How high should the curtains be? 8 feet ceiling height

A ceiling of 2.5 meters is standard sufficient for a house. At this standard height it is safe to place the rod about 15 cm above the top of the frame. This prevents unnecessary framing and creates a space between the frame and the beam.

For lower windows or even more open spaces where you want to give the illusion of larger windows and spaces, you can increase the height of the bar to just 4-6 inches from the ceiling.

High ceiling hanging curtains

The 9 foot ceilings will be a combination of the 8 foot and 10 foot rules, and they have a lot of flexibility. These curtains can reach from 6 inches above the frame to just below the ceiling, depending on the size of the window.

How high should the curtains be hung?

It is a little more difficult to hang curtains with a ceiling of 3 meters. Often the ceiling is so high because the windows are large, so there is not much space above the window to place a cornice.

In this case you should do one of two things: hang as close to the ceiling as possible or hang the curtains from the ceiling.

The opposite can also be a problem if the window is smaller or lower and there is more wall space above the window.

In this case, if you hang the curtain too high, it may seem a bit out of place, especially if there is a lot of bright light coming through and showing where the window is. In this case they should be hung about 8 inches or less above the frame.

Where hang curtain rods

The length of the rod is another factor to take into account when hanging curtains. Nowadays many curtain rails are adjustable in length, which is usually very practical.

However, it is important to take this into account to ensure that you get a pole that can be long enough or short enough for the space you want.

As a general rule, curtain rods should be hung 3 to 6 times on each side of the window frame.

Length of eaves

To find the right length of curtain rod, start with the length of the window you want to cover. Then add 3 to 6 centimetres on each side; this number should be the best length for the casting.

When you decide to go to 3 or 6 inches on each side, consider the overall size of the window – you don’t want to pull more than a third of the overall length of the window.

On the other side: The longer the rod, the more curtain panels you need to purchase to adequately cover the window.

Curtain height

In most standard dwellings cornices have to be placed directly above the window frame.

If you leave a space of approx. 4 to 8 cm between the rod and the frame, you will get an optimal hanging surface for the rod and insulation for the window.

This can vary slightly depending on the size of the windows and the height of the ceilings.

Curtains suspended from an arched window or lintel

In most cases hanging curtains can be as easy as throwing a curtain rod over the window and sliding the curtains on a curtain rod. This is not always the case when a house has unique windows.

Mullion or arched windows are a few examples. These windows are probably designed to be visible, so it’s not always the best choice to just throw a giant curtain over them.

Instead, with a little creativity, you can create beautiful and unique curtains that match the style of your window.

A mirror window is, in the simplest sense of the word, a window above a door or window. This mirror is separated from the lower door or window by a structural beam or crossbeam to provide the necessary support for the window or door/window combination.

It is usually used on doors to let light in, or on a window wall that becomes too large and needs structural reinforcement.

One way to treat a mirror in terms of a curtain wall is to consider both the underside of the door or window and the mirror as a gigantic window. He’s doing some things for the showcase.

First of all, it makes the mirror more natural and connects it to the lower window or door.

Secondly, it will be the simplest solution because the curtain can be hung like any other curtain in the house.

And thirdly, it offers maximum privacy, but is not always necessary because the curtains can be opened or closed at will.

Another solution for mirror windows is to leave the mirror itself open. This allows the largest amount of light to be obtained while maintaining privacy. The lower part of the window or door is closed by the curtains and the beam is used to close the beam between the lower window and the latch.

The third transom window solution is a combination of the first and second options. Sometimes the latch just isn’t for you, maybe you bought a house on it and it’s not something you want to insist on.

In this case you can only use ordinary curtains for the lower part of the window or door, these curtains can be opened and closed at will. You can then attach a steering wheel to the mirror window. This effectively conceals the mirror while the light is directed downwards, giving the impression that the lower window or door is larger.

As far as window arches are concerned, it is best to stick to the second option if you want to see the arch, which in most cases is architecturally designed as a focal point. You can also use the other two options if part of the arc is not important to the user of the room.

For more information, see this page about the hanging height of a wardrobe rod or the standard height of a towel rail.

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