Crafty Ways to Reuse Dry Floral Arrangements for Home Decor

Fresh flowers are a beautiful and unique gift, but what happens when they wilt and eventually dry up? Well, in most cases, these flower arrangements will be thrown away without a second thought.

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What people fail to see is that dried up flower arrangements can be easily reused in some very crafty ways.

You can make your birthday flower arrangement a permanent feature in your home even long after they’ve served their original purpose.

Let’s see how you can reuse your flower arrangements in very crafty and clever ways and make them a nice decorative feature in your home.

Make a dried flower bouquet arrangement

Probably the easiest way to reuse your dried flowers is by making a new, but this time dried flower bouquet arrangement.

Once you see that your fresh flower arrangement is starting to lose its freshness, take the flowers and carefully hang them upside down.

By doing this you’re making sure that your flowers are nice and preserved during the drying process. Your flowers will need two to three weeks to dry completely.

Once they have been dried take them down and take the bouquet apart. When doing this be very careful and gentle as dry flowers are very fragile and breakable. In order to preserve dried flowers for a longer time period, you’ll need to spray them with hairspray or spray varnish.

Then pick flowers and arrange them however you feel like it. If you want, you can paint your flowers in different colours in order to make them pop and to make them more interesting. Again this is completely up to you.

The final part is placing the flower arrangement in a nice vase and there you have it – a nice rustic dried flower arrangement.

Dried flower wreath

Another genius idea in order to preserve and reuse that special flower bouquet. Maybe you order a special bouquet of fresh roses online, but they just can’t last forever. Then it’s a good thing that you can reuse those beautiful roses in a very crafty way.

Again, you will need to hang your roses upside down and help them out in their drying process. Once they have been dried, take them down and trim the stems so that you’re left with rose flowers only. Take a nice branch wreath and start arranging your roses on the wreath.

You can combine roses with other dried foliage or flowers, or you can keep a nice and clean rose wreath. This is a perfect way to keep your beautiful roses on display even after they have lost their freshness.

Dried flower petals in soap and candles

If you’re a DIYer you know that there are many different ways to use dried flowers. One such way is to use dried flower petals when making soap.

You will be able to see your flowers embedded inside the soap once the soap has been dried and the fragrance of it will be amazing too.

Another equally good idea is to preserve your flowers by making candles. Add flowers and flower petals to your candle and you’ll be able to see them every time you see the candle.

Make Potpourri


Image source: freepik

A great way to reuse your flowers and have them around for a long time. Potpourri is easy to make all you need is a bit of patience and some essential oil.

In no time you’ll have your wilting flowers resued and in an original way.

Make clothes freshener with dried flowers

Yet another smart way of reusing a flower arrangement. Dry the petals of your flower bouquet and place them in satchels – you can either buy or make those. And that’s it. Just put the fresheners in drawers and closets with your clothes to make them smell nice and fresh.

Dried flower jewellery

You can make that special flower bouquet stay forever with you by turning it into jewellery. Try making anything from earrings to necklaces.

This will require a bit of crafting, but nothing you can’t do. Dry your bouquet and put the flowers and petals in resin jewellery.

Make a unique phone case with dried flowers

Nothing screams originality more than having a unique and handmade phone case, right? You can have the most original phone case by reusing your flower bouquet.

Dry your flowers and choose which ones you want to be displayed in your phone case. Then arrange them the way you want in your phone case, glue them down and there you have it – an original and unique phone case and reused flowers!

Make nice wall art with dried flowers

wall art mirror

Image source: needpix

By now you see how throwing away wilted flowers is basically wasting great crafting resources. But let’s not stop here. There are other very interesting ways to reuse flower arrangements and make them last for a long time.

For example, if you want to have your flowers always-on display, you can make nice wall art. The first idea requires you pressing your flowers and then arranging them the way you want in a frame. Once you are satisfied with the way you arranged your pressed flowers you can hang them on the wall.

However, if pressing your flowers doesn’t appeal to you, you have many other options. One such option is making a shadow box with dried flowers. This way your flowers will keep their original shape and they will always be on display for you to see.

And if you’re aiming for something more rustic and interesting, you can make a dried flower garland. Find a nice branch and hang your flower garlands from it. Then hang your branch garland wherever you want and voila a nice wall art with the repurposed flower arrangements.

Now you know that throwing away flower arrangement should be your last resort. Reuse and repurpose those flower bouquets that bring memories of nice events. Make them a permanent fixture in your home in any of the above-mentioned ways. Of course, if you have any other ideas you can very well use them too.

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