ES Windows vs PGT – Hurricane Impact Windows Comparison

Bruchsichere Fenster beets Ihnen as Hausbesitzer viele Vorteile, who z. B. Protection against spasms, bridging and fences, reducers and improved insulation.

As an Amazon Assistant, I earn my money with qualified training.

Perhaps you have discovered that there are so many different repairers who jump to the floor, or?

How do you know, with whom you’re messing around? Glauben Sie us, wir verstehen it – it is a camp! We also believe that we have a good reason to believe that this is a good idea, a good idea that we should be able to use the platform in the best possible way.

Lassen Sie unsweitermachen, okay?

What effects does the Windows Hurrikan have on homes?

That’s why the Hurricane-Fenster was not a good choice, but it’s the only way to avoid the problem.

In the Alltag, Schlag- (or Hurrikan-) Fenster einfach Schlagfenster were genannt.

Do not allow yourselves to be burdened by the faulty load; this does not mean that these types of wall flies and actually strike (if you understand us).

In every case, they are located within a high load-bearing frame, which is made up of a silicon-reinforced jointed glass.

We know what you think – was it the Mühe who made the glass that has already been smashed? Now, the repairman will do it for good! If the Silicone light is not applied, the glass can break out of the frame.

In general, it is a case of brass-tested glass for a fall with two blows. For both glazing units it is standard glass, but the highly transparent polyvinyl butyral is used.

Polyvinyl butyral has everything on its surface when it comes to welding extreme trimmers or high weight and clear glass.

Yes, this means that Hurrikane (and other extreme weather conditions) and breakers cannot enter your house.

In addition, they isolate the folding pens from their neighbours more effectively than conventional pens and prevent outside areas from disturbing their rooms. What’s Will more of a Fenster, right?

ES Windows – Übersicht


ES Windows was founded in 1988 and is based on years of experience in the field of pentagon design and innovative design. You can choose from a wide range of pallets and other products, from a wide range of design and production options.

It is very important to ensure that they protect you, your family and your home effectively against hurricanes, disturbances and burglary. This is a very rich product, but it cannot be produced without the help of Köpfchen!

Oh, we’re here for you – all our products are NOA and NFRC products!

PGT WinGuard Windows – Übersicht


PGT moves and leaves its brushed window under the name WinGuard. Your marketing strategies emphasize your approach to space – our glass is stronger than a car wind shield.

How can they say that with absolute certainty? Through a series of tests, PGT has shown that their products are not able to protect a fortress that moves with 34 feet for the ground. And when your window is closed, the whole glass remains on its flat surface.

We will compare their designs with ES Windows in the future, but for the time being we are telling you that they are covered by a 10-year guarantee.

ES Window vs. PGT – Vergleich

Okay, are we all on the same side? We erase, worauf es bei Hurricane Impact Fenstern ankommt. We have a simple understanding of what ES Windows has to offer. And we know the Grundlagen von PGT WinGuard. Gut so! It is now time to see who is the victor. Ding, ding, ding. Vergleichszeit.


As you may recall, PGT has a 10-year guarantee on the win-windglass and the framework. Unabridged in the framework material (Aluminium or Vinyl), every WinGuard window will be supplied with this warranty.

Who schneidet ES Windows also ab?

These be beet standard-sized and free of charge with a 10-year Duranar-Lacquer guarantee. The guarantee period for the rest of the window only applies to the 5-year period.

There are two ways of doing this:

  • It shall be possible for them to be extremely reliant on the performance of their products so that they know that they do not need to offer a longer guarantee.
  • I also want to say that I am very pessimistic about people’s personal and financial situation, and I don’t think this is the case at all.

It has also been said that it is very unlikely that ES Windows will fail after only 5 years, which means that we will remain at our original position on this warranty issue.

As always, we make more!

Design and Styling


PGT beetet 7 Aluminium- und 7 Kunststoff-Schlagfenster (WinGuard-Series) an. Dazu heard those folks:

  • Fenster (marsh samphire in aluminium as well as in Kunststoff erhältlich)
  • Doppelflügelfenster (nur Vinyl)
  • Horizontal Walze (sowohl in Aluminium as well as in Vinyl erhältlich)
  • Flügelfenster (glasswort in aluminium as well as in Kunststoff erhältlich)
  • Markise (sowohl in Aluminium as well as in Vinyl erhältlich).
  • Vertikales Beleuchtungsfenster (nur Aluminium)
  • Architectural (glasswort in Aluminium as well as in Vinyl erhältlich)
  • Horizontal Bildfenster (glasswort in Aluminium as well as in Kunststoff erhältlich)

Please ensure that each of these points can be individually adapted! With PGT, you can change the frame work, the configuration, the Gitterstil and the glass workstations in any of the designs provided.

It is now time to take ES Windows under the wing!


If you want to know more about data collection. They have 5 product lines, including Eli, Elite, Prestige and Alessia.

Your Prestige Collection is definitely a luxury line that is focused on refinement and quiet conviviality. Devastation? Large glass panes for panoramic views and clear, grainy lines. Everything, was a modern Zuhause braucht!

Irrespective of which group you decide on, you can adapt the farm and/or the execution of the decisions individually. In order to give you a picture of what you can expect from the farm and what you can expect from it, look at this:

  • Sonnensturm Silbersturm
  • Sunstorm Arcadia Silber
  • Bronze Bermuda Shorts
  • Schwarz
  • Embero (Holzmaserung)
  • Sapelli (Holzmaserung)
  • Teka (Holzstruktur)
  • Antik-brass
  • Chrome Gebürstet

If you are looking for an individual solution, you can use your own individual needs (Claw, Schlösser, Rolls, Riegel usw.), and your own individual window is the best solution!

Don’t let them get away with it! What for a bonus, not what?

Savings and Akzepte

We have high humidity, so we have to be careful not to overheat the glass. As well as ES Windows and PGT are of course major repairers, which have been used by many organisations for many years. But we will be remembered for as long as they are certified.

ES Windows – Zertilicate

  • Hates all the Protokolle von Miami-Dade County files.
  • Achieves the toughest Hurrikan demands in the high winds Hurrikan-Zone Südfloridas.
  • Nennleistung des Raketenschlags
  • Tecnoglass electrizitätsarmes Glas as an option
  • Corrosionsbeständige Geräte

Saving PGT

  • Miami-Dade genehmigt
  • Produktzulassung in Florida erhalten
  • Lowering glass mode option

Okay, now we are ready to decide for the best. Who’s it gonna be? If you’re ready, if you’re willing, you’ll read more…

Untere Zeile

Today we have learned a lot about ES Windows and PGT. But who lauts our abschließendes Urteil?

Now, as far as the design is concerned, we are both on the same page. However, we should point out here that the PGT site was easy to navigate in a quiet, quiet room in the middle of nowhere.

We have been waiting for the ES-Windows-Sammlung and we have fought a war, but we don’t know how to do it, we don’t know how to do it.

As far as accreditation is concerned, ES Windows takes the coughs away, because they are not just the Hurricane-Class, but the rocket class!

Therefore, the guarantee of the separating factor must be given. PGT has a much simpler Warranty than ES Windows – a 10-Year Festpreis Guarantee. For this reason, we have to say that PGT has an advantage here.

Yeah, you got it! – PGT won two of three! For all of your super-sized beds, please know where you stand. However, you should be aware that ES Windows is also a good choice.

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