How Are Fast Version Strains Made


If you’re new to cultivation, you may be wondering how fast version strains are made. Backcrossing is a practice where breeders cross a new strain with either the parent strain or another one. Amnesia Fast, purple gelato strain, and Royal Haze are Sativa dominant strains. Read on to learn how they were developed. And what makes them so special.

Backcrossing Is A Practice Where Breeders Cross-Pollinate A New Strain With Itself Or A Parent Strain

In plant breeding, backcrossing is a practice whereby plant breeders use the progeny of a strain with a recurrent parent with the desired trait. For example, if BX1 crosses with BX2, it produces BX3, BX4, and so on. Backcrossing also works for genetic improvement. This method can produce new varieties with unusual traits, such as disease resistance.

This method is popular among commercial growers, wherein a breeder crosses a new strain with another plant or its parent strain to improve its genetics. It allows breeders to select specific phenotypes, such as high THC content, to create new strains with desirable characteristics. While a new strain may be a great improvement over its parent, there are numerous problems associated with heterozygotes.

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Amnesia Fast Is A Sativa-Dominant Strain

Amnesia Fast is a weed strain that can help you get up and feel energetic. The uplifting high comes from a Sativa-dominant variety. This strain is particularly good for treating depression and other symptoms of traumatic experiences. Its mood-elevating properties and ability to keep you alert are why it is often a favorite among medical users.

Amnesia Fast is a wildly popular strain that is best for daytime use. It can be incredibly brain-blasting during the early stages and inspire creative thinking. This strain is also effective for reducing anxiety and lethargy. It is perfect for creative types looking to make their mark in the world. However, it does have a negative side effect: it can cause short-term memory loss.

Sweet Gelato Auto Is A Sativa-Dominant Strain

If you’re looking for a Sativa-dominant strain that’s easy to grow, Sweet Gelato Auto is the strain for you. This auto-flowering ruderalis/sativa variety produces large, resinous buds that smell like ice cream and cookie dough. The THC level is high, and the aroma is sweet and citrusy. This strain finishes its life cycle within 8 weeks, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want a quick and easy way to get a buzz.

The sweet and creamy flavor of this strain is hard to beat. The buds are dense and compact, with purple hues that are accentuated by orange pistils. A crystalline resin coating coats the buds, making them appear like they are coated in sugar. The strain has an uplifting effect on the mind, as well as the body. It has a mild to moderate effect on anxiety.

Royal Haze Is A Sativa-Dominant Strain

If you’re interested in a high-end Sativa-dominant strain, then you’ve come to the right place. Royal Haze is a fast-acting strain with a powerful, uplifting high. The high will last for hours, and it will boost your mood and give you a positive outlook. It will also help you deal with pain and stress. Many people report a super-happy high from this strain, and some of the effects are even physical.

Growers will be happy with Royal Haze’s robust growth and weed-like smell. This fast-flowering strain grows to a medium height and produces impressive buds inside. Royal Haze prefers a warm, dry climate. When it comes to harvesting, it’s best to harvest at the end of October. The Sativa-dominant Royal Haze is an excellent choice for beginners, allowing you to reap massive harvests in a relatively short time.

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Cream Caramel Is A Fast-Growing Weed Strain

The feminized seed of Cream Caramel is a remarkably versatile strain. Its unique terpene profile has a number of beneficial effects on human biology, from relaxing to providing an uplifting high. Its aroma is citrus, skunk, and blueberry. Cream Caramel is nearly pure indica, with about 90% indica genetics and a mere 10% Sativa. In addition to its medicinal benefits, this plant has a long-lasting high that will take you to sleep.

This fast-growing strain is perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing. Its indica-like characteristics are evident when you look at the plant, with its sturdy stem and short internode spacing. This enables the plant to develop a dense main bud with many side branches adorned with buds. In optimal growing conditions, Cream Caramel can yield 350-600 grams per plant. Its yields can reach up to 400 grams per square meter, which makes it a great option for growing indoors or in an outdoor environment.

Purple Cheese Is A Fast-Growing Weed Strain

The Purple Cheese strain is a hybrid created by Auto Seeds. It contains a high level of CBD and is relatively fast-growing. The plant can produce between 12 and 14 ounces of bud per square meter of soil. Its fast growth and low THC content makes it suitable for outdoor growing. This strain is especially good for people who like the flavor of cheese but don’t want to feel too stoned or too buzzy.

The physical high of Purple Cheese begins a few hours after consumption. It starts as a tingling sensation that eases over time. Users may experience a slight sedation during this period. This sedation can be uncomfortable during the day and may make it difficult to move. Those who are experiencing this strain for the first time should start with half their usual dose, and gradually increase it over time.

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